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Sérénade aux nuages (1946) HD online

Sérénade aux nuages (1946) HD online
Language: English
Category: Movie / Comedy
Original Title: Sérénade aux nuages
Director: André Cayatte
Writers: André Cayatte,Jacques Natanson
Released: 1946
Duration: 1h 43min
Video type: Movie
Sylvio, a successful singer, has found a way to take a peaceful vacation, safe from his female adulators: to travel incognito. He puts up at an old castle whose landlord, Count Fabrice, a ruined nobleman, seeks a hidden treasure. Posing as the nephew of the castle gardener, Sylvio enjoys happy days and even finds the time to fall in love with Gracieuse, the count's daughter. Unfortunately for him, his impresario ends up locating him...
Cast overview:
Tino Rossi Tino Rossi - Sylvio
Jacqueline Gauthier Jacqueline Gauthier - Gracieuse
Jacques Louvigny Jacques Louvigny - L'imprésario de Sylvio (as Louvigny)
Maximilienne Maximilienne - Mademoiselle Anaïs
Camille Guérini Camille Guérini - (as Guérini)
Guy Decomble Guy Decomble
Germaine Gerlata Germaine Gerlata - (as Gerlatta)
Albert Duvaleix Albert Duvaleix - (as Duvalleix)
Luce Fabiole Luce Fabiole
Maurice Teynac Maurice Teynac
Noël Roquevert Noël Roquevert - Le comte Fabrice
Pierre Larquey Pierre Larquey - Le jardinier du château

French censorship visa # 732 delivered on 5-12-1945.

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