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A Very Harold & Kumar 3D Christmas (2011) HD online

A Very Harold & Kumar 3D Christmas (2011) HD online
Language: English
Category: Movie / Adventure / Comedy
Original Title: A Very Harold u0026 Kumar 3D Christmas
Director: Todd Strauss-Schulson
Writers: Jon Hurwitz,Hayden Schlossberg
Released: 2011
Budget: $19,000,000
Duration: 1h 30min
Video type: Movie
Six years have elapsed since Guantanemo Bay, leaving Harold and Kumar estranged from one another with very different families, friends and lives. But when Kumar arrives on Harold's doorstep during the holiday season with a mysterious package in hand, he inadvertently burns down Harold's father-in-law's beloved Christmas tree. To fix the problem, Harold and Kumar embark on a mission through New York City to find the perfect Christmas tree, once again stumbling into trouble at every single turn.


Cast overview, first billed only:
Patton Oswalt Patton Oswalt - Mall Santa
Isabella Gielniak Isabella Gielniak - Caren
Kal Penn Kal Penn - Kumar
Austin Bickel Austin Bickel - Kid in Line
Inga R. Wilson Inga R. Wilson - Mom in Line (as Inga Wilson)
John Cho John Cho - Harold
Bobby Lee Bobby Lee - Kenneth Park
Thomas Lennon Thomas Lennon - Todd (as Tom Lennon)
Amir Blumenfeld Amir Blumenfeld - Adrian
Paula Garcés Paula Garcés - Maria (as Paula Garces)
Danny Trejo Danny Trejo - Mr. Perez
Marvin Cruz Marvin Cruz - Timo Perez
Allyson Lengers Allyson Lengers - Wafflebot Kid (as Allyson V. Lengers)
Gabriel Anderson Gabriel Anderson - Wafflebot Kid
Eric Kissack Eric Kissack - Wafflebot (voice)

One of the lies Adrian tells Mary is that Kumar works at the White House. Kal Penn, who plays Kumar, had actually been working at the White House and took time off from that job to make this movie.

When Adrian is tieing the Christmas tree to the roof of his vehicle he says "let's drop this tree off at Sulu's," referring to Harold (John Cho). John Cho played Sulu in the reboot of Star Trek, and again in Star Trek: Into Darkness.

It was Todd Strauss-Schulson suggested casting Danny Trejo after making a Photoshop picture of him wearing a Christmas sweater.

David Burtka, who plays "David Burtka" is Neil Patrick Harris's husband in their real lives. In the same way that the character that Neil Patrick Harris plays is distinguished in the credits from being himself, Burtka is credited as "David Burtka" instead of "himself."

Thomas Lennon and Amir Blumenfeld ad-libbed most of their lines.

Todd Strauss-Schulson said shooting scenes with the Wafflebot prop was the most difficult and time-consuming.

The Wafflebot is based on a waffle-making robot character from an unreleased college comedy screenplay Jon Hurwitz and Hayden Schlossberg wrote in 2000.

This film was originally set to be directed by series creators Jon Hurwitz and Hayden Schlossberg, but they were approached to relaunch the American Pie (1999) franchise three months before production. They continued on as writers and co-producers on this film while writing and directing American Pie 4 (2012).

Over 400 special effects were used, mostly 3D and CG effects.

LAIKA provided the stop-motion "hallucination" scene.

According to Kal Penn, many of the filming crew members worked in Detroit's automobile industry.

The Christmas tree salesmen played by Rza and Da'Vone McDonald are named Lamar and Latrell, respectively. Lamar Latrell was the name of the homosexual African-American Tri-Lamb member in the Revenge of the Nerds franchise, portrayed by Larry B. Scott.

Todd Strauss-Schulson and Amir Blumenfeld worked together in Hardly Working: Die Hardly Working: The CH Action Movie (2010). Strauss-Schulson directed the short and Blumenfeld was one of the editorial staff playing fictional versions of themselves.

Aside from the three Harold and Kumar movies, John Cho (Harold) and Eddie Kaye Thomas (Rosenberg) both appeared in American Pie and its sequels. While Eddie Kaye Thomas played only a minor character here, in American Pie and its three sequels, he played Finch, one of the main characters while John Cho played only a minor character(one of the MILF boys).

"Weedy" makes a brief appearance during the claymation sequence.

Todd Strauss-Schulson: in the montage of Sergei Katsov's brutal deeds. Schulson has his throat slit by Katsov.

This movie uses flashback for the benefit of audience members who saw the previous movie, Harold et Kumar s'évadent de Guantanamo (2008), but who did not stay until the very end of the credits. Those people may not have known how the Neil Patrick Harris character can be in this third movie, since he was shot several times during the prior movie. In the post-credits scene of H&KEFGB, "NPH" pushed himself up off the ground sometime after the shooting and appeared only to be slightly annoyed rather than mortally wounded. This movie gives a humorous metaphysical explanation for his survival.

Neil Patrick Harris tells Harold and Kumar that he will see them in the fourth installment.

Unlike Harold et Kumar s'évadent de Guantanamo (2008), the title characters briefly eat at a White Castle restaurant with Rosenberg and Goldstein.

