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Поезд смерти (1993) HD online

Поезд смерти (1993) HD online
Language: English
Category: Movie / Action / Thriller
Original Title: Death Train
Director: David Jackson
Writers: David Jackson
Released: 1993
Duration: 1h 40min
Video type: Movie
A German scientist has aided an ex-Soviet General in constructing a nuclear weapon, which is now in the possession of an American mercenary, heading across Europe in a hijacked goods train. Malcolm Philpott, a member of U.N.A.C.O., (United Nations Anti Crime Organization) must use a team of hand-picked Agents from various parts of the globe to stop this death train at all costs.
Cast overview, first billed only:
Pierce Brosnan Pierce Brosnan - Mike Graham
Patrick Stewart Patrick Stewart - Malcolm Philpott
Alexandra Paul Alexandra Paul - Sabrina Carver
Ted Levine Ted Levine - Alex Tierney
Christopher Lee Christopher Lee - General Benin
John Abineri John Abineri - Leitzig
Nic D'Avirro Nic D'Avirro - Rodenko
Clarke Peters Clarke Peters - Whitlock
Andreas Jung Andreas Jung - Kolchinsky (as Andreas Sportelli)
Ron Berglas Ron Berglas - Roger Flint
Vili Matula Vili Matula - Sigi
Lorrie Marlow Lorrie Marlow - Yolanda
Terrence Hardiman Terrence Hardiman - German Commander
Bill Leadbitter Bill Leadbitter - Rosie
Daniel Stewart Daniel Stewart - Tretyak

The locomotive that was hijacked in Bremen is actually a Slovenian type 642.

John Abineri is dubbed by David de Keyser.

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    I wasn't expecting much from this film but it surprised me. Yes the budget was small, but the acting surprised me, as did the story. The characters had enough development to keep me engaged, Patrick Stewart added his refined seniority, Pierce Brosnan acted the foolhardy gung-ho very well (a preview of his bond days to come). Not brilliant, but deserves more stars than it has. I suspect the low rating has more to do with the cover art and age than the actual content.

    In short: if you like a predictable action film pitting good against evil (USA vs Russians hehe) this one is worth checking out. The characters are more than two-dimensional, breaking out of the stereotypes one would expect of a direct-to-VHS feature. Give it a look!
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    Suspenseful and intriguing movie with all-star-cast and professionally directed . Stirring and interesting thriller with some clichés and stereotypes , containing enjoyable performances from Pierce Brosnan , Patrick Stewart , Alexandra Paul , Christopher Lee and Ted Levine . PA German Scientist has aided a renegade Soviet general (Christopher Lee) constructing a nuclear weapon which is now in a locomotive (it is actually a Slovenian type 642) that was hijacked in Bremen . As a nuclear bomb is stolen and transported from Germany , throughout Switzerland , Slovenia , Yugoslavia to Iraq . The hijacked train is commandeered by a hired hand , a ruthless mercenary (Ted Levine) and his band of hoodlums . The U.N. troubleshooter delegated (Patrick Stewart) attempts to stop the plot aided by a commando team led by Michael ¨Mike¨ Graham (Pierce Brosnan) and Sabrina Carver (Alexandra Paul) . They will race against time to stop an unmanned , out of control freight train carrying terrorists , atomic bomb and explosives . The mission is impossible , the consequences deadly.

    This is and amusing and entertaining action movie though has some sloppy executions . This formula intrigue movie belongs to action genre in style of the 70s , being followed in the subsequent decades . The film profits of an acceptable acting by protagonists and overwhelming action scenes . It blends thrills , chills , shootouts , noisy action-packed , international intrigue , and many other things . It is a crossover in which "The Runaway Train" meets ¨Under siege 2¨ , taking parts here and there . This moving picture which is short in realism instead we have far-fetched but moving blow up , crossfire , fighting , it should please most adventure-action buffs . The main and support cast are frankly good , as Pierce Brosnan and Alexandra Paul , both of whom playing two operatives acting for the Secret United Nations Anti-Crime Organization (UNACO) . Secondary cast is plenty with known faces such as Ted Levine , Clarke Peters and Christopher Lee as an ex general who attempts to reborn the Russian Empire .

    Based on an Alistair MacLean's novel , a best-selling author , whose stories have been much better rendered in other occasions . Scottish Alistair employed the pseudonym Ian Stuart several times in order to prove that his books were best-sellers due to their content and not solely because his name appeared on the cover . This is one of the several adaptations based on his novels and most of them set in WW2 , such as the successful ¨Where the eagles dare¨ and ¨Guns of Navarone¨ . Furthermore, ¨Ice Station Cebra¨ that is the first of two movies based on an Alistair MacLean novel set in rugged icy and snowy terrain , the second would be ¨Bear Island¨ . ¨Ice Station Zebra¨ is one of two filmed Alistair MacLean adaptations directed by John Sturges , the other was ¨The Satan Bug¨ made and released about three years earlier . Other novels adapted on cinematic spectacle are ¨Nevada Express¨, ¨Force 10 from Navarone¨ , ¨The Golden Rendezvous¨ and ¨River of Death¨ . This ¨Detonator¨ (1993) was followed by a sequel ¨Detonator 2 : Night Watch¨ (1995) by David Jackson , also based on a story by Alistair MacLean in which Pierce Brosnan and Alexandra Paul return as intrepid operatives , they are teamed by their boss -William Devane- when it is discovered that ¨Rembrandt's Night Watch¨ has been replaced by a forgery ; then our valiant duo to Hong Kong , there they meet a shady computer expert/art collector and a suspicious satellite about to be launched by North Korea .

    Luminous and atmospheric cinematography by director of photography Timothy Eaton , though a perfect remastering is necessary ; being filmed on location in Slovenia and Zagreb , Croatia . Fitted to action but inappropriate musical score by Trevor Jones , composed by means of synthesizer . This improbable motion picture was decently produced by Peter Snell , being professionally directed by David Jackson , but with no originality . He's a good TV director who subsequently made another similar film titled ¨Atomic train¨ (1999) with Rob Lowe and Kristin Davis . Although the movie has some aspects a little tough to take , this catastrophe film still has its moments . This large-scale and well produced TV movie attempts a spectacular atmosphere with passable results.
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    Now on DVD as Detonator, this was a USA Network Original Movie as Alistair MacLean's Death Train. There is also a sequel Detonator II, or Night Watch. Oddly, even though this was first shown on the USA Network, it is available Widescreen and has a small bit of language.

    The cast shines here with Ted Lavine (Captain Stottlemeyer on Monk) as the mercenary who high-jacks a train with a nuclear device on it. Ted Lavine is great in these small crazy roles. The Living Legend, Christopher Lee, (Saruman in the Lord of the Rings movies) in one of his non-horror roles, is the Russian General who hired Levine. Any movie with Christopher Lee is worth watching, and this one shows off his ability to speak Russian. Also on board are Patrick Stewart (Captain Picard on Star Trek TNG), Alexandra Paul (Baywatch), and Pierce Brosnan (007) as the Hero.

    The story is one where Cold Warriors freak out over the lack of a cold war and do horrible thing to start it back up again. Tom Clancy has covered this territory, the Bush Administration has been all about re-starting tension from day one, so nothing new, but it is entertaining.
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    Little Devil

    When I found `Detonator' at the video store and saw that it had Patrick Stewart and Pierce Brosnan in the staring roles, I got my hopes up. I thought, with Captain Pacard and James Bond in the movie, it should be pretty good. Then I saw that Alexandra Paul and Christopher Lee were also in the movie and thought with a cast like that, how could the film help but be good. Well, I found out.

    The premise of the movie is not bad; a fanatical Russian military man (Christopher Lee) builds a nuclear bomb and tries to detonate it, on a train bound for Iran, to trigger a military resurrection of the former Soviet Union. Of course, an elite team of United Nations commandos (Patrick Stewart, Pierce Brosnan and Alexandra Paul) tries to stop the train before ultimate fireworks show takes place. Maybe not the most original storyline for an action/adventure movie, but it had some potential.

    Unfortunately, not even this cast could make up for the horrible script `Detonator' offers. This is not the first script David Jackson has written, but it sure seems like it. In fact, the dialog is so dry and uninspired, that the chemistry one would expect between actors of this caliber is absolutely non-existent; which makes this movie boring, and a real disappointment.
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    TV thriller made in the early ninties starring heavyweights such as "Pierce Brosnan" desperate for a Bond type actionner (yet can't seem to handle any action sequence), Christopher Lee (in perhaps his most boring role ever) and Patrick Stewart (who appears to be doing this for the money).

    Chris Lee is funding the transportation of a nuclear warhead to Iraq so that he can lead the Russians to re-claim the warhead by conquering Iraq (despite the fact that Russia were in league with Iraqis anyway - that's why the US funded Iraq's leadership at the time with chemical weaponary, etc).

    The plot is paperthin, I still don't understand why the a-bomb has to be transported via train. I don't understand how doing a "media" job will allow Chris Lee's "Iron" man of Russia to become a leader for Russia.

    The train also keeps stopping, the SWAT team are silly and there are too many breaks for obilitary adverts for Coca-Cola or Pepsi, or whatever the hell that Baywatch lady drinks.

    Its too long, too boring and annoying.

    Overall: 1/10.
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    As a TV film from the early 90's, this is probably the best what you can get. It has some very good and famous actors such as Pierce Brosnan, Patrick Stewart and Cristopher Lee, names you won't easily find from a such movie. The story is about a nuclear weapon being transported on a hijacked train by a mercenary group. Their destination is Iraq. A special task force, UNACO is sent to stop them. The team makes several attempts to succeed, meaning the film has lot of action. Pierce Brosnan fits perfectly for the hero's Bond like role and Cristopher Lee isn't bad at all as a rogue general. Maybe not worth of buying but definitely worth of seeing. I'll give it seven out of ten.
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    Here are my suggestions for the cartoon bubbles over the actors heads that showed what they were really thinking at the time:

    Pierce Brosnan: "My God, what am I doing in this piece of garbage"?

    Patrick Stewart: "Where am I? This isn't a starship".

    Miss ex-Babewatch: "Why won't anyone take me seriously? Mine aren't as big as Pamela's. See?"

    What a dreadful piece of crap. No wonder Alistair Maclean didn't want anything to do with it.
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    elegant stranger

    Anyone watching this film because Alistair Maclean's name is on it will be sorely let down. A weak plot involving stolen nukes is nothing you haven't seen before, done better. Some of the acting (Brosnan, Stewart and Paul) is good, but Ted Levine is simply laughable as the secondary antagonist. His silly redneck character weakens any threat to his scenes with Brosnan. The venerable Christopher Lee is rather miscast as an evil Russian mastermind.

    Action scenes and photography are OK, but the editing, music and direction are dull. I also found it funny that it is some sort of UN team that goes after the nukes, where in real life it would be the Navy Seals or Delta Force that would be sent to deal with this train (and would certainly do a better job).
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    A long boring train ride is all that the movie has to offer. It's all about eliminating a nuclear bomb and when the team finally succeeds in doing so and then discovers a second device, the viewer has a feeling of "Oh, No! Not all over again!" The action scenes are repetitive and not convincing at all. Pierce Brosnan is his usual arrogant self and the rest of the cast just "act" as if they believe in the plot.Very disappointing movie. Action alone for the sake of entertainment and which is not based on a coherent or acceptable plot never succeeds in really thrilling an audience and many producers and directors these days seem to consider movies as a cheap form of animation for so-called adults.
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    i sort of liked this's about a crack team of government agents who must stop a madman who has hijacked a freight train and holds some of the crew hostage.complicating matters is that there is a nuclear bomb on board.that sounds like many other movies.and it is true,the premise is very familiar.the only difference here is that this movie is much more realistic.there not a lot of death defying stunts which strain believability.also,the characters act more like they would in this kind of situation.the bad guys are smarter than normal,usually a step ahead of the good guys.the good guys are more like real human beings.they make mistakes that you believe could really be made.they're not super human.i thought the cast was good for this have some really good actors here.Patrick Stewart is the head honcho of the agency,while Pierce Brosnan and Alexandra Paul are the two main agents.Ted Levine is the crazy in this one,along with Christopher Lee.i've always liked Patrick Stewart and Pierce Brosnan. both are very credible in their roles.but Alexandra Paul really impressed me here.i also liked the fact that her character was a strong woman,not a damsel in distress.the supporting cast was also very good.i also think the way they depicted events had some realism.i think the same thing could happen the same way in real life.having said all that,i have to say the movie was pretty slow,not quite too slow to watch,but pretty close.that's really the only complaint i have about the film.otherwise i didn't find too much wrong with it.that one little problem lowers the rating a bit though,from my point of view.for me "death Train" AKA "Detonator" is a 6/10
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    With such a strong cast, one would like to assume that the movie would be good. However, lame is the word that comes to mind. I am surprised Brosnan would do such a poor film. The story itself was great, but the screen writer/directs and whoever else is ultimately responsible should be shot. I will admit that I watched the entire movie, because I never gave up hope that it would get better. It reminds me of Segal movies, all of which seem to follow this line of thinking, which does not seem to be completely developed! Shame on Patrick Stewart as well. Another fine actor who was tarnished by this movie. I can only hope that some or all of these actors were fulfilling some type of contractual agreements to participate in this film.
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    The Death Train is a part political thriller/Hostage drama that balances the mix very well on both terms. General Konstantin Benin is a Russian Commander who desires the rebirth of Mother Russia, and the only way to do this is to deliver a bomb to Saddam Hussein by rail from Hamburg (Or somewhere in Deutschland) to the heart of Iraq. Benin Hires Alex Tierney, an American mercenary to deliver this Nuclear warhead, but he must do this via a train full of hostages. Trying to stop him is NATO Puppet master Malcolm Philpott and his Lackeys, Rugged hero Mike Graham and Green Sabrina Carver.

    You might think at first that this film is resolved in patches of messy violent; this is simply not the case. It certainly isn't very violent and there are few tense shootouts that may actually put people off at