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Познать неизведанное (2016) HD online

Познать неизведанное (2016) HD online
Language: English
Category: Movie / Drama / Sci-Fi / Thriller
Original Title: Approaching the Unknown
Director: Mark Elijah Rosenberg
Writers: Mark Elijah Rosenberg,Mark Elijah Rosenberg
Released: 2016
Duration: 1h 30min
Video type: Movie
Captain William Stanaforth is on a one-way solo mission to take the first steps in colonizing Mars. Like all pioneers throughout history, Stanaforth will face insurmountable odds and life and death decisions as he rockets bravely through space.


Cast overview, first billed only:
Mark Strong Mark Strong - William D. Stanaforth
Luke Wilson Luke Wilson - Louis 'Skinny' Skinner (CapCom)
Sanaa Lathan Sanaa Lathan - Emily Maddox
Anders Danielsen Lie Anders Danielsen Lie - Greenstreet
Charles Baker Charles Baker - Worsely
Steven Brower Steven Brower - Featured in Civilian Astronaut Footage
Stephanie Gould Stephanie Gould - Featured in Civilian Astronaut Footage
Franziska Lamprecht Franziska Lamprecht - Featured in Civilian Astronaut Footage
Amanda Larson Amanda Larson - Featured in Civilian Astronaut Footage
Whit K. Lee Whit K. Lee - Featured in Civilian Astronaut Footage (as Whitney Lee)
St. John McKay St. John McKay - Featured in Civilian Astronaut Footage
James O'Connell James O'Connell - Featured in Civilian Astronaut Footage
Michael O'Connell Michael O'Connell - Featured in Civilian Astronaut Footage
Clare O'Connell Clare O'Connell - Featured in Civilian Astronaut Footage
Neel Patel Neel Patel - Featured in Civilian Astronaut Footage

Worsley (Charles Baker) and Greenstreet (Anders Danielsen Lie) (the crew of the refuelling station) are both named after members of the crew of Ernest Shackleton's ill-fated Antarctic expedition of 1914-1917. They were the Captain and First Officer respectively, as they are in this film.

Writing and Directing debut of Mark Elijah Rosenberg.

While shooting within the primary vessel, Mark Strong (through direct account, as well as confirmed by the sound department) was singularly the conduit for Microwave Auditory Effect, an occurrence which was only first documented among stray personnel working within the vicinity of transponders during World War II.

The movie certification number is #88888.

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    I can see why 'Approaching the Unknown' would not be to everyone's liking. It's very much a slow-burner of a film and is really more of a character study than anything else. With space movies I think people have come to expect drama filled, save-the-world type films and this is simply not that. This is the story of a man who has embarked on a mission that very few people on Earth would be brave enough to do, and the struggle he consequently went through.

    I actually quite enjoyed it for the most part. A film with basically only one character is never going to be the most exhilarating watch, however the pacing of the film doesn't feel overly slow. Mark Strong in the lead role does a good job of being just interesting enough in what would have been a very tough role to take on.

    As mentioned, this won't be for everyone. People who go into this expecting an 'Armegeddon' or even 'Gravity' type film are going to be let down and I suspect that is a lot of the reason why this film has not been received very well. However if you go in simply expecting a solid exploration of astronaut life and the challenges they can go through mentally, I think you will find yourself quite enjoying this one.
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    This movie is good. I honestly understand the bad rating, because its not mainstream and you need to understand the "zen-spirit" of it.You need to have sensitivity and some wisdom to appreciate a movie like this.Its atmospheric and poetic.Lets you experience space from an angle of basic reality and not heroism nor action.

    The slow descend into madness, his monologues, it is good.

    A good story isn't about a lot of action, a lot of events, it lies in the subtleties and how they come together.