When the baby gets high in the van, Kumar tries to calm down the baby by singing a song by Wu-Tang Clan. RZA, co-founder of the group 'Wu-Tang Clan' plays a cameo as one of the brothers selling Christmas trees.

Part of the humorous drama is provided by the fact that the mob boss' daughter, Mary, is virgin. This ties in with the Christmas theme of the movie.

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    I don't know why, but I seriously can't help but laugh at the Harold and Kumar movies. They're so over the top and silly that you can't help but laugh. The first adventure we went on with them, they just had the munchies and needed some White Castle. The second adventure was to get the loves of their lives back and end up going to Guantanamo Bay. Now, we get to celebrate the joyful holiday of Christmas with them. I admit that when I saw the trailer for this one, it didn't make me laugh too much. I wasn't sure if this was going to have the same kick as the previous films had, but A Very Harold and Kumar Christmas not only delivered in the laughs but was actually a very good movie that in it's own crude way was a touching story about how friends can grow apart but reunite by the weirdest situations.

    Harold is now a successful businessman who works at a popular company while Kumar is still living the life of a stoner handling a bad break up with Vanessa. At Maria's Christmas party, Harold meets Maria's father. He explains to Harold that he never had a perfect Christmas and he is counting on Harold to make this one the best for his daughter, Harold's wife Maria. Maria's father also brings to Harold's house the perfect Christmas tree. When a package addressed to Harold arrives at Kumar's apartment, he decides to deliver it to Harold. The package turns out to be a large marijuana joint that Kumar cannot resist smoking. Since Harold has gotten married and does not get high anymore, he knocks the lit joint out of Kumar's hands and it lands in the tree and causing a fire. So now Harold and Kumar are on a new adventure to get the tree back before the family returns.

    I know that the situations were out of control. We have some dark jokes with a child taking every extreme drug known to man, we have Neil Patrick Harris on the verge of raping a woman. I know I should have been disturbed technically, but why not just have a good time and remind yourself that this is just a movie? I thought Neil Patrick Harris was just too funny as usual when the boys ask him where he's been and that he got shot and branded a hooker, he replies with "can you be more specific?", I almost died laughing. I loved the creepy waffle making robot that Kumar had, how it actually loved Kumar and saved his life. But the moment that really got to me was seeing the kid who was on every crazy drug running around on the ceiling, it was so out there that I just had to laugh.

    Like I said, there are some very extreme jokes that a lot of people will take offense too easily. There is a moment where Neil Patrick Harris is talking about Heaven and I know that if you have strong religious beliefs, you're not going to like that scene. Though I don' know why then you are seeing a Harold and Kumar movie since they're not listed in the tactful department. But what I really liked about this story is that it showed their softer side, Harold is growing up and Kumar wants to stay the same as a stoner who is just cruising through life, we all have friends like that and it's hard to keep in touch when you're on different paths. I loved seeing them remember what's important, that it's OK to let go a little bit or that it's OK to grow up. I would recommend this for the fans, it's a great follow up to our favorite stoners. If you're looking for a good laugh, I think you're in for a treat, Harold and Kumar do not disappoint.

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    I think part of the reason the first movie worked so well is because going to White Castle is, relatively, a very simple, ordinary trip. But when it's Harold (John Cho) and Kumar (Kal Penn) it becomes a very wild adventure. I didn't enjoy the second one as much because escaping from Guantanamo Bay wouldn't be an easy task for anybody. For this third movie, Harold and Kumar are back to turn a routine errand into a hair-raising, hazardous experience. Harold has to decorate a Christmas tree.

    But when Kumar comes over and accidentally burns down the tree, they then have to find a new one, steal it from a drug-lord gangster thug, try to not rape his daughter, crash a musical production of The Nutcracker, and limit the number of people they shoot and drug (to only Santa Claus and a baby).

    The 3D is of course a gimmick. They know that; we know that. It involves joints coming out of the screen and eggs, blood, and guts. It is as juvenile and pointless as you can get. But that is the point.

    The jokes are of course offensive. But, again, that's the point. It makes it okay when the out-and-proud Neil Patrick Harris makes gay jokes, or when Cho and Penn make racial jokes.

    I enjoyed the journey that they take in "A Very Harold & Kumar 3D Christmas". Every time the baby found a new drug to imbibe, or Kumar smoked another joint, I laughed. It's the type of humour that has made the franchise so successful.
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    A Very Harold & Kumar 3D Christmas is not going to surprise anyone. It follows the same successful formula and chemistry between John Cho and Kal Penn as the first two. The film also is rude, inappropriate and has questionable taste just like the first two. So while the basic concept is the same, it has been plugged into a Christmas setting making fun of the holiday and managing to shoot Santa Claus in the face in the process. Damn it's funny! I'm not big on buddy comedies but behind closed doors I secretly love Harold & Kumar. White Castle was funny, Guantanamo Bay was even funnier taking on the issue of race and national security, and 3D Christmas is poking fun at religion and holidays. Because many may be afraid of being ridiculed for touching sacred subjects and therefore don't, Harold & Kumar movies repeatedly take on the challenge and find something original to laugh about. Sure making a baby high, John having his penis stuck to a metal frozen pole, and poking fun at the Catholic sex scandals may be inappropriate to some, but everything's fair in comedy and what the filmmakers have done will make you laugh over and over. So while much of the film may be ridiculously over the top, it all works. And while we don't see enough of Bobby Lee in the film who seems to be able to make you laugh without doing much, we do get Neil Patrick Harris playing himself as a closeted heterosexual. That scene is not just really funny throughout, but it steals the show. His scene is nothing short of a "must see" moment that is destined to be classic.
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    If you liked the first two Harold & Kumar movies then you will likely like this one. If you have never seen a Harold & Kumar movie they are implausible story line, very irreverent, even crass, comedies that always break taboos.

