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Stolen Apple: Daydream (2018) HD online

Stolen Apple: Daydream (2018) HD online
Language: English
Category: Creative Work / Short / Music
Original Title: Stolen Apple: Daydream
Director: Michele Faggi
Writers: Michele Faggi
Released: 2018
Budget: €5,000
Duration: 3min
Video type: Creative Work
For Daydream the director Michele Faggi has selected "travel" footage from a total of 20 hours, rigorously made in Super 8 and 8mm film and covering a time span of twenty years, starting from the early sixties. The poem written by Daniela Pagani for the song Daydream extracted is an dream state vision. It tells of a place of the mind, of desire and of memory. Starting from these elements the director tried to reconstruct the narration of a non-place, combining together very different perspectives coming from the south of the world. There are many possible stories: the memory of a lover, a story of migrant souls, the separation from the places of one's childhood, the elaboration of a loss, the journey as an inner condition. The assembly brings together incongruous places and creates a possible, built from our relationship with memory. For the video we tried to keep some errors from the original super 8 movies, both due to wear and to "wrong" and probably "unwanted by the operator", a ...