    Just a good movie. I guess, blade runner also had a bad reception when it was released. This movie is perhaps not meant for this generation of action spoiled viewers. I really hope this will get some appreciation along the line, so that we may see more of this quality. Real sci-fi fans will love this movie for what it is.
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    just one girl

    I kind of think that a movie director has to make up his mind about a movie first making sure that at least he clearly knows what it is going to be about. This movie seems like an attempt at a psychological drama of loneliness and failure. Why did they even bother with the space theme? It could've been filmed entirely in a couple of studio apartments somewhere. The movie fails at many points. KEEP IN MIND that people ALREADY have real-life experience of spending up to 437.7 (!!!)days in space in ZERO gravity (Valeri Polyakov, Russia, Soyuz TM-18). Here are a few of the most obvious failures: 1) Solitary space travel? Why? To make more room for this "psychological" drama? 2) No teamwork, failure to obey the chain of command. This is no way to fly into space. 3) Building an entire super-expensive interplanetary mission around a poorly tested water-making machine? Plus, if EVERYTHING depends upon such a machine, why not carry at least one more to be safe? 4) What kind of a ship comes complete with a whole SHOWER, but has no significant reserve of water for drinking? 5) Who accelerates a space ship, then stops it for some "shopping" for extra "supplies" (while we don't even get to see them or know what they are needed for), and then accelerates it AGAIN? What? "The fuel is no problem, 'cause we got plenty of it?" 6) If a pilot of the space ship is such an expert on the ship itself, then how come that he screws everything up so constantly? 7) They couldn't store enough water on the ship, but instead they filled it with dirt for this unreliable "reactor" to be extracting water from this dirt? WHY? At first, I though they wanted to run tests on the water reactor using some samples of soil, but who could imagine that they were going to rely upon it during the entire 270 days of flight? 8) First there are complaints about excessive water condensation, but the next moment there are complaints about aridity and dry air. It could not be both at the same time. 9) The pilot of the space ship takes off from Earth sitting in a vertical position instead of lying down. Weird. Also, should he be able to see anything during takeoff through a "shroud" that protects his module? The "shroud" is ejected when a space ship reaches space. Then they can look through windows. 10) What kind of a water supply system could be built in such way that some electrical malfunction would contaminate water with battery chemicals? I see it this way: this movie was made by some wannabe "psychologists" who wanted to make a drama, who lacked technical background, so the movie turned out as a display of their own phobias, personal weaknesses, suicidal tendencies, and fears of failure. Well, they manage to achieve a full-scale failure with this movie! If you are a sci-fi fan like myself, then watch something else.
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    After seeing this movie, I was really thrilled and thought I had seen something worth seeing. Yet I can also understand why many other don't feel that way. This movie doesn't aim to please all audiences, it really targets a specific group of viewers you may or may not be part of.

    As other reviewers already stated: if you're looking for an action-packed sci-fi or anticipation movie, move along because this one is not for you. If you're looking for an uplifting, Hollywood-style feel good movie... move along. If you're after great landscapes of Mars and big spaceships roaming about, you should also probably look for other movies. Yet this movie has a lot going for it, as long as you realize what you're in for:

    This is a story about a character who is willing to leave everything behind for the greater good, for science and for the slim chance of becoming the first human on Mars. The whole movie is basically a "huis clos", a closed stage in a cramped vessel, where you follow a single individual during his journey of 270 days in space, alone. He has to fight boredom, madness and growing technical issues he is partly responsible for due to his overconfidence and his belief that he can solve everything on his own. He also has to cope with the burden of the entire humanity back on Earth cheering for him and placing the highest expectations on his shoulders. Yet he's just a man. Hopes, successes, failures... They are all part of the journey, and the lead character confronts each in a very believable way.

    Acting is spot on (bravo Mark Strong), and the reactions never feel alien or unrealistic. FX are good enough, but this movie doesn't rely on them heavily at all.

    There is one very big leap of faith the audience is supposed to make: I find it highly dubious for various reasons that humanity would send a single person on such a long journey without backup: way too dangerous. Yet if you're willing to go with it, you'll find this movie to picture a very believable analysis of human nature when confronted to loneliness, various pressures and challenging situations.

