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The Oyster Men (2014) HD online

The Oyster Men (2014) HD online
Language: English
Category: Movie / Documentary / Short
Original Title: The Oyster Men
Director: Peter Crosby
Released: 2014
Duration: 10min
Video type: Movie
A short film following a group of Baymen who earn their living diving for oysters in the Long Island Sound.
Cast overview:
Kevin Joseph Kevin Joseph - Himself
Dave Gumm Dave Gumm - Himself
Ryan Medwig Ryan Medwig - Himself
Keith Medwig Keith Medwig - Himself
Arthur Felice Arthur Felice - Himself

The film premiered at the Food Film Festival in New York. The festival celebrates food from around the world and as each film comes to an end, servers come out into the theater to distribute the food featured in that film. The oysters served at the end of The Oyster Men had been picked that very morning from the sea bed of Long Island Sound.

The practice of handpicking wild oysters is very rare - Long Island Sound where the film is set is the only place in North America where it happens. The majority of oysters served in restaurants are grown in farms at the surface of the water. Other wild oyster practices include 'raking', which involves dragging a rake along the sea floor and create larger scale and often unseen damage and disturbance. By handpicking the oysters, not only are the divers able to choose the correct size (over 3 inches), thereby leaving the younger, underdeveloped oysters in place, they also cause only a minor disturbance to the surrounding habitat.

Oysters are also well know to clean and filter water, and several US harbor cities, including New York and Boston, have programs aiming to reintroduce oysters to the waters in an effort to reduce pollution and encourage healthier habitats. In the part of the Long Island Sound where the film is set, the water is some of the cleanest on the North East Coast, and the presence of oysters plays a big part in that.