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El tesoro de saber  HD online
Language: English
Category: TV Series / Comedy / Drama / Family
Original Title: El tesoro de saber
Duration: 30min
Video type: TV Series
Educational show akin to Sesame Street, with an entire farm showing curiosity and much humor towards science, math and language subjects.
Credited cast:
Aurora Alvarado Aurora Alvarado - Vespertina (voice)
Rodrigo de la Mora Rodrigo de la Mora - Cocol (voice)
Ricardo de Pascual Ricardo de Pascual - Panfleto Pocapaja
María Alicia Delgado María Alicia Delgado - Marilú
Silvia Garcel Silvia Garcel - Various Characters (voice)
Arturo Laphan Arturo Laphan - Hermenegildo (voice)
Julio Lucena Julio Lucena - Alfalfa (voice)
Armando Pascual Armando Pascual - Don Biblioteco (as Armando de Pascual)
Raquel Santos Raquel Santos - Various Characters (voice)

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    From Enrique segoviano's saga. . . (Producer from "El chavo del ocho"), they came with an only an unusual program. The plot was simple. . . just try to learn more things, among these kind of shows. . are. "sesame street" (North American. . . and well known) and later in Locombia (read as Colombia - south America) "los dumis" (Early eighties). The aim from "el tesoro del saber" was to improve reading in little kids.

    The show it was taken place in a "mexican farm", with a friendly elderly guy. . . "Don biblioteco" who set a plot, usually about social sciences, his daughter was "the girl" who began to unfold the contents. The different gags from the show was made by all the animals in a barn, with a blackboard as a background (They had funny names. . . like Cocol, the snail. . . . a friendly scarecrow (panfleto pocapaja), A slow talking little turtle, "hermenegildo" the little chi-ken and his mom (the annoying hen). . . but the best. . was the "weeds singers". . . singing at the same time¡ at the end of the show.) Most of "twenty-something" Colombians and Mexican remember the main theme as a part of their childhood memories. The show was produced by televisa. As far as I concern. . . This is the only comment you can find in the internet. (Im not kidding ya¡ just try it¡) I hope you liked the reading as I enjoyed written this. . . see you next time. From "la Athena's suramericana" good night.