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Comics Unleashed, featuring the world's hottest comics. Comics Unleashed dares to go where no show has gone before! It's your daily dose of hysterical laughter as Comics Unleashed gathers five of the most hilarious comedians to discuss everything from pop culture, entertainment and more. The greatest comedians of our time take center stage, in front of the largest live audience in Hollywood and bring out their best comedy to make it outrageously funny. With a seasoned panel of comedians, anything can happen! Join Byron Allen as he welcomes his talented funny friends for night after night laughs. It entertaining. It's unpredictable. It's undeniably hilarious. It's Comics Unleashed!
Series cast summary:
Byron Allen Byron Allen - Himself - Host / - 607 episodes, 2006-2016

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    Byron Allen has a long history of making terrible television and this may be his biggest turd yet. Not only has no one ever said anything funny on this show but it's 100% scripted. Allen does the classic Jay Leno fake leading question thing. "So have you ever been a victim of road rage?", without thinking the "comic" goes into a 5 minute monologue about road rage. Total garbage.
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    I just don't see how this show manages to suck as much as it does. Every night, this show features 4 professional comedians (5, I suppose, if you count Byron Allen-I DON'T), yet there's more laughter to be found over at 'Poker After Dark'. This is a problem, people. An old guy in a cowboy hat playing poker with a dyed blonde woman wearing sunglasses is funnier than 4 comedians telling jokes on a stage! How is this possible? Well, to begin with, Byron Allen's isn't funny on the show (but they give him 3 minutes to do a painful monologue Jay Leno wouldn't touch during a Writer's Guild strike), and even if he WAS given good jokes, I'm not convinced the King of mediocre late night television would be able to deliver it. Secondly, the format of the show is awful. Byron Allen sits in the middle of a semi circle of four comedians (3 men and 1 woman...ALWAYS) and asks them strangely specific questions very obviously given to him beforehand by the comedians so that they can deliver pre-prepared jokes (or, more accurately, moderately amusing to unfunny and grating anecdotes). Even worse, Byron switches quickly from comedian to comedian to comedian to comedian to commercial to comedian until the show is over. Because none of the comics is given any chance to build up momentum, their extremely random and disjointed attempts at humor end up resembling nothing more than a rambling jumble of conversation you might overhear at a bar mitzvah.

    I'm not joking when I say you could put Bill Cosby in his prime up on that stage and his famous routine on Noah and the Ark would barely elicit a chuckle, such is the waste land of this show.
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    The only episodes worth watching are the so-called "Hot Chocolate" panels featuring black comedians who have obviously worked together a lot. In these, Byron Allen just gets out of the way and the comics take off, and (since this ain't cable) it's a treat to hear what these hilarious and creative folks can do when they don't have the crutch of gratuitous N and F words to fall back on... which seems to comprise most of their stand-up acts. Unfortunately, so far I've only seen 2 such episodes. All the rest feature a disparate panel who have nothing in common, and Byron just lobs each a question designed to let them launch into their Schtick without any interaction with each other. It's DREADFUL. One minute Rich Little is doing Richard Nixon, and the next minute some comic whose name I can't remember is bemoaning the state of airline food, followed by somebody complaining about his or her spouse. It's like they're phoning it in from isolation booths.