    All in all, this movie is more of a psychological approach of long journeys in isolation and adversity, rather than a sci-fi/anticipation movie on colonizing Mars.

    I would definitely recommend this movie to those among you who like slow-paced, "psychological" movies such as (with some similarities): - Solaris (2002) - 2001 Space odyssey - Silent running - Das Boot (in some ways) - 127 hours (in some ways) - The survivalist (in some ways)
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    This movie is not for everyone,especially for those who think that a good Sci-Fi movie MUST have action and heroism and they do not appreciate story and writing in the movie, they just love the action with a little pale, soft and weak drama blockbusters (The Martian). You will find similarities in atmosphere and story with Europa Report, Love, Moon and even some scenery references to 2001 A Space Odyssey and Tree of Life. I admit the visual effects weren't much, I assume it is because of the low budget(effects are not all that matters) but they were beautiful and mysterious just like in Odyssey and Love. For those who claim that the movie is scientifically inaccurate: The Martian had SOUND AND EXPLOSIONS in space (good job, really good job Ridley Scott nice way of making some blockbuster money).


    I think there is more to the story than it meets the eye. It's not all black and white and not so obvious.You need to dig deeper into the story to find the true meaning and idea. I think that he never really went to space because he never left the desert alive,and his machine didn't work (he couldn't convert dirt to water as it was shown in a flashback) so this was his 'soul' journey to achieving the one thing that no one has ever accomplished. Being the first human to set foot on a another planet.That would explain all the mysterious space scenery on his way to Mars (Earth- Human Life, Journey to Mars-Bridge to eternity, Mars-representing the afterlife). As he revealed to us in the end of the movie: "Nothing has ever lived here. Nothing has ever died here. Maybe I'll live forever". He finally found his peace.
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    This is 90 minutes of my life I will never get back. Premise is terrible. Characters have nothing to like. Why was there only one astronaut in each space craft? Why was there a space station three weeks from earth? Why would you stop a spaceship three weeks from earth to resupply when it has built up momentum to get to Mars? Where were the science advisors for this pathetic attempt at science fiction? Cinematography is worthless. And it only got worse as it went on. Someone, please, send me to Mars by myself so I never have to endure another movie like this. Please warn me if this writer, director, or studio executive is ever allowed to make another movie. I wish there was an alien to eat my brain after watching this.
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    Following the success of movies like Moon, someone thought it would be a good idea to try with a movie about a mission towards Mars. Mark Strong starts off as an astronaut that is sent there and thinks about his place in the world and talks to people on Earth. It got me excited. Yet by the end I couldn't decide if I am to feel stupid or offended.

    Alarm bells started to ring in my mind almost immediately. The personality of the guy was unstable to being cowboyish. The science didn't add up. The atmospheric dye effects had no connection to space or to the story. The water got contaminated by a battery short?! The astronaut's motivation to go to Mars was specifically because he liked the feeling of dying. I mean, come on!

    But even with all this aside - and I am capable to putting aside the technical aspects - the film is actually saying nothing concrete. Should we abandon going to space because it is folly or is it that the writer has so little faith in NASA that he thinks all astronauts will be allowed to be depressed artists that write their journal with pencils and feel lonely in space? Is there a point to all the inner dialogues of the guy or is he just losing his mind in this really slow movie? We don't know.

    Bottom line: I liked the production values of the film and the acting, but I couldn't get my head around what the writer/director was trying to say. It's time artsy folk understand that not only engineers are a completely different type of people from them, but that writing and directing your own movie is only rarely a good idea.
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    There are a lot of people saying this movie is absolute garbage. And I can understand that some, or many, people might feel they just wasted their time.

    For it is a slow movie, and there are very few actual happenings. But this is a psychological movie, more so a thriller than anything else. The film didn't need any more character development or action, as it was just supposed to be a relatively short movie with just the bare minimum of most devices.

