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Aspe Avondrood (2004–2014) HD online

Aspe Avondrood (2004–2014) HD online
Language: English
Category: TV Episode / Crime / Drama
Original Title: Avondrood
Director: Kurt Vervaeren
Writers: Paul Piedfort
Released: 2004–2014
Duration: 50min
Video type: TV Episode
After Bruynooghe's departure, chief inspector Pieter Van In gets a young new colleague: inspector Mitch Dedecker, formerly in the local police department at Molenbeek (a Brussels borough). Antje Swaegers, a nurse in Avondrood, a well-reputed seniors home where inspector Guido Versavel has a demented aunt, reports her patient Fernand Quagebuur, who she found dead in his bathroom, asked her that same week to report it to the police if anything happened to him. There is no sign of violence, yet Fernand seemed in good condition and was planning a cruise. Mitch was told to do nothing, but takes the initiative to see Fernand's son Jan, a college (i.e. Flemish Catholic high school) Dutch teacher, dragging Carine Neels along, who traitorously fails to warn him, and again so he inadvertently insults Van In's wife Hannelore, the supervising magistrate. Jan's wife complains Fernand always was suspiciously short of money, while he seems disappointed to hear there probably won't be an ...
Episode cast overview:
Herbert Flack Herbert Flack - Pieter Van In
Lucas Van den Eynde Lucas Van den Eynde - Guido Versavel
Francesca Vanthielen Francesca Vanthielen - Hannelore Martens
Maaike Cafmeyer Maaike Cafmeyer - Carine Neels
Mathias Coppens Mathias Coppens - Mitch Dedecker
Michel van Dousselaere Michel van Dousselaere - Roger De Kee
Sien Eggers Sien Eggers - Josée Maes
An Miller An Miller - Antje Swaegers
Charles Cornette Charles Cornette - Romain Van den Broeck
Hilde Uitterlinden Hilde Uitterlinden - Fien Tersago (as Hilde Uytterlinden)
Oswald Maes Oswald Maes - Gust Peeters
Wim Stevens Wim Stevens - Directeur rusthuis Avondrood
Robbie Cleiren Robbie Cleiren - Jan Quagebuer
Veerle Dejonghe Veerle Dejonghe - Lieve Quagebuer

Mathias Coppens joins the cast in this episode.