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Language: English
Category: Movie / Crime / Drama / Mystery / Thriller
Original Title: Mr. X
Director: Nanabhai Bhatt
Released: 1957
Video type: Movie
A wealthy businessman, Jamunadas, is killed by person(s) unknown. The police take up this investigation and are clearly baffled as the killer has left no clues for them to go on. Before they could any further action, Jamunadas' daughter, Nemo, is found dead in her bath-tub. The police suspect that this could be the work of the dreaded Mr. X, and want to question him. Their investigations take them to Rangoon where they are involved in a web of deceit and lies at the hands of one Ashok Kumar. Then they get a clue from a drunk, who claims he saw a woman floating and then being taken away in a driver-less convertible. The police do not know whether to believe this drunk or not. What they do not know is that the killer is in possession of a portion that turns him invisible, and this is not the first time that he has eluded the police through wild-goose chases. It looks like the police, who had nothing to go on in the first place, now are faced with a namely and unseen suspect, who may ...
Cast overview, first billed only:
Ashok Kumar Ashok Kumar - Ashok Kumar / Mr. X
Nalini Jaywant Nalini Jaywant
Ragini Ragini - Ragini
Pran Pran
Johnny Walker Johnny Walker
Sailesh Kumar Sailesh Kumar - Detective
Helen Helen
Rajan Haksar Rajan Haksar - Singh
Murad Murad - Jamunadas
Sajjan Sajjan
Agha Agha - Murli
Padma Chavan Padma Chavan - Singh's assistant (as Padma Chohan)
Jankidas Jankidas - Jamundas' advocate
Naina Naina - Nemo
Amirbai Karnataki Amirbai Karnataki

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    Mr. X (1957)

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    Text: The story line of this film has a scientific aspect involved in it. A Scientist professor is trying to create a remedy in his laboratory for the treatment of Cancer. He experiments all such medicines on his pet cat (Who perhaps is suffering from Cancer). When the professor makes the cat to drink the newly prepared medicine, the cat becomes invisible. Then he realizes to his surprise that by mistake he had created a medicine which when taken makes a person invisible. The Hero (Ashok Kumar) is in love with the daughter of Professor (Nalini Jaywant). By mistake Ashok Kumar also drinks the medicine and he also becomes invisible. As the professor had not invented the antidote for his newly prepared medicine, the hero can not come to its live form, and others cannot see him (Hence Mr X). With a view to make others feel his presence he wraps a black bandage tape around his body, which others can see. There is a criminal minded villain (Pran), who is trying to marry Nalilni Jaywant. He commits a lot many crimes, which are all attributed to Ashok Kumar, as he (Ashok Kumar) is termed as an absconder after such crimes. All strange incidents like a car running without a driver, or a girl flying in air etc. are due to invisibility of Ashok Kumar. With lots of misunderstanding & confusion, Ashok Kumar is finally able to prove his innocence when the Professor is able to invent an antidote for his earlier medicine, that can make the invisible person as visible. Hero takes revenge with Pran, who is punished. Ashok Kumar's friend Johny Walker acts as a comedian, who runs a laundry. The famous song "Lal Lal gal" is picturised on Johny Walker, when he is ironing the clothes. While doing so, he starts dozing off and then he imagines that he was in a Paris Night Club and singing the above song there. He wake s up when the ironed cloth starts burning. With beautiful music, and very interesting story line, the film was a great hit. This was the first Hindi Movie on the theme of invisibility, which gave follow up themes for other such movies like "Mr 'X' in Bombay", Mr India.

    Author: Bimal K Srivastava ([email protected]),"