    It shows us what we need to know (SPOILERS): A desperate man on a mission to experience something new. He knows what is on Earth, and wants one moment of pure wonder as he ventures into space and eventually Mars. Furthermore, he is actually psychotic in this need to experience, as he completely disregards Houston's orders and his friend Skinny's advice and efforts to help when his water generator breaks.

    He was, however, scared to be completely alone, like he will be since his colleague Maddox had to turn around. The movie ends abruptly, and we have no idea on whether he can fix his water supply or if he will just wither away and die.
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    great ant

    After all these bad reviews I practically expected nothing and was positively surprised.

    Indeed it's not a Thriller. There's no action in common ways, and yet it is a challenging story about one man who at all costs wants to become the first to live on Mars, brilliantly portrayed by Mark Strong and his supporting actors.

    I would never compare it to "The Martian". All they have in common: the red planet and survival. If you really need a comparison, take "Gravity" or "Moon", though here was obviously much less budget available. So in this case I really don't care about technical, astrophysical goofs.

    It's a psycho-philosophical Sci-Fi-Drama; small, profound, serious and quite slow. Therefore it hopefully will achieve more acknowledgment in future.
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    The first thing that happens is the guy takes off into space with the goal of landing on Mars. The 2nd thing that happens is the guy lands on Mars and the credits roll. In between all that literally NOTHING happens. Ninety minutes of nothing happening at all. On top of that the movie has so many implausible things going on it's, at best, a good example of poor technical knowledge. For starters NASA would never send an entire rocket into space with one guy, then immediately launch another, similar rocket with yet another solitary astronaut. That's a huge waste of resources. Speaking of which.... they have a full fledged shower on board?? They don't even have this on the space station we have in orbit and seems like that too would be a giant waste of space and resources for such a long journey. ANYways, this movie literally ends with the guy just landing and standing on Mars for a couple seconds. No big climax, no big obstacle to overcome. He just goes into space and lands on Mars 90 minutes later. Don't waste your time on this.
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    If you are looking for a typical Hollywood Mars movie this isn't it. Film's story and its main focus is inside the mind of the main character and the struggle he is facing on his journey to Mars, as opposed to more straightforward action in a 3-piece act. It may also come across as pessimistic as it deals with questions of fate and what life can bring on a one way journey, as life really is, into the unknown; Mars, future, afterlife etc. It isn't satisfying in sense that it brings you a "proper" conclusion to the story, but rather makes you wonder, which can easily turn into dissatisfaction that you were cheated as you waited for the story to bring something forth, instead it leaves you wondering. I applaud the risk the story took to delve into the mind of an engineer and how it handled it. I also applaud Mark Strong for his captivating performance. I don't recommend this to everyone, but to those who don't mind to be left with an unfinished story, come to the conclusion on your own, or keep searching.
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    I had great expectations for this movie after seen the trailer, that looked amazing. Well, what a disappointment this film was. Is not that the acting was bad, or the production values. Neither the visual effects, which are OK. It's just that NOTHING happens... at least nothing that can move the spectators to feel, or even THINK something. The whole thing is an exercise on futility, good concepts wasted and pretentious sequences of slow motion stuff trying to be philosophical or something, but just coming out... lame. If you want to see an exciting, deep, or even entertaining sci fi space film, look somewhere else.
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    I am big fan of GOOD Sci-Fi movies, but unfortunately, this was not one of them. I really cannot understand what the point of this movie was. Absolute DRIVEL in terms of screenplay, plot, acting and production quality or value. I thought this would have some plot along the lines of Gravity or Interstellar, or even 2001 A Space Odyssey. But alas, nothing. The entire movie is about the main character sitting alone in a space craft. Thats it. He achieves nothing, does nothing, has no likability. Then some awful psychedelic outer space scene later we find this dude looking like a hobo in the space craft, where the hell he got that hat from is mind boggling. Did he somehow find a hobo stowed away on his ship, kill him, then steal his hat? I don't know how studios can pass off crap like this. Shameful!
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    This is my first ever movie review but I'm a deep thinker so i felt compelled after stumbling across all the bad ones on this website, I read a bunch and they were either "the movie was boring" or "it was technically absurd" I'm not going to criticize the critics. If you ever dared to dream or imagine of going to mars or any planet! either for the adventure or escapism or both then this film is a brilliant work of art designed solely to massage that part of your brain, for the adventure side it reminds me of the tale of Scott of the Antarctic for the escapism that reminds me of me, Mark Strong was a good chose for the role, without giving too much away, he conveys the "possible emotions" captivatingly well and then just when you think the film is going to turn into a USA traditional cheese fest it gives you something else something profound that tickles the hairs on the back of your neck. In summery it is a "marmite" you'll love it or hate it but I'm glad it didn't read any reviews before watching it.
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    Contains Spoilers!