    This movie's story line is again unlikely and at times totally ridiculous, it's a total cut up comedy. You get the sense that the actors were having fun while they were filming. I laughed (and moaned) throughout the entire movie which I think is kind of the benchmark for this genre.

    A lot of the humor uses or pokes fun at the 3D effects so see it in 3D if you can, it's a real treat, the effects are great. There was enough pot smoke and coke blown in you face that you could almost get high.
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    Deodorant for your language

    Morally wrong on soo many levels and unnecessarily filmed in 3D but that somehow managed to work pretty well for the most part but this film is so much fun and hysterically funny that you will have a blast. It's great to see all of these lively and wacky characters come back to the big screen that it should be a every year tradition because their company never gets old and it will have to be one of the best stoner comedies ever as well as Christmas comedy ever next to Christmas Vacation. The thing I like about these movies are that the jokes are relevant, ballsy and unapologetic kind of like Family Guy and they are to me always consistent with making me laugh because of the outrageousness that I just can't get enough of this series, they are on a roll! Overall this is a treat for only fans of the series because if you were offended by them before this one won't change your mind, you will love it or you will hate it, I for one loved it!!!! Bring on more Harold & Kumar!!! Recommended!
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    What started as a simple stoner trip comedy, becomes something that pushes the limit with every installment. And that is the case with this 3rd one, most of the humor comes from that is so messed up that it's funny...Well for some viewers at least although it can offend the others. While some movies the 3D is not worth it, this is one of those movie that has to be seen in 3D if your going to watch it. And for the most part the 3D is worth it and it actually plays a crucial part in the movie since the plot brings out and gives 3D scenarios. If you don't see it in 3D it can be a bit confusing cause you might not get some of the jokes. Anyways if you liked stoner comedies and comedies that pushes the limits this movie might be worth checking out. The movie had one special ingredient that made this movie better than the second one and that is the simple but fun aspect. Although Harold and Kumar is not in college anymore and is now full adults, I wouldn't mind another sequel.

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    I have an affection for raunchy comedies and I love 3D so this marriage in "A Very Harold & Kumar 3D Christmas" definitely filled voids in places where most movies have been lacking as of late.

    First and foremost, the movie was entertaining throughout with no dull moments. All the characters were great and Neil Patrick Harris was hysterical. Although some might think this film could be considered lowbrow, it really isn't because it was well written and the situations (as absurd as they are) work to even satisfy an intelligent viewer with a good time.

    The 3D experience was better in this movie than most I've seen in years. It was consistent throughout, no eyestrain, very clean, and had some nice out-of-screen effects that paired well with the comedy.

    As morally and politically incorrect this movie is; it ultimately does have a good message with a lot of heart and actually put me into the Holiday spirit! I know; I can't even believe I just stated that but sadly it's true. I'm definitely jaded, but then again aren't we all by now? Definitely a must see in 3D.
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    Impala Frozen

    To put it simply, Harold and Kumar was incredibly funny. The movie is set six years after they escape from G bay (you must ignore the fact they haven't aged). For me to say this was just another Harold and Kumar movie would be unfair. I loved the first one. Simple premise with many jokes and characters along the way. Half of what made it funny was the fact Roldy and Kumar were going through this hell just to have some fast food. Escape from G bay had funny moments but them escaping a maximum security prison holding war criminals to reach America and regain their innocence? It was a little much. Don't get me wrong I still liked it but it felt like that magic was gone with the simplicity of the first. So when I saw the third was about to come out and it was a "christmas special" I felt hopeful for a good one but not confident.

    The third instalment had that simplicity again. Yes, there was new characters and the 3D was new but they all worked so perfectly. Yes certain things were dumb and even weird like the fake baby Jesus winking at me or a coked up baby running around on the ceiling but its that kind of movie! They were going through hell once again to simply find a Christmas tree. The new characters were very funny and the old jokes and characters were seen and told in a new way (unlike Hangover 2). Another new character was the use of 3D in this instalment. It was incredible, and not just the smoke and coke flying at me but characters acknowledging it and poking fun. Bottom line is its OK to be apprehensive because the second one was just alright and a comedy like this in 3D could be thought of as being corny and trying to hard but they pulled it off perfectly. Harold and Kumar is dumb fun and for what it is this is a great comedy. Just make sure you catch it in 3D! Read my other reviews at
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    It seems like just earlier this week was Halloween... oh, wait a tic, it WAS Halloween. 

    The beginning of November is an unusually early time fir a Christmas movie to come out, but then again, it's not like there hasn't ever been a Christmas movie that's been released at the beginning of November. This year, it's Harold and Kumar who have taken the honour of releasing a Christmas movie near the beginning of the year, and for such a premature Christmas film, surprisingly it turned out to be great!

