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Language: English
Category: TV Series / Crime / Drama / Thriller
Original Title: Le maître du Zodiaque
Duration: 8h 20min
Video type: TV Series
Series cast summary:
Kerian Mayan Kerian Mayan - Quentin Saint-André / - 5 episodes, 2006
Natacha Lindinger Natacha Lindinger - Eva Trammel 5 episodes, 2006
Brea Angelo Brea Angelo - Cindy 5 episodes, 2006
Peter Hudson Peter Hudson - Carpenter / - 5 episodes, 2006
Francis Huster Francis Huster - Antoine Keller 5 episodes, 2006
Claire Keim Claire Keim - Esther Delaître 5 episodes, 2006
Agnès Regolo Agnès Regolo - Commissaire Simonpierri 5 episodes, 2006
Anne Jacquemin Anne Jacquemin - Juliette Lefort 4 episodes, 2006
Boris Terral Boris Terral - Loïc Daguerre 4 episodes, 2006
Jean-Pierre Bouvier Jean-Pierre Bouvier - Pierre Saint-André 4 episodes, 2006
Jérôme Anger Jérôme Anger - Alexis Daguerre 4 episodes, 2006
André Oumansky André Oumansky - Pierre-Antoine Daguerre 4 episodes, 2006
Aurore Clément Aurore Clément - Grâce Delaître 4 episodes, 2006
Michel Voïta Michel Voïta - Bertrand Daguerre 4 episodes, 2006
Patrick Bosso Patrick Bosso - Spagnolo 4 episodes, 2006
Toinette Laquière Toinette Laquière - Léa Daguerre 4 episodes, 2006
Josy Bernard Josy Bernard - Hélène Daguerre 4 episodes, 2006
Stéphan Guérin-Tillié Stéphan Guérin-Tillié - Jérôme Saint-André 4 episodes, 2006
Lydia Andrei Lydia Andrei - Philippe Daguerre 4 episodes, 2006
Yannis Baraban Yannis Baraban - Mathias Rousseau 4 episodes, 2006
Marius Bruna Marius Bruna - Le gardien du cimetiere 4 episodes, 2006
Valéria Cavalli Valéria Cavalli - Elisabeth Saint-André 4 episodes, 2006
Jenny Clève Jenny Clève - Victoire Cyprien 4 episodes, 2006
Sylvie Ferro Sylvie Ferro - Irène de Chabannes 4 episodes, 2006
Pascale Karamazov Pascale Karamazov - Journaliste LCI 4 episodes, 2006
Virginie Ledieu Virginie Ledieu 4 episodes, 2006
Grégory Loffredo Grégory Loffredo - Gendarme 4 episodes, 2006
Karina Marimon Karina Marimon - Infirmière 4 episodes, 2006
Nicolas Marié Nicolas Marié - Cardiologue réanimation 4 episodes, 2006
Yoann Moëss Yoann Moëss 4 episodes, 2006
Roland Munter Roland Munter - Surveillant Chef 4 episodes, 2006
Laurence Pitavy Laurence Pitavy - Fliquette 4 episodes, 2006
Carmela Ramos Carmela Ramos - Lucinda 4 episodes, 2006
Francis Renaud Francis Renaud - Félix Vogel 4 episodes, 2006
Jacques Spiesser Jacques Spiesser - Etienne Lefort 4 episodes, 2006
Benjamin Strelezki Benjamin Strelezki - Mathieu 4 episodes, 2006
Manon Strelezki Manon Strelezki - Camille 4 episodes, 2006
Sonia Sudi Sonia Sudi - Mekki 4 episodes, 2006
Olivier Vitrant Olivier Vitrant - Gendarme 4 episodes, 2006

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    This was a pretty promising French crime thriller, the sequel series to the thriller "Le Zodiac". Claire Keim stars as Esther Delaître, an expert in the field of criminal astrology. Her brother Mathias is about to go on trial for his murders, under the codename "The Zodiac". Yet things don't go so smoothly. In order to find out how her mother died, Esther joins in the whole procedure along with criminal officers Antoine Keller (the two are reluctantly attracted to each other) and Eva Trammel (who has a disturbing link to the whole story). As the trial draws closer, the Zodiac ends up escaping thanks to a mysterious person known as the "master" of the Zodiac. Esther, Antoine and Eva have their hands full to solve the mystery before someone else dies.

    Things take off on a strong foot. The writing was spotless for most of the series, a completely unpredictable plot with many nail-biting moments and cliffhangers. The acting from the cast is wonderful, especially that of Natacha Lindinger as Eva, struggling to get over her memories of being molested for three days as a little girl.

    The problems with this series don't start until around the latter half, where the character of Esther just becomes incredibly stupid and reckless, wandering into dark places just asking for trouble. Also, the whole "reveal" doesn't feel that believable considering the context of the story. Perhaps Eva is the most compelling character, though Esther's underlying motive of finding out what happened to her mother gives her a lot of depth as well. It's just that halfway through the story, events take place that are quite hard to swallow.

    The ending, even though it asks for some suspension of disbelief, is satisfying to watch if you bear with the story. It feels as though the story runs out of air halfway through the series and you become angry at Esther for her stupid actions (which do lead her into trouble, make no mistake). All in all, a pleasant watch but far from the most cohesively developed.