    I was keen to watch this movie. I like Mark Strong, but boy oh boy this was a true waste of my time. I can only imagine the budget was in the order of a few hundred thousand dollars.

    This was not a tale about greatness or rising to an unimaginable challenge, it was a tale of failure and allowing yourself to be beat. An entire mission is dependent on a machine to work that has been designed and built from scratch by our hero. Sent off into the cosmos on his own, with someone following close behind - on their own, most of the movie takes place in a 4x5m area of the space ship. Some shots of the area of space he was travelling through on the way to Mars were through various nebulae and other amazing star cluster formations, but needless to say non of that exists within at least 10- 20 light years of Earth and certainly not in our solar system between Earth and Mars.

    When the machine stops working the man who has thought it up, designed it, built it the Hero cannot get it working again and resigns himself to a depressing bout of failure, which he never gets out of. Despite all the promises of what might be the two minutes at the end of the landing and walking on Mars appear to have been thrown in as a last minute after thought.

    I do not have time to write many reviews but this was so bad I was compelled to put fingers to keyboard. Save your time and money watch 'The Martian' instead.
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    Rollers from Abdun


    Approaching The Unknown is a film where an astronaut, on his way to Mars, alone, sits in his 1-room space cell and fixes cables, operates distillers, sighs a lot, and eventually looks into space after 1 hour of said fixing, operating, and other daily duties which would be boring to perform, but are mind-numbingly dull to watch being performed. There is NOTHING ELSE happening in this film. After a solid hour of intense boredom, in which we have a 5-minute scene of the astronaut back on earth, testing the machine which gives him water, which he then subsequently operates several times while on the ship .. a brief conversation about nothing with earth control .. and a 2-minute Skype session with earth schoolchildren who ask about the machine... (please do not think that this machine is in any way interesting; it's a thing that gives him a drop of water.) we have a tiny bit of development where he grows a beard and looks frustrated.

    That's it. THIS is the film.

    I will give it a reasonable vote considering its limited scope and - i must imagine - nonexistent funds.

    My vote: 4/10 - garbage.
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    I had to stop watching 40 minutes in. It was THAT bad. Imagine if someone made a movie just like "The Martian" but with no talented actors, no actual plot, a poor screenplay and no cinematography. What a swell idea - Let's do it ! There is no plot. It's as if the faceless assassin from "A Game of Thrones" decides to make a movie,"A man goes to Mars. A man arrives on Mars". The End.