    A Harold and Kumar 3D Christmas is more fun than it has he right to be. For one, you can tell by the trailer it promises fun to be had, and it lives up to the promise. The film in tone, is like a mix of the first two movies. It has the ridiculousness of the second movie mixed with the style of the first. In addition, throw in NPH, Amir from CollegeHumor and characters we've seen before, and you have yourself what may be the most fun film of the series.

    The film takes place 6 years after the first. A you may expect, hard working Harold is successful, has the beautiful Maria as his wife, and life couldn't be any better for him. Meanwhile Kumar is a big fat and lazy frack-up. He sits at home and smokes pot all day, and has blown his chance at true love. 

    Harold has invited his father in law (played by Danny Trejo!), who inadvertly brings his whole family to the household. The prejudiced in law replaces the faux tree with a naturally grown Christmas tree. When Kumar receives a package for Harold, he takes it over, where they reunite and discover, it's a mega joint. Kumar tries to burn it up, but they inadvertly burn the tree... Resulting in the two going on another zany adventure, this time to replace the tree!!!

    First off, you know what to expect, from a Harold and Kumar movie, however that isn't necessarily a bad thing. Because the film is consistently funny throughout and manages to keep you laughing until the final frame. The jokes are raunchier than ever! There's babies taking drugs, Russian mafia jokes, dark humour, you name it. There isn't a thing this film doesn't have.

    The star power helps too- while they may be getting a bit old (Cho is 40, and damn he looks so young, how do I look that handsome at 40), Cho and Penn deliver the usual great performances, but I must note, holy crap, Cho really does prove himself as the talented actor he is here. Don't get me wrong, I enjoyed Penn too, but Cho was easily the attraction for me. Trejo,well, what's not to love about him? Excellent actor and it shows, Patton Oswalt is hilarious as expected and Amir from CollegeHumor is a great actor here as well. And Neil Patrick Harris... Well, who can deny his brilliance?

    The 3D, on the other hand, is what prevents me from giving it a full mark. As you may have seen in the previews, it does abuse the gimmick greatly, but otherwise you really shouldn't waste your money. The screen gets very blurry during the more motion-y shots, and other than the flying out, it doesn't really come as good use.

    Otherwise, the new Harold and Kumar film is very enjoyable. And surprisingly very heartfelt too, as it has a great message about friendship. It will indeed snap you into the Christmas spirit and make you feel happy indeed. And while it may not be the best of the series, nonetheless it is indeed very enjoyable

    OVERALL: 8/10

    THE GOOD: This latest entry in the series proves to be insanely fun entry with everything you could expect in a H&K movie, and more.

    THE BAD: The 3D. Not like that's anything new,
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    Harold & Kummar movies are mercifully free of hypocrisy, with no taboo left unviolated. This is not a film you take your mother to (let her see it by herself). Everyone is criticizing the 3D as gratuitous, but it was part of the humor, exaggerated like in Piranha 3D. I usually despise 3D as a pointless distraction; this was a rare occasion when it seemed to fit. Pot smoke wafting out towards the audience--what better use of 3D? How could anyone complain about gratuitous 3D given this film's other excesses? One could similarly call the clay animation sequence gratuitous, but it was brilliant! It seems to me that these H&K movies contain some serious messages on drugs, race, and other social issues rolled up with the crude humor.
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    ... fortunately, however, "significantly weaker" still equals very funny. But there are just a handful of laughs spread throughout this picture rather than a constant supply.

    Of course, all humour is subjective, but having the two title characters apart for so long in the movie does harm the laughs, even though it does drive the narrative. There's also an awkward "feel good" "moral of the story" motif to the picture. Still, this being Harold and Kumar, then part of the "warm" moments does involve the term "cock meat sandwich".

    Lots of the genuine humorous moments occur with the parodies of 3D. However, how well this will play if the movie is broadcast in 2D remains to be seen. Like the seasonal motif, A Very Harold & Kumar 3D Christmas limits itself with the 3D gimmick, unless it has designs on becoming a holiday staple.

    The equal opportunity offending continues in decent form, though seeing a baby getting high is in questionable taste even for this series. As in previous films, a highlight is Neil Patrick Harris, though his assertion that "we'll see you in the fourth one" does nod towards a slightly cynical edge in this film's construction.

    Overall, still a pretty funny movie in its own right, but worrying signs that the joke is beginning to wear thin.
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    Once again, Harold and Kumar bring it with more completely original ideas that made me laugh like a maniac several times throughout the movie. These guys once again prove that anything can be funnier if you add weed and nudity. And the fact that Kal Penn can still make these movies and maintain a respectable reputation at the White House is hilarious enough as it is.

    As good as this one was, however, it didn't really live up to the expectations that were set by "Guantanamo Bay". Maybe it's because when I saw that one, it was in a packed theatre at 10 pm with a bunch of stoners laughing their guts out at every single joke. As unappealing as that sounds (I wasn't stoned during this movie), it's those types of things that make movies THAT much better if you ask me. Laughing my butt off with 30 or more people, including a few random 14 year olds who needed to pretend they were with me in order to get in (true story) just wasn't the same.

