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Language: English
Category: TV Series / Crime / Mystery / News
Original Title: Crime Watch Daily
Duration: 1h
Video type: TV Series
Crime journalists explore unsolved murders and shocking felonies, revealing mystery and drama during everyday reports.
Series cast summary:
Chris Hansen Chris Hansen - Himself - Host 420 episodes, 2016-2018
Reed Grinsell Reed Grinsell - Himself 317 episodes, 2015-2017
Matt Doran Matt Doran - Himself - Host / - 201 episodes, 2015-2016

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    This crime show stands out from the rest in that it takes risks and goes places others are unwilling to go. They are not afraid to put cameras and microphones in the face of suspects and criminals, Crime Watch Daily gives a voice to the victims and their families. They also give an interesting insight into the vagaries of daily life in America. Unlike some crime shows that expect the story to be wrapped up in a neat package, Crime Watch Daily is part of ongoing investigations and includes tip lines when relevant for citizen tips. It is like a nationwide citizens watch group, complete with highly professional editing and camera work. This high-quality show is definitely worth watching.
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    ???? I am terribly upset that this show has been discontinued...It is definitely more vital than Maury or Jerry Springer, SMH...
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    I use to think that your program had some credibility but after watching your show on making a murder it is obvious that no one bothered to read the transcript of the trial. It seems as though the only information you relied on was the net flex series. The sheriffs dept in the county in witch this crime was did not investigate the crime, another county dept was ask to investigate so there was no conflict on interest. I was amazed that Andrea stated that the blood was planted in the victims car which would have shown preservatives in the blood, the FBI tested the blood samples and no preservatives were found. Gather the facts before you make such a blatant statement.
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    Chris Hansen ? A modern day folk hero in my opinion . TO CATCH A PREDATOR must have been the most life affirming thing in the history of television . A man turns up expecting to have sex with a child only to find that their next sexual encounter will be in the shower block of the state pen . Be very careful what you wish for . Worse than going to jail is being immortalised by Chris Hansen's witty quips which makes Kerr Avon from BLAKES 7 seem dim-witted in comparison . After TCAP got in to legal difficulties which saw the TV station settle a case out of court the show was cancelled and after intermittent rumours over the years Hansen has returned to the sting operation . Get the popcorn ready because justice has never been entertaining

    Except for one slight problem - the world has moved on and other people have taken up the cause , all of which makes Chris Hansen look tame in comparison . Anyone reading this heard of Shane Brannigan ? He's a Briton who uses the Hansen sting technique but while Hansen is merely brilliant Brannigan is brutal and brilliant . You need cheering up ? Then go on youtube and type in "Shane Brannigan nonce hunter" and you'll get the playlists . A particular favourite of mine is the Andy Slater sting where Brannigan confronts Slater in the predator's workvan . Brannigan tells him in no uncertain terms via the F and C words what will happen . Despite the countless number of swear words used by Brannigan his etiquette is British royal family compared to his decoy who is phoned up and asked "You need to talk to this f*cker and you tell him what you think of him . Go on girl"

    Phone is handed to predator

    "Andy ? Andy ?"

    "Yes ?"

    "Oh you dirty little...."

    I don't think I need to tell you what a woman who has been posing as a 14 year old child and has had to endure naked photos and the most disgusting sexually charged conversations with a 52 year old man over the course of weeks might have to say to a paedo but if there's a swear word in the English language then Slater was called it before the police turned up to arrest him . There's other Brit paedo hunters such as Internet Interceptors , The Hunted One and probably my favourite Guardians Of The North , a bunch of really scary blokes from the mean streets of Sunderland . There's similar groups all around the world posting stuff on youtube , perhaps most famous are The Surrey Creep Catchers from Canada

    Chris Hansen started a revolution but now he's been left behind . Thank you for everything Chris but you're yesterday's man