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Hart to Hart Silent Dance (1979–1984) HD online

Hart to Hart Silent Dance (1979–1984) HD online
Language: English
Category: TV Episode / Action / Adventure / Crime / Mystery / Romance
Original Title: Silent Dance
Director: George McCowan
Writers: Sidney Sheldon,Larry Forrester
Released: 1979–1984
Duration: 1h
Video type: TV Episode
The Harts come across an accident where a potential Olympic figure skater and her father are seriously injured. Inadvertently, they had just witnessed the preparation for an assassination and the shooter had tried to kill her. After the accident, the skater has been left deaf and so Jonathan uses the resources of Hart Industries to give her an aid that allows her to hear. They also ask a friend, Olympic skater Tai Babilonia, to coach her. But the shooter hasn't finished.
Episode cast overview, first billed only:
Robert Wagner Robert Wagner - Jonathan Hart
Stefanie Powers Stefanie Powers - Jennifer Hart
Lionel Stander Lionel Stander - Max
Joshua Bryant Joshua Bryant - Dan Wilmott
Ronald G. Joseph Ronald G. Joseph - Torkensen (as Ron Joseph)
Myron Natwick Myron Natwick - Kyle Landon
Dana Kimmell Dana Kimmell - Susan Wilmott
Randy Gardner Randy Gardner - Randy Gardner
Cyndi James Gossett Cyndi James Gossett - Dr. Larwin (as Cyndi James-Reese)
Doug Hale Doug Hale - Lt. Croyden
Ted Noose Ted Noose - Muller
Christopher Lofton Christopher Lofton - Senator Stockwell
Renny Temple Renny Temple - Frank Radinski
Erika Leslie Erika Leslie - Midge Stockwell
Don Bonacci Don Bonacci - Henry Stockwell

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    Another mary Sue Story, this one channelling "Ice Castles." That movie was hot right about now, and so Ty Babylonia and Randy GArdner, bot of whom guest in this one. Ty does a decent job, actually. What annoys me about this one is what has annoyed me about most of the stories in season 5, and that's that the Harts don't have their own stories,they are there to prop up the guest star in the extraneous story of the week. This one is a good example. A whole set of story appears a sthe first scenes, and THEN we see the Harts after the multiple scenes setting the foundation are set. RJ and Stefanie look not so great this episode. Stefanie's hair is just a big, hot mess. But back to the story that drove me nuts, a teenage ice skater is being pursued by bad guys, and the Harts just so happen to drive by and save her and her father before the car blows up. Now, suddenly, they're taking full responsibility for her and her still recovering father. Will she be able to compete with ehr serious injury? Will she be able to compensate? Will the bad guys get her? Will these actors bet any better before the end of the show? All mysteries forthe Harts to take responsibility for and run with them. The girl is even staying at the Hart's. The close ups of the actors are also hysterically funny in a pathetically bad way. Theyr'e not skating on their own, they're making pretend motions to it appears that they are. That includes the lead girl, Jonathan, and Jennifer. Allt he kisses in the world between J&J are not goign to mask the fact that this is a bad episode.