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The Day a Year Ended (2009) HD online

The Day a Year Ended (2009) HD online
Language: English
Category: Movie / Short / Drama
Original Title: The Day a Year Ended
Director: West Liang
Writers: West Liang
Released: 2009
Budget: $15,000
Video type: Movie
Today should be different. For Darren, this is the day he's been waiting for. He is finally ready, willing to move on. But can he?
Cast overview:
Justin Huen Justin Huen - Darren Waiste
Bethany Dwyer Bethany Dwyer - Woman Upon a Hill
Andrea Pelletier Andrea Pelletier - Kimmy Curan
Diane Chernansky Diane Chernansky - Co-worker #1
Monica Riopel Monica Riopel - Co-worker #2
Nicole Ortega Nicole Ortega - Co-worker #3
Pete Carillo Pete Carillo - Co-worker #4
Ron Kochevar Ron Kochevar - Mr. Casey