    Something that really bugged me was how NPH was barely used in this one. Although his picture actually made it poster this time, he wasn't really in it as much as I hoped. Come to think of it, many of the old jokes from "White Castle" and "Guantanamo Bay" weren't used at all.

    And whether or not it was the theatre I went to, the 3D was disgraceful. I almost suggest seeing the 2D version: your eyes won't hurt, you'll save a few bucks, and you really won't miss anything.

    But even though it may not have lived up to the previous ones, Harold and Kumar prove once again that as far as epic stoner comedies go, they can't be beat. This one left me sore from laughing, and with an itch to see more (even though, once again, I wasn't stoned). I strongly suggest you get a big group to go to this one; the more laughs around you, the funnier this movie will be.

    And of course, there's nothing like getting into the Christmas spirit a little early. Especially if you celebrate Christmas like these guys.
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    The Harold & Kumar franchise is beginning to show signs of wear and tear, yet it still packs fun and laughs because of its actors and the lively, upbeat material. That's not to say the material is always shining, in fact, in terms of writing, this is probably the raunchiest installment in the franchise yet. Which doesn't mean it is the funniest. This may be the least funny of the series, yet this seems on the same level as Harold & Kumar Escape from Guantanamo Bay, an inferior but amusing sequel.

    Being faced with the third installment is always an iffy place to be. Especially when you see it end. You try and think to yourself whether or not a sequel will be made. Here? I'm honestly not sure. I don't want there to be, but there are a few set ups which make it seem like they are considering it. No sequel will match the humor the introduction to these characters brought us. It was erected from the simplicity of the story and the extreme likability of the characters.

    John Cho and Kal Penn, who took a leave from his position at the White House, reprise their roles as the stoner duo who have now been out of contact for six years. Harold is a successful Wall Street banker, while Kumar is busy sitting on his couch with his buddy, smoking pot, and waiting for the next random hookup. Harold is married to the love of his life Maria (Garces), and her side of the family, including her father (Trejo), is coming over on Christmas Eve.

    Maria's family is made up of thugs with tattoos and heavy muscles. Her father loves Christmas and cherishes it because when he was young he never had a respectable celebration with his family. When Maria and her family leave to attend a Midnight Mass, Harold is left in charge to decorate the authentic Christmas tree. Kumar comes over, and the duo accidentally burn down the tree (think hard, and the way they do it will come to you).

    Harold and Kumar now team up to try and find a new Christmas tree for the family before the family comes home. Joining them for a brief amount of time on their adventure is Harold's friend, a new father with a child and Kumar's buddy who is hellbent on having sex with a young virgin. The baby jokes almost completely destroy the film with her inhaling marijuana smoke and cocaine. The result isn't laughter, but a cringing factor that can easily destroy a comedy film.

    Thankfully, those two "characters" are abandoned while the real stars do what they do best. Wander around aimlessly, falling into comedic traps that are sometimes funny and sometimes not. Somewhere along the way in the second film, Harold & Kumar morphed into a strange, comedic fantasy rather than a straight forward comedy.

    There was a gag in the second film about a child with a severe birth defect giving him only one eye, and very many scenes in this film involving fictionalized events such as a baby crawling around on the roof after getting mixed in with cocaine and the certain appearance of a jolly character. We begin to question why did the filmmakers feel the need to incorporate such far-fetched elements in a comedy. I believe it just adds to the phrase "stoner comedy film." As far as the 3D aspect of the film, it's there but not necessary. It looks better than a lot of 3D films I've seen over the years, but the extra ticket price is absurd for a film like this. One thing that incredibly aggravates me about this film is the fact that it is what I call a "3D abuser." This is the reason why 3D is a lose-lose for a movie; if you incorporate too many 3D elements in the film (IE: throwing things at the audience or having an opening credit sequence devoted to using the extra dimension) it will look awkward and out of place by the time you watch the 2D DVD. If you don't put the dimension to use and don't utilize enough, the film will be criticized for even using it in the first place. A Very Harold & Kumar 3D Christmas, when titled something like A Very Harold & Kumar Christmas on DVD, will look awkward and very, very strange on a 2D disc.

    But numerous pluses continue to put a smile on my easily pleased face. The presence of Neil Patrick Harris, the use of the two leads to the fullest degree, the excellent claymation sequence, and the touching ending show just what the franchise has long been about. Heart and hilarity. As much as I loved the first film and have a soft spot for each sequel, it's time for a good thing to come to an end. The series has just about overstayed its welcome, and another sequel could very much put an unwanted stain on the fabric of the franchise, like so many filmmakers feel like doing to franchises now.

    A Very Harold & Kumar 3D Christmas is good, pre-holiday fun. It's not as downbeat and as miserable as Bad Santa, yet it doesn't have the pleasing plot of a Christmas classic. It takes its R rating, embraces it, and is proud of the way its traveled. After all, adventures to White Castle, Guantanamo Bay, and a search for a giant Christmas tree in the span of a few years is what I would call a long odyssey. An odyssey that should dock and deport before it goes into uncharted territory.

