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Der Zug zur Hölle (1965) HD online

Der Zug zur Hölle (1965) HD online
Language: English
Category: Movie / Action / Adventure / Crime
Original Title: Train du0027enfer
Director: Gilles Grangier
Writers: René Cambon,Gilles Grangier
Released: 1965
Duration: 1h 32min
Video type: Movie
Credited cast:
Jean Marais Jean Marais - Antoine Donadieu
Marisa Mell Marisa Mell - Frieda
Gérard Tichy Gérard Tichy - Matras
Howard Vernon Howard Vernon - Le 'professeur'
Jean Lara Jean Lara - Pelletier
André Cagnard André Cagnard - Gouferolles
Léon Zitrone Léon Zitrone - Himself
Rest of cast listed alphabetically:
José María Caffarel José María Caffarel - Technicien de la police
Carlos Casaravilla Carlos Casaravilla - Varosky
Antonio Casas Antonio Casas - Colonel
Álvaro de Luna Álvaro de Luna - Hamlet
Fernando Guillén Fernando Guillén - Colonel assistant
Carlos Hurtado Carlos Hurtado
Víctor Israel Víctor Israel - Technicien de la police
Rico Lopez Rico Lopez

In his memoirs director Gilles Grangier said that while filming in Spain on a closed rail track, the crew suddenly saw a train coming and they had no time to take off the camera which was bumped like some other equipment.

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    When fishermen find the body of a dead man in their nets, secret agent Antoine Donadieu starts investigating the murder. He soon learns that a Chriscraft that might have something to do with the murder has been spotted by a witness. It leads Donadieu to a luxurious villa, where some strange characters are living, including a violent valet called Hamlet, a painter with some resemblance with Salvator Dali and a gorgeous Senta Berger-like vamp with tempting lips, played by Austrian belle Marisa Mell (1939-1992). (After a terrible car crash in 1963, two years before this movie was made, she underwent heavy plastic surgery in the face)

    Donadieu is an unconvincing answer to James Bond,unraveling a plot that might have endangered world peace. But except for an American car with a telephone, Donadieu's impressive knowledge of judo and karate and a laser gun, there are no exotic weapons nor fancy gadgets in the movie. The plot is only moderately enjoyable, and nor the beautiful locations, nor some nice cars (watch out for the superb silver Alfa Romeo sports-car) nor Mell can save this movie.

    With his 52 years, Jean Marais was already an aging actor, and it really shows. Frankly, I don't get it, why his presence is supposed to be a plus for this movie. Furthermore, this film somehow hesitates too much between a serious spy flick à la "Spy who came in..." and a funny parody. It definitely is rather the latter, but it misses the humor and wild exaggerations which make Bond fans enthusiastic. As such, Train d'Enfer might be a disappointment for both Le Carré-fans and Bond-aficionados. Cameo role for reporter-radio star-actor and "Grosse Tête" Leon Zitrone (1914-1995)

    I'd rate it something between 5 and 6/10. Based on the French video issued by Video Paradiso (VHS 508886)
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    Marais was some stud, more than able to handle a physical role in a low budget but colorful and fast—paced '60s action movie.

    Gilles Grangier's TRAIN D'ENFER is an unusually good thrilling action movie—mindless fun—lean, clean, straight, completely over—the—top—from the '60s with Marais in ideal shape as the lead; one can tell from the first frame whether a movie is enjoyable or not—and this one convinces immediately. Its nice photography, its score and pace and liveliness remind very well the '60s; and the '60s ideas of a thriller inform the script and the execution.

    Marisa Mell plays the vamp in this action flick; the regular ingredients do show up—the conspiracy, the crazy scientist, the nuclear threat, the gadgets—plentifully '60s. Marais is Antoine Donadieu, a Secret Service agent. This sounds like James Bond on low—budget and small scale.

    A great actor, Marais deserved nonetheless such small action flicks as well—to give an idea about his physical aptitudes. In TRAIN D'ENFER he brings genuine brio to his role.

    The truth is that men like Marais, Belmondo, Delon made a fair amount of fine thrillers, had their share of good thrillers—whether unpretentious small outings like TRAIN D'ENFER or impressive masterpieces like some of Delon's—e.g., LE CERCLE ROUGE or, even better, PLEIN SOLEIL—I have always found Delon to be a respectable actor.
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    ...and nothing more,or so little.Jean Marais was ditching the moribund cloak and dagger genre and tackling the spy thriller.Here he teams with Austrian Marisa Mell for sub-James Bond adventures.A good scene shows a fight in a tunnel -which might or might not have influenced "Mission:Impossible" (the first one)-.When I met Gilles Grangier shortly before he died ,he remembered how this sequence was hard to film.This work disappeared from the screens a long time ago,unlike most of Grangier's movies.