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Pac-Man and the Ghostly Adventures  HD online
Language: English
Category: TV Series / Animation / Action / Comedy / Drama / Family / Fantasy / Sci-Fi
Original Title: Pac-Man and the Ghostly Adventures
Duration: 30min
Video type: TV Series
Pacman saves pacworld from ghosts with his friends Cyli and Spiral.


Series cast summary:
Erin Mathews Erin Mathews - Pac-Man / - 32 episodes, 2013-2015
Ashleigh Ball Ashleigh Ball - Pinky / - 32 episodes, 2013-2015
Brian Drummond Brian Drummond - Clyde / - 32 episodes, 2013-2015
Sam Vincent Sam Vincent - Spiral / - 31 episodes, 2013-2015
Andrea Libman Andrea Libman - Cylindria 31 episodes, 2013-2015
Ian James Corlett Ian James Corlett - Blinky / - 31 episodes, 2013-2015
Lee Tockar Lee Tockar - Inky / - 31 episodes, 2013-2015
Matt Hill Matt Hill - Skeebo / - 26 episodes, 2013-2015

All of the vehicles are based on fruits and vegetables.

The pac-inator is a knock off of the terminator.

Ian James Corlett, Samuel Vincent, Brian Dobson, Nicole Oliver, and Vincent Tong later starred in Sausage Party (2016), an animated Columbia Pictures film, which stars Seth Rogen and Bill Hader.

There are many things in this TV show that are highly reminiscent of the Sonic the Hedgehog franchise. For example: Pinky has a crush on Pac-Man, while Amy has a crush on Sonic; the Power Berries are loosely similar to the Chaos Emeralds; and Metal Pac-Man is hugely based off of Metal Sonic.

The pac-inator and pointy-heads worked together to eliminate the yellow orbs.

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    Honestly, I was rather interested into seeing where this would go. Upon seeing the trailer, I felt it would be another unlikely hero/chosen one story. Don't get me wrong, it definitely is, but I find out animation writers Paul Rugg and Tom Ruegger wrote for this show, the same guys who wrote for Animaniacs. Upon that, this peaked my interest.

    The story is that Pac-Man, a resident of Pac-World accidentally unlocks the sealed door to the Netherworld where the ghosts reside and run uppity. Pac-Man finds out he is the only one who can stop the ghosts from regaining their bodies and taking over the world (OF COURSE!) because...he's yellow. Along with the help of his friends, Spiral whom I assume is the muscle, Cylindria, whom I assume is the brains, the professor, Sir Cumference (...ugh), and the Tree of Life which is the source of their superpowers, they must protect Pac-World from the ghost take over.

    Honestly, this new adaptation to the world-famous game character is...okay. It's not god awful, but it's not great. The animation is fun to watch, the Netherworld looks pretty cool, although I have not seen this show in stereoscopic 3D, I love the idea of the four main ghosts being double agents for the Pac-World, they kinda steal the show and that Pinky has a crush on Pac-Man (Yes, it happened in the games) and the show makes a few winks to the video game (Maze 256, ha ha ha) Although, it's too soon to tell as the show was just released. The jokes are hit-and-miss, nothing about the show is especially memorable, it all seems to be the standard "chosen one"/"unlikely hero" story, and in high school, no less. I'll give the show some future watches and see where it goes from there. There seems to be some creativity from this even though Pac-Man has turned into Kirby with his ravenous appetite and acquiring his powers by eating berries. But I suggest giving it a shot. Your interest in the source material is irrelevant.

    (So far, 7.4 outta 10)
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    My kids are addicted to this cartoon and it is absolute torture for my husband and I. I love certain cartoons (Adventure Time, Regular Show) and I find others to be pleasant tolerances (Ninja Turtles, Mystery Incorporated, Star Wars Rebels). But this cartoon makes me cringe every time it is on.

    Pacman and the Ghostly Adventures centers on the daily struggle between Pac World and the lame, unfunny, annoyingly voiced ghosts from the netherworld. In fact, on the topic of voices, every voice in this cartoon is like nails on a chalkboard.

    I understand that this cartoon is aimed at 7-9 old kids, but why on earth is the writing so, so terrible and preschoolish? I feel like my kids are tuned into Disney Jr., which is aimed at preschool aged kiddos. There is potential in terms of interesting story arches, but the writers entirely miss the mark. Pacman lost his parents shortly after a massive civil war that happened on Pacworld, the entire division of Pacpeople and ghosts is a result of the outcome of the war, and there are multiple backstories that are potentially dark and mysterious. The writers barely explore these subplots and it is a shame, because kids can follow sophisticated story lines. Honestly. Oh, the fart, pimple, and burping jokes are nonstop as well. Yay. fun.