    The acting is not believable. There is NO cinematography to speak of.The special effects are decidedly non-special. The plot is non-existent. There is almost literally nothing to see here. Why even make this stinker in the first place?? Don't waste your time - you've been warned.
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    What can be better than sitting back and watching a thought provoking movie about space and human emotion? Other viewers don't seem to understand that not every movie on the subject of space and the universe can be a big budget movie with a Matt Daman or a Kubrick. Lets be honest you probably got this movie from a Redbox, didn't you? For 2 dollars you got a hell of a movie. If you are like I am and like to lounge around and think about the universe and all of its glory then you will enjoy this movie. The greatest strength of this movie is that the atmosphere was on point, in the sense that you truly didn't know what was about to happen next, as I imagine space would be. The biggest weakness was Luke Wilson's character, Skinny. He really brought nothing to the table whatsoever and could have been made much more interesting and worthwhile.
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    Error parents

    I nearly didn't watch this movie, it's attracted a lot of negative reviews complaining it's "slow","unrealistic" and "nothing happens". As usual, I ignored my fellow interest users and enjoyed one of the best movies of the year.

    It's a fascinating character study, one man (Mark Strong), an engineer who has created a process for extracting water from dirt, is on a mission to Mars. His only physical contact in the whole movie is with two very disillusioned men stranded on a space station where he refuels. "Skinny" at Houston control (Luke Wilson) tries to keep his spirits up, but ultimately it's one man against the universe and the whole movie had, for me, a real epic feel of struggling to survive against the elements. You feel every moment of isolation, thirst and desperation. Everything is against the lead character in this film, but he builds as the film progresses, from an engineer to a pioneer.

    "Slow". Its set in space. It's mostly one actor in a confined space. This is not Captain America:Civil War, thank goodness, but slow? It's considerate, it ponders, it dwells on important moments, it gives the actor time to express emotion in a way so many movies don't anymore and by the end I was totally involved in the character. It's not slow, it's thoughtful.

    "Unrealistic" If you're a space geek, you might have issue with the lack of delay between communications, or that he has a fully functional shower when most of the movie is about having no water. Other than these though, the reality of surviving in space is the core of the film, and it handle sit very well I thought. As for the delay in comms, for dramatic purposes, having conversations with a delay would have been very tiresome, I prefer this.

    "Nothing Happens" Get a grip. Loads happens. The final resolution I thought was perfect, maybe it's just that people want every movie to be The Fast and The Furious or Avengers, this is more 2001:A Space Odyssey. Expand your horizons, give it a go. I enjoyed it a lot.

    Special mention to the performance by Mark Strong, my whole family were gripped, it's more or less a one man movie, with some solid support by Luke Wilson, but Strong drives it on and takes you on a real journey. If other reviews have put you off, and you enjoy intelligent films with characterisation and emotion, try this and be pleasantly surprised like I was.
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    Many have complained of the obvious blunders made in this movie. Instantaneous communication. A one man crew followed by another. An overall feeling of depression and failure. An untested and un-perfected device. One man's desire to give up everything for one moment of wonder.

    I didn't think this movie was terrible. In fact, if we were looking at a man's hallucination as he died in the desert, it was just this side of brilliant. This is how I'm going to approach it. The closest movie like it might be "Love." You have an untested invention on a one man ship piloted by a man who, as far as I know, isn't an astronaut. He has the training, but it seems that since he makes many mistakes and doesn't seem to have the "stay on mission" attitude, then he's the invention creator who just happens to want to be the first living creature on Mars and ends up on a one man ship bound for his destination. He's being followed by a woman astronaut who is also in a one person crew ship. This just doesn't make sense unless you're dying in the desert and making it up as you go along.

    The second ship's gyroscopes stop working so she has to turn around. The man at the space station tells him to give up. He's not going to give up though, not until he reaches Mars. It's interesting that his contact at "Mission Control" is the friend who was waiting for him to come back from the desert.

    The strange nebula and cloud sequences reminded me of the cloud sequences in the "Flash Gordon" movie. Definitely not something you'd encounter in our solar system. In fact, as he edged closer to madness and death, none of it made sense. Then he finally reached Mars and seemed to come to his senses. Is this some final push to envision what the planet would look like? It was a relatively simple landing after such a journey fraught with mistakes.

