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Le Paraguay (1925) HD online

Le Paraguay (1925) HD online
Language: English
Category: Movie / Documentary
Original Title: Le Paraguay
Director: Marquis de Wavrin
Released: 1925
Duration: 51min
Video type: Movie
Paraguay is an interesting country, spanning across the South American continent. The name was given to it by a river of the same name, which forms the backbone of the entire country and in the language of the original habitants Guaraná means "water that goes all the way to the ocean". The film introduces not only the beauties and points of interest in the Paraguayan nature, but also its history and current picture of life, including a visit to a native Indian village Chamacoco at the north of the country. We'll take you to the famous Calera, where to this day lime is being produced the old fashioned way; you'll stroll through the colonial city Concepción and the metropolis Asunción. You'll see the great desert Gran Chaco, which today is the home to several Indian tribes and Jesuit missions recorded on the UNESCO list are awaiting you as well as one of the greatest wonders of the modern world-the Itaipú dam. We will visit a Czech countryman, who founded a Slavic association and at...