    Starring: John Cho, Kal Penn, Neil Patrick Harris, Danny Trejo, Paul Garces, and Bobby Lee. Directed by: Todd Strauss-Schulson.
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    There are people saying this one is the best of the three movies, some say it's the worst. I say, this movie is so bad directed you can't even relate it to the previous 2! This is obviously a movie not for kids, so why put Santa claus, the hero waffle robot and miracles in this?I really don't get the point of the director...

    Another thing that annoyed me is the 3D thing. During the whole movie you will see hats and things flying in slow movie just to show people the 3d technology... First 2 times:"yeah OK they need to show off this 3D thing". The 20th time:" omfg why they keep doing this?". It gets really annoying! It has some great moments too, but its a disgrace when comparing to the first 2. Any other director would have made this a great movie! This is one of the most overrated movies i've seen here, NEVER a 7.1!
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    Firstly, I loved the first movie. It was a very nice idea with some good laughs. Then there was the second movie, which I think lacked for laughs a lot compared to the first. And then this! All I can say is, apart from a baby getting high with the munchies, and a penis stuck to a frozen pipe, this was the worst of the three movies. I hate to say it, but if you liked the first two and think this will be the same, don't get your hopes up. It's terrible. And WTF is up with the 3D? This ruined it for me hugely, because there are good 3D movies, and then there are really cheesy diliberate 3D 'pokes' at the screen to make you go, 'Awesome!'. Once I had saw the trailer I thought that it was a family movie, that's how low this third sequel has dropped since the first two. It's an 18A? It should be a 12A! Yeah there's drugs and some nudity in it but, really? This isn't something for fans of the first two movies. I still don't know how this movie has got a 7.2 Rating. It should be a 3.4 rating. Overall, if you have seen the first two movies, I don't recommend this one. Unless you want to because you might as well see this as you have seen the first two. If you have'nt, then you won't be as disappointed as I am. I hope that they pick it up again and bring a much better fourth part to these movies. And if it turns out like this one, I will give up with Harold & Kumar.
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    Well how to put this....i was so anxiously waiting for this movie to come out as it set the tone in the last two amazing ventures. I was expecting the same old Harold & Kumar type of jokes and was ready to laugh my ass off on this one too but i was Disappointed!! The movie was dragged and got boring to an extent that i was talking to myself that am i really watching Harold & Kumar?? This movie was released in 3D which the director really really strongly emphasized on many occasions which looked pretty rookie to me...

    Lastly, the type of jokes were not Harold & Kumar standard at all..especially on few occasions i thought they took it overboard...The heaven joke which i think was way too bizarre and was not required at all....

    Final word: i wish they had lived up to the legacy of Harold & Kumar!!
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    This is coming from someone who never seen the first two Harold and Kumar, and didn't even know who they were until they said their names on screen. A lot of my friends bash me for not seeing a Harold and Kumar movie, but I went into this because I had friends who helped make the movie (they had a miserable experience, mind you) and it looked pretty funny. Sure enough, it was!

    It didn't start out well for me, as the film was basically establishing the characters and to try to wow me with the 3D. The 3D in this film tries very hard to jump out at you, especially when Kumar is smoking weed, but sometimes I just feel it wasn't necessary. The film was good enough without it, as 3D is nothing more than a gimmick. Although I applaud the filmmakers by making the 3D worthwhile (although at times they look like cardboard cutouts), the film could hold its own without it.

    The film pits Harold and Kumar at odds with each other as they lead separate lives. However, one day Kumar delivers a package to Harold, but slips and falls and the two meet up again. However, the package is a huge joint and Kumar smokes it and accidentally sets the Christmas tree on fire which would anger Harold's step dad (played by Danny Trejo, who once I saw his first appearance in this movie, it all went uphill from there). So they end up on Christmas Eve night searching for a new tree and all the misadventures that happen to them. Things like Russian mobsters, babies getting high, and end up at a Christmas show hosted by Doogie Houser (who is really funny in this movie) all pretty much adds up to hilarious hi jinks.

    The movie was pretty stupid, and I may have lost a few IQ points watching it, but I did have a good time. I still think it was odd for it to come so early in November. I guess a A Very Harold and Kumar 3D Thanksgiving didn't sound quite as effective.
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    One of the nicest qualities of the H&K series is that though it's over-the-top in specific scenes, they never go too far. Sure, there's raunchiness, but only in certain spots. And in this day and age, while every "gross-out" comedy is trying to out-perform the previous film, this franchise knows where the line is, refuse to cross it for the simple sake of crossing it and allow the jokes, writing and acting take center stage. Applaud from this viewer.

    While the newest installment, A Very Harold & Kumar 3D Christmas is actually the weakest of the three, that doesn't mean it isn't still a lot of fun, hilarious in spots and its one of those rare movies that starts off good and unbelievably, gets better as the movie progresses.

    The first half is chock-full of gimmicky 3D and though it appears as if they're trying to make a 3D-Overkill statement, it's so much that I'm glad to see them ease up in the last half and make way for a good story. Despite the same ole buddy-movie/"I'm getting too old for this sh*t" plot, it was still enjoyable with the reliable portrayals from both Kal Penn and John Cho.

    The movie takes place years after Harold & Kumar's second adventure to Guantanamo Bay and the boys have split up. Kumar's somewhat content at not moving forward – if anything, he's getting worse and Harold's all grown up and happily married. Well, there wouldn't be a movie if they didn't get back to the misadventures they're known for.