    I have been introduced to one or two new comics, but mostly, I zap.
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    This is the definition of a terrible show. It started out having comics that most of us have heard of. But now there is no one we have heard of, and supposedly these people are COMICS, but I don't know what they are talking about. I am probably biased, because I can't stand Byron Allen or his terrible shows. I constantly don't know how this guy works. He has no personality, his shows are an embarrassment, and I thought his last show "Entertainers w/ Byron Allen" was as bad as shows could get. The whole format, including his awful interviewing techniques, were just painful to watch. The celebrities seemed to just tolerate this man. Now he has this attempt "To Branch Out," and it is just plain sad. Please do not waste your time with this totally unfunny outlet for 3rd rate comics unless you are trying to fall asleep. It plays in the middle of the night where I live, thank god! Avoid this at all costs or you will be laughing, and not because its funny. An update review as of 12/15/07! I cannot understand who watches this and those that do you have must be desperate and have no taste. Is this seriously something that should be on, even late-night Sunday night. This is still terrible and I am all for comics getting a forum for themselves, but c'mon this isn't how to do it. Even basic stand-up would be better than this crap. Besides there is no one worse than Byron Allen, and I cannot understand how he continues to work. He must have good business savvy, so I will give him that, but everything he has ever done is plain bad.
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    This is basically a show where they want you to believe that these comedians are doing improv and just "winging" it. What it really is, is Byron Allen asking a comedian a question like "So, where are you from?" and the comedian going into his or her bit that they have used a million times in the comedy clubs about where they are from, except they act like it was a random question. This show is set up like "Politically Incorrect" and "Tough Crowd with Colin Quinn", but unlike those shows it is obvious that these comedians have come here with a planned bit. These are talented comedians, but don't try to pass this off as an improv show- it is just so obvious that it isn't.
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    I have seen a few comedians who I saw before and many who I haven't. Since watching the show, I have had the pleasure of seeing several of these comedians in comedy clubs. The best ones that I've seen in person have been Alex Thomas, Howie Bell, Shang, B-Phlat, Roz G, Rodney Perry, Damon Williams, Charles Fleischer, Tammy Pescatelli, Tom Papa and Wayne Brady. Seeing these people in person is much better than on TV but "Comics Unleashed" has given me the opportunity to get an idea of what these people can do. Comedy is a very personal thing. What makes one person laugh may bore someone else or offend another person. My husband and I both laughed while watching this show and other people will, too. Get ready for 2 more seasons.
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    Unlike some other people who have commented about this show, I had no preconceived bias toward the show or its host when I started watching. I have found the show to be a good chance to see some of the comic talent performing today in a setting other than in front of a brick wall. Admittedly, most of their material comes straight from their acts but it's a way to give these performers some air time they wouldn't otherwise get. Through this show, I have discover new comics whose work was unknown to me such as Greg Hahn, Rod Man and John Roy. Even though every show may not be a hit, I have seen many more good shows than bad and every show has had some laughs. I hope the show continues to provide a place for the up and coming comics to get a chance to be seen other than in some night club and for the established comics to plug their latest ventures. By the way, I don't believe I am related to Byron Allen unless his family is Scottish.
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    I got hooked on this show during my late night channel surfing. Now it's become a daily DVR staple along with The Daily Show. It is charmingly low budget, but not low in production values. The set is attractive and comfortable without trying too hard (I especially like the large aquarium in back of Byron Allen which appears to house only baby sharks). It's a terrific introduction to the latest in fresh new comic talent, although the occasional comic star drops in, too (Margaret Cho, Jimmie Walker, Jon Lovitz, Judy Tenuta, Larry Miller, etc.). Byron Allen is the laid back host who shares a brotherhood with his fellow comics and does a wonderful job of giving them the spotlight. The show is obviously cut and pasted to air the very best of the panels' bits, which is what makes the show so watchable -- you don't have to wade through the tepid or unfunny stuff to get to the gems. I absolutely disagree with the comment that the show does a poor job of trying to appear improvisational. The format is very much upfront: the host asks obviously leading questions meant to set up the comics' bits, and there's no pretense about it. It's kind of like being in on a job interview or a casting call, and as such it's actually a refreshing new format.
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    I rarely take time to write a review about anything, but recently I'm stuck with no cable and only what's available via the air to watch. No wonder no one deals with free TV! It's nothing but ads! Comics unleashed is the worst. I think i recorded about 11 minutes of content for a 30 minute show. So not worth it! OK so I need more lines just to get my gripe out there.. fine. Again, I don't see the point in this show, it's literally an excuse to run ads. Why not just put on an infomercial during this time slot, it practically is anyway. So if you're thinking of watching this show don't waste you're time, unless of course you're looking for the latest fad or gadget for 19.95!