» » Un milione di dollari per sette assassini (1966)

Un milione di dollari per sette assassini (1966) HD online

Un milione di dollari per sette assassini (1966) HD online
Language: English
Category: Movie / Action / Crime / Drama
Original Title: Un milione di dollari per sette assassini
Director: Umberto Lenzi
Writers: Gianfranco Clerici,Gianfranco Clerici
Released: 1966
Duration: 1h 31min
Video type: Movie
Michael King is hired by a rich banker to track down his son, a famous nuclear physicist, who disappeared with a secret formula.
Cast overview, first billed only:
Roger Browne Roger Browne - Michael King
Carlo Hintermann Carlo Hintermann - Manfred Simpson
José Greci José Greci - Ellen
Antonio Gradoli Antonio Gradoli - Pavlos (as Anthony Gradwell)
Monica Pardo Monica Pardo - Lilli
Tullio Altamura Tullio Altamura - Figuerez (as Tor Altmayer)
Dina De Santis Dina De Santis - Betty
Sal Borgese Sal Borgese - (as Mark Trevor)
Nello Pazzafini Nello Pazzafini - Bruto (as Red Carter)
Valentino Macchi Valentino Macchi - Sergente di Polizia
Wilbert Bradley Wilbert Bradley - Doney
Renato Montalbano Renato Montalbano
Dakar Dakar - Also (as Ales Dakar)
Francesco De Leone Francesco De Leone
Claudio Ruffini Claudio Ruffini

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    These days, and especially after "The Usual Suspects", the everything-was-a-lie movie is fairly common, but back in the 1960s a story of this type must have been a more daring experiment. "Last Man To Kill" supposedly tells the story of a master thief who is offered a large sum of money to find a stock broker's kidnapped son, and after he finds him buried, an even larger sum of money to avenge his death. But that's only "supposedly" - almost nothing and nobody in this movie is quite what or who they seem to be. The final twists make "Last Man To Kill" worth sitting through, but the rest of the movie is not very interesting, though it does have its moments, like an apple grenade! Unfortunately, the exotic locations of Egypt and the cute girls were hard to appreciate in the atrocious, way-below-VHS-level print I saw - but somehow I doubt we'll ever get a remastered version of this obscure flick. ** out of 4.
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    Directed by reliable journeyman Umberto Lenzi and starring Roger Browne (who began his career in peplum films, but always seemed better-suited to and more comfortable in spy-espionage films), LAST MAN TO KILL has everything the fan of Euro-spy films could want. A witty, sly hero (Browne is excellent here); interesting mid-east location shooting; a plot that is both simple and convoluted at the same time; cheesy lounge-spy music (with an organ that sounds like it was borrowed from Joe Meek's studio!); low-budget props and sets; chases and fights; and even the occasional zoom photography. The dubbed sound effects are outrageous, and in some of the action scenes sound like they could have come from a 1970's Hong Kong martial arts film. This only adds to the fun and excitement of the film! Not much to analyze here--if you are a fan of dubbed Euro-spy action, you'll want to see this one. And Lenzi's fans won't be let down either. My copy is from a pan-and-scan, English-dubbed copy taped off UHF television in the 1980s--unfortunately, the days when we could rely on this kind of entertainment being available regularly and for free are long gone. Roger Browne is also put to good use in the films RIFIFI IN AMSTERDAM and PASSWORD:KILL AGENT GORDON, crime-spy films from the same era. Of course, director Umberto Lenzi made dozens of excellent films in any number of genres--as late as the 90s he was still churning out wonderful low-budget action films such as MEAN TRICKS (see my review) starring Charles Napier.