    Instead of craving White Castle or avoiding the law, they settle on replacing a Christmas tree in order to not upset Harold's Machete-staring Father-in-Law.

    That's the easy explanation. The fun is following these duffuses around New Jersey/NYC and giving away anything (more) would be spoilers. Suffice to say, if you liked the other two, there's absolutely NO reason you wouldn't be pleased here.

    While the movie's recommended, I would also recommend – no demand – that you see it in Read 3D. 50% of the movie is that gimmick and so, watching it in 2D, you would be losing half of the entertainment.

    And now, bring on Harold & Kumar Part 4:20.
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    Looks like stupid Christmas Movie, but shows how bros can overcome estranged obstacles.... with Cannabis! (*+other lucid substances)

    Plot revolves around a prideful home grown tree that goes up in ablaze and out a window. Thus epoching onto a wild trip and how they got there.

    With a cast including Rza, Amir Blumenfeld (College Humor), Patton Patton Oswalt, Danny Trejo, a adored Christmas roving robot, Thomas Lennon (Reno 911)and that little baby girl... Sh*t got messed up!

    The Movie also manages to speak on real life affairs of Kal Penn working at the white house, Neil Patrick Harris's same-sex relationship, and John Cho's angry mob on wall street.

    3D was especially effective when smoking and other gags but good without it.

    Adding on to the iconic Christmas tale genre, "A Very Harold & Kumar Christmas" is definitely a stoner cult classic.
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    If you seen the first two movies and expect it to be the same comedy and shenanigans Harold and Kumar get themselves into from getting high or from racial profiling then don't see this movie. If your new then you probably like it for being a standalone Christmas, family movie. First of all the story sucks Harold's Christmas tree catches on fire and they have to find a new one, very basic. Different from going to different escapades from a variety of incidents involving getting high or being chased by a protagonist/racists. It felt like a b-grade Christmas movie in a rental store that nobody would want to borrow out, too much attention was involved to the 3D that they just couldn't bother writing scenarios for the movie. It felt boring through the scenes seeing objects fly towards you like confetti, eggs, cocaine, honey.

    What it should of focus on was stereotypes and comic relief that gets them in a problem and they somehow get out of it. It felt like it was also lacking jokes that the writers were scrapping from the bottom of a barrel to find any. That they had to have a baby involved such as getting high on marijuana but after that took it a step too far with cocaine. There's no stereotypical jokes or shows Harold and Kumar trying new stuff out. The character development was lacking even for Harold and Kumar it felt like they had no bond between them because the creators had to bring two other boring characters such as Todd (with a baby) and Adrian, one for Harold and one for Kumar feels like they needed one white card each. The Ukraine mafia was too slapstick and didn't chase Harold and Kumar around like they were with the CIA.

    Rosenberg and Goldstein had a short part and one was converted to Christianity, why not Islam or some other religion that's just typical for a Christmas movie. The only thing funny in this movie was the claymation of Harold and Kumar, Neil Patrick Harris (as funny as always) and the waffle robot which seemed to replace the imaginary marijuana bag of Kumar's fantasy. Also Harold having his genitalia stuck to a pole and scolded with hot coffee. Just saying that I recommend to just skip to those scenes or off youtube clips you don't need to see the whole movie.
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    When i first watched Harold and Kumar go to white castle, i basically relived my crazy adventures with my friends. The second one basically said all i wanted to say about politics, and i quote George Bush was right, " you don't have to believe in your government, you just gotta believe in your country." He nailed it. I just got back from seeing The third and i gotta say, it was freaking amazing. Harold and Kumar as always told it how it is. For example, one scene Kumar sits on Santa's lap and a parent yells in protest, Kumar responds, " don't worry, your son will get his chance to rub his rump all over Santa's dick in a moment... Isn't that basically what u take ur kids there for, besides, do you even know and trust that santa guy? The movie took a different turn by making the friendship split up, with drew me in because I'm a fresh outa high school grad and i wonder if my life and relationship with my friends would change. But the movie gave off such a positive vibe about that subject that it relaxed me enough to realize i should just enjoy all the moments with my friends, and not worry about the future. Religion is mocked but again Thats something that happens all the time. I believe in god and all that but i just shrugged it as a laugh and moved on. The movie reminded me why i love the characters, and made me feel like the holidays were happening right now. Take it as just a movie, have a good time, talk about it with friends and you'l enjoy it. But if u go with a female, you should probably have them step out for the Neil Patrick Harris scenes LMFAO! Go and see this if you have seen the others, and in 3D while your on that good stuff, and trust me the money you pay will be worth it. Enjoy! :) (one more thing, Im a film student that appreciates films, so i know what I'm saying!)
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    This movie is an insult to the intelligent mind.

    The humor is ridiculously stupid and obviously geared toward the lowest common denominator.

    For anyone looking for a stoner film, this movie does not deliver. The majority of the drug scenes are about other harder drugs like cocaine etc. And even then these scenes are just plain stupid anyway.

    I feel robbed of my time and a little less intelligent having sat through this lame, immature joke of a movie. I can't imagine the actors are too proud about this one.