    I choose to regard the movie in this light because I don't believe the writer would make such obvious blunders in a story that was well acted and filmed. And so I give it a strong 6 stars.
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    You should paint anything and pause to watch it dry. It will be more rewarding. If you chose to watch this then be prepared to hope it gets better only to realize you've wasted valuable time you could be painting. You see, when you paint something you're actually going to get a payback for your time spent, no such benefit here. This is suppose to be nailing the strangeness and solitude inherent in long space flight. What it does achieve, if you watch for the 30-minutes I suffered, is that if you cared about whatever you could have used your time for it is now wasted...totally.. This film is boring beyond belief. I'd say I gave the film 30-minute because I'm pretty stubborn and have an inherent belief there is always something of merit if you delve deeper. I'm definitely re-thinking this as the only thing besides wondering why I continued this long is that how did this film get made?
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    I am coming across a lot of criticism for this movie. If you are expecting another Matt Damon Martian movie do not watch this movie. In fact if you thought the Martian was a good movie I don't think this movie is for you. The film is set in space. It involves a mission to Mars. This however is really a secondary story and largely irrelevant. The film deals with Mans struggle with mental illness , his descent into madness, people trying to reach him and save him and his final decision on whether or not to commit suicide. I enjoyed the film immensely. The scene on-board the space station is brilliant . It sets you up for the journey you are about to embark on with the Commander. The ship that the commander is piloting to Mars seems to be merely a physical representation of his own brain. Worth a watch.
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    Fantastic sci-fi psychological thriller.

    Many IMDb members panned this movie, but perhaps they did not realize how deep a study this movie was into the psychology behind isolation and of knowing ones own certain death.

    The superb Mark Strong plays a straight-laced astronaut on a one-way long-range mission to colonize Mars for the human species. Along the way, he goes totally insane due to isolation and perhaps solar radiation.

    The excellent visual effects mimic what a man going insane may visualize in his mind. The movie left me thinking what it would be like to go insane from isolation.

    Well worth a look on a lonely rainy night, but not a movie to be enjoyed with others.
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    grand star

    This is being billed as a low low budget cross between THE MARTIAN and GRAVITY. Unfortunately, it's only a fraction as engrossing as either. Budget isn't the problem with Mark Rosenberg's movie, it's that the movie is so unimaginative and dreary that it never captures the viewer.

    The central idea is that a scientist (Mark Strong) has invented a new way to create water out of soil, and that he will take this idea to start a colony on Mars. Aside from the fact that no entity* would finance such a massive undertaking based on such an unproven concept, the movie is torpedoed right from the start because even the astronaut seems fatalistic about his chances. In fact ALL FOUR astronauts we see seem to be depressed at the idea that they are in space at all - and, two of them just got there so you can't say it was because they were beaten down by long missions. I guess one could argue that it's all part of Writer-Director's 'vision', but where is the pioneering spirit and derring-do of almost all astronauts, cosmonauts and other space travelers we've witnessed?? I will give the movie some minor points for taking the subject seriously without too much dramatic license, some of the cost conscious but pretty CGI and an ending which strikes a resonate note even if you don't believe it.

    But, a movie that is so tonally off can't be saved. Approaching the Unknown? More like: "Approaching the Inevitable" (and dreading it).

    * NASA is never mentioned, so it could be a private endeavor, although Houston is where mission control is.
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    Super P

    Hey. I can finally write a real review and have it seen just about first instead of put way in the back by all the lying scamming 10/10 fake ones. What a bore. It's basically 1 character the whole movie. Another stupid overrated gravity pos. It's so monotone with him talking you will fall asleep. Anyone saying this movie is "amazing" the most overused word in movies, YouTube, and Facebook is a loser dolt. This movie sucked. We asked for a refund and were given some passes. Seriously if you don't fall asleep watching this, then go see a shrink.. coffee will not keep you awake. It's a flop. The storyline sucks. The cgi sucks. The acting sucks. Believe all the other bad reviews. $100 bucks says it loses half of what it cost to make :D