    Good luck staying sane if your kids run across this tripe. It is painful.
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    I saw the fist episode in 2014 and I like it so I want to see more episodes of this Pac Man TV Series so much that I started to see all the episodes in Netflix and I loved the TV series is fun, catchy and pretty. I recommend this series to every Pac-Man fan (specially Kids from 7-12). From what is this TV show, well Pac a teenager student and his friends Cylindra and Spiral have adventures saving Pac-World from the evil ghost Betrayus and his army of ghost of the Underworld but secretly there are 4 ghosts (Blinky, Inky, Pinky and Clyde) allies of Pac and his friends that tell Pac the evil plans of Betrayus. The only problem I found to the TV series is that I really want soon a season 3 or finally Pac find his parents
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    Seems that the wrong shows gets a lot a hate. Seriously, it's not even that bad. If you want truly De Niro-awful shows, then go check out The CatDog, The Mighty B, Pearlie, Sidekick, Scaredy Squirrel and The Goode Family. Sure, it may have some taste like debate situations, but that isn't going to stop it from being a terrible show. Anyways, to start the review: TPac-Man and The Ghostly Adventures is an excellent show. The acting and animation is so grand, the premise is awesome, the jokes are very funny, the action scenes are awesome and everything about this show is good. I've never seen any show that could pull of the combination of humor and action that good, but this show did it like a master. I find Andrea Libman very interesting before this show even existed. My most favorite character from the series is the awesome female buttkicker Cylindria because she is soooooo adorable. Anyways, the show deserves more love love. I hope this just as memorable as Courage the Cowardly Dog!
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    Terribly cheesy voice-acting, cliché villain, horribly written characters, and humor that relies on fart jokes all combine to make this lame show.

    Honestly I don't understand that love for this whatsoever and the fact that someone here actually compared it to a masterpiece such as Courage the Cowardly Dog is ridiculous.

    Everything apart from the animation is terrible in this show.

    It's basically the Sonic Boom for Disney, relying on crap humor, a cliché terribly written plot, and flat characters that they constantly try to add depth to but honestly the characters are irredeemable. The show pretty much relies solely on the edgy teenager cliché for the characters.

    Basically everything that's been done in this show was done about 10 years ago but was done far better back then.
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    I watched it when it was made I LOVE it pinky and pac liking each over is weird but better than the other one i love this I'm still watching it even though it was sadly cancelled
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    Minor Spoilers. This show is a crappy redo of Pac-Man. Pac-Man is a gaming icon. They messed him up so bad in this. First of all wheres Ms. Pac-Man? Did they have to replace it with a Purple loser? Also they made Pac-Man a teenager. HE'S A MAN HES CALLED Pac-*Man*. Oh and in this show hes callled Pacster or Pac. Bad show.
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    Erin Matthews hasn't really been in much before Kid vs. Kat, but I feel that she gradually became a popular VA icon with Disney XD for both that show and this one, Pac-Man and the Ghostly Adventures. Like Samurai Jack, the writers of this show are smart enough to keep up the good work more than half the time and almost always have good episodes, which makes it worth while for The Mysterious Mr. Enter to review the 10 best of all 52 of them in Admirable Animations.

    Like My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, this is a new show in a new generation of a toy/video game franchise that's a lot more interesting than what came before it because you can assume that original fans of Pac-Man or My Little Pony that were kids in the 1980s or 1990s grew up to make this newer version with more substance and better characters. I can even recognize Cylindria, Pinky, Inky and Skeebo as the voices of Pinkie Pie, Rainbow Dash, Snips and Soarin because I know they are the same VAs. I'm glad they found a new show after 3 seasons of MLP so they're not stuck with the same show forever and have time to voice act in another one.

    Pac-Man is the Samurai Jack of the show, the noble hero who can fight almost anything, but still has his flaws and limitations. Betrayus is Aku, the hard-to-defeat villain who's very hammy. After 52 episodes, you wonder how the overall premise of the series is going to conclude and you want to see how Samurai Pac-Man eventually finally permanently removes Aku/Betrayus from existence. Let's just hope that if such a revival does come up that ties up all the loose ends from the beginning, it's not an adult audience revival like Samurai Jack, because that will really ruin what made the original kids show great and turn our hero into something really cruel and awful that even the villain would be scared to see.
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    Pac-Man and the Ghostly Adventures is a Japanese/Canadian/American computer-animated comedy-adventure television series featuring Namco's classic video game character Pac-Man. It is produced by 41 Entertainment, Arad Productions Inc. and Bandai Namco Entertainment for Tokyo MX (stereo version), BS11 (stereo version) and Disney XD (bilingual version).

    The series first aired on June 15, 2013 on Disney XD in the US, on March 17, 2014 on Family Chrgd (as Disney XD) in Canada and premiered on April 5, 2014 on Tokyo MX and BS11 in Japan, and is being produced by Avi Arad.[6] On October 5, 2015, the series premiered on Discovery Kids in Latin America. A video game based on the series was released on October 29, 2013.