    1 out of 10 - Lame
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    This movie was a lot better than I was expecting. It's dirty, raunchy, hilarious and will put you right in the Christmas mood. You don't need to re-watch the first two movies to understand this new one. They spoof the claymation genre as a tribute to the classic Christmas specials we grew up with. They give a dirty twist to that infamous scene from 'A Christmas Story'

    Harold and Kumar aren't hanging out anymore and have new best friends with new lives. When Kumar receives a package meant for Harold, he takes it to him, and that's when the chaos begins. Throughout Christmas Eve night, they must find the perfect Christmas tree, deal with the Russian Mafia, befriend a robotic waffle-maker, and ride with Santa Claus in his sleigh. If you love dirty raunchy movies and Christmas movies, this is the perfect blend for you. I highly recommend A VERY HAROLD & KUMAR 3D Christmas!!!
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    This is one of those typical movies that gets a high rating from IMDb users merely because of the female nudity, drug use, bashing of Christianity, etc, the typical things most IMDb users are fond of.

    The story is basically nonexistent because it's basically about nothing. What you read in the description of the movie is basically the whole story, there is no further story development.

    The genre of the movie is not just comedy, it's fantasy as well. Don't expect anything realistic. In the near future a movie like this is most likely going to be labeled a "children's" movie. That's how the movie feels at first sight, from the title to the poster to the story; but it's not, it's even damaging for adults to watch this nonsense.

    Drug abuse is portrayed as completely normal and fun. Should a movie about "stoner buds" portray drugs as completely normal and fun for them or for everyone? There is a difference about depicting drug addiction being normal for drug addicts and depicting drug addiction as normal.

    Women are portrayed as complete out-of-control sluts who will have sex with just about anyone and anything and as much as possible, anywhere. Even the religious women are portrayed as being unable to control themselves sexually, even when men are not around. Add some more Christianity-bashing and you have got your typical Hollywood movie.

    In a world where drug addiction is normal, religion is for retards and women are complete sluts, what is considered abnormal? That's when "offensive" becomes merely only good for shock value. In a decade or more this movie will follow other movies of the same categories suit, such as Bill & Ted's Bogus Journey (1991). Back then such movies were "interesting" to some people, but they don't stand the test of time. They only push the limits of demoralization. What makes Beavis and Butt-Head (the show (1993/2011) or the movie (1996)) or Dumb & Dumber (1994) work, for example, is that the idiocy of the title characters is not presented as "normal", it's only presented as normal to them. South Park (1997), on the other hand, focuses on the world around the characters and exposes it as being abnormal. Harold & Kumar does neither. Imagine that in the movie Dumb & Dumber everybody is just as "dumb" (except for Christians, which are portrayed as the dumbest), what would the purpose of the movie be? It can only shock and push the limits of demoralization (especially through offensiveness) and that's exactly what Harold & Kumar does and as if that isn't bad enough, the movie further adds fantasy to the mix. It doesn't work and in the future, when everything that is portrayed in this movie will become reality (in as far as that is possible), this movie will fail to interest those like the ones who have enjoyed it today.

    What's next? Children using drugs? Oh wait, Harold & Kumar already got that far. So what's really left to portray as normal? A movie in which raping animals or children is normal? That's the only thing that I can think of. What will then be next? Portraying murder as normal? Adult cartoons have already gotten that far. See, movies like Harold & Kumar are already running out of "material" to "normalize". It's a dead end "genre" that should be avoided like a plague.
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    It is inevitable that a film will be benchmarked against its predecessors, if they exist and particularly, if they have excelled. For those wondering, this hits a middle ground between both 'Whitecastle' and 'Guantanamo Bay'. A travesty though that it seemed to pick the worst aspects of the two previous instalments. It didn't push the limits of offence like the first and became a watered down, lame excuse for a stoner comedy. It fell prey to some of the flaws of 'Guantanamo Bay' by throwing in emotion and other 'mushy' themes which don't befit a stoner comedy. Most of all though, it made you feel as if it has been rigidly structured, choreographed almost. It lacked the spontaneity and instinct you come to laugh at.

    After 'Guantanamo Bay' disappointed cult followers of the first, the pledge was to make the third of the trilogy more in the vein of the original; raw, R-rated hilarity playing on stereotypes and being unafraid to venture into 'touchy' topics and treating them with light heartedness. What has been churned out is something more refined, like an urbanised, commercial 'Harold and Kumar' film, which ultimately, being harsh I admit, came across as a cheap takeoff on the franchise.

    Kal Penn really didn't take the bull by the horns as he needed to and has done previously. Kumar seemed more vulnerable and Harold more assertive which changes the complex of the chemistry and made the pair more conservative than adventurous. The amount and involvement of other old and new characters makes the film more than just a Harold and Kumar Christmas, but they all contribute negligibly.

    The one saving grace was Neil Patrick Harris. He seems to garner unanimous love from everywhere these days but his ironic real self mocking act is truly the icing and shows he is so respected and popular, not to mention superb in this self fictionalised role. If you want something true to 'Harold and Kumar' style, scenes with him will satisfy you. Yet, in spite of being the one consistent factor, he was but a guest star.

    In the end, it was hard to decide whether a kid consuming and getting high on drugs was funny, wrong or just plain daft. Oh yeah, and by the way, it was in 3D. If that really matters anymore.