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Totò d'Arabia (1965) HD online

Totò d'Arabia (1965) HD online
Language: English
Category: Movie / Comedy
Original Title: Totò du0027Arabia
Director: José Antonio de la Loma
Writers: Bruno Corbucci,Giovanni Grimaldi
Released: 1965
Duration: 1h 33min
Video type: Movie
Toto, a former Italian military service who works as a servant at the British Intelligence Service, is promoted to secret agent with the name of Agent 00Ø8 in order to convince the ruler of Shamara, Sheikh Ali El Buzur, to yield oil to UK.
Cast overview, first billed only:
Totò Totò - Totò
Nieves Navarro Nieves Navarro - Doris
George Rigaud George Rigaud - Sir Bains
Fernando Sancho Fernando Sancho - Ali el Buzur
Mario Castellani Mario Castellani - El agente americano
Luigi Pavese Luigi Pavese - Lo sceicco di Shamara
José Luis López Vázquez José Luis López Vázquez - Paco
Luis Cuenca Luis Cuenca - El Kasser
Monika Kolpek Monika Kolpek - La Rossa
Asunción Vitoria Asunción Vitoria - Olga
Gustavo Re Gustavo Re - Sir Turner
Frank Oliveras Frank Oliveras
Víctor Israel Víctor Israel - Boris
Felipe Valdez Felipe Valdez
Juan Manuel Simón Juan Manuel Simón

Italian censorship visa # 44671 delivered on 3-2-1965.

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    besides absolute masterpieces, such as "I due Marescialli", unfortunately Toto was involved in a conspicuous series of B movies with a very weak and absurd plot. Toto' d'Arabia is not the worse of them, but honestly I have managed to watch it to the end only because I am a big fan of Toto. Toto perform at his best only in a Neapolitan context, where his mimics puns and gestures belong to his cultural background; his best partners are themselves Neapolitan or Roman, such as Peppino De Filippo and Aldo Fabrizi. In the middle of British Secret Services, or dubious Turks and Arabs, he is simply a freak, an oddity, unable to recite from his heart. Too bad that his wonderful talent has been too often squandered this way.