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Mayil (2011) HD online

Mayil (2011) HD online
Language: English
Category: Movie / Short / Action / Crime / Thriller
Original Title: Mayil
Director: Kashyap Rao
Writers: Kashyap Rao,Kashyap Rao
Released: 2011
Duration: 14min
Video type: Movie
Triplicane Mani Iyer is an upcoming Don in Tamil Nadu, a state in Southern India. Over a territorial dispute with Balaganesh, the head of the dominant crime family in Tamil Nadu, Mani puts a bounty on Balaganesh's daughter, Nandhini. Following her death, Balaganesh is out with a vengeance to get Mani, forcing Mani into exile. The ensuing gang war has cost both of them dearly. Now, three years later, Mani, tired of hiding, wants the fighting to stop; and the only way out is by taking Balaganesh down. For the seemingly impossible task, Mani breaks his silence by reaching out to Gautam - a legendary hit man wanted in connection with numerous open high profile crimes, including Nandhini's homicide... a man that many believe to be the elusive assassin Mayil (Tamil word for Peacock).
Cast overview:
Vetri Radhakrishnan Vetri Radhakrishnan - Gautam
Preethi Janakiraman Preethi Janakiraman - Nandhini
Ravi Iyer Ravi Iyer - Triplicane Mani Iyer
Aniruddha Potdar Aniruddha Potdar - Prabhu
Sriya Chillarige Sriya Chillarige - College Student
Yuva Manoharan Yuva Manoharan - Arasu (voice)
John Jayabal John Jayabal - Selvam / CP Rao (voice)
Ramesh Nagarakanti Ramesh Nagarakanti - Sashi
Kevin Shah Kevin Shah - College Student
Jayaraman Panchapakesan Jayaraman Panchapakesan - Coimbatore Balaganesh
Lakshmi Hothur Lakshmi Hothur - College Student
Richa Mehta Richa Mehta - Party Person
Ashwin Samant Ashwin Samant - Party Person
Sagar Sagar - Party Person

The names of all the characters in the film are based on the names of Tamil film directors.

The entire movie was shot using a single camera. For multi-angle scenes, the actors had to re-enact the scene for each angle.

This is the first film for the cast and the crew. None of the crew had any technical experience prior to this film.

Reviews: [2]

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    Excellent plot and a neatly executed screen play. Congratulations to the team for giving such an impressive short film. The movie unwinds slowly, and holds the suspense and thrill till the very end.The movie has all the right ingredients for a full fledged Tamil movie. I went with an open mind and was completely surprised by the movie. It is very hard to see a thriller movie which captures the attention from beginning to the end and this film doesn't disappoint the viewer. No unnecessary scene or sequence, short and crisp scenes make this movie a good one.Congrats again and happy to see that the movie was screened at 'Lucerne International Film Festival'.Waiting for more such movies from the team.
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    Watched this movie in a private screening. On the invitation it said that it was a self-financed movie. I did not recognize any of the actors. So, I had very low expectations. When I reached the venue, I found out that the actors actually had no prior acting experience of any sort. I also learned that the movie was filmed without a crew and the editing had been done by someone with absolutely no experience. So lowered my expectations even further. But once the movie started, the story started unfolding very quickly. I was in fact caught off-guard by the pace of the first scene. I was actually impressed with the camera work and the editing. It definitely did not feel like someone's first film. The movie kept me very engaged till the end. And what an end! I can honestly say that I did not see that coming (I don't say that in a sarcastic way). Truly brilliant storytelling. I was so impressed by the end that I watched the movie again. The movie is not a big budgeted movie and does not feel like one, but has a very good story. Short films are coming of age, and this hope this one is an example of things to come.