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Ring of Deceit (2009) HD online

Ring of Deceit (2009) HD online
Language: English
Category: Movie / Thriller
Original Title: Ring of Deceit
Director: Jean-Claude Lord
Writers: Randy Duniz
Released: 2009
Duration: 1h 30min
Video type: Movie
Madison Byrne is a beautiful young art expert who tries to help Jack Singer, a wealthy patron of her museum, unlock the mystery of an antique ring. This ring may or may not have belonged to his family before being lost in WWII. As she inches closer to the truth, the danger grows and Madison begins to suspect that Jack may not be as innocent as he appears. Could he be a murderer, bent on revenge or is someone else killing to keep a more sinister secret?
Cast overview, first billed only:
Rebecca Mader Rebecca Mader - Madison Byrne
Cameron Bancroft Cameron Bancroft - Jack Singer
Claudia Ferri Claudia Ferri - Carol Kinahan
Benz Antoine Benz Antoine - Lester Bragg
Vlasta Vrana Vlasta Vrana - Oscar Brown
Andreas Apergis Andreas Apergis - Marcus Coleman
Paula Costain Paula Costain - Detective Cheryl Lynch
Millie Tresierra Millie Tresierra - Sarah Brooks
Carl Alacchi Carl Alacchi - Milo Henskie
Pascale Devigne Pascale Devigne - Lady #1
Una Kay Una Kay - Franka Schneider
Daniel Brochu Daniel Brochu - Head Usher (as Danny Brochu)
Liz MacRae Liz MacRae - Receptionist
Yanek Gadzala Yanek Gadzala - Federal Officer
Michael Sinelnikoff Michael Sinelnikoff - Landlord

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    Lahorns Gods

    It's been hard to think of anything good to write about Ring of Deceit and perhaps that only positive thing I could take from the movie was that Rebecca Mader's prettiness brightened the whole movie. That's about it...

    The plot, about the mystery of the ownership of an antique ring, causes mayhem and murder is nothing original but had the screenplay been worked with a more accomplished mind could have made it more interesting. Instead viewers are treated to sub standard fare and clichéd actions.

    The acting was quite terrible from everyone involved. Rebecca may look pretty but she is far from accomplished in acting and it showed on screen because rather than watching the screen character come to life you could see the actor attempting to act. I think the worst was when she got punched in the stomach in one scene and she was trying to cry out in pain but ended up grinning and laughing.

    So, for a TV movie this has to be one of the worst I've seen. Watching a snail make it's way across a concrete slab of the sidewalk is more entertaining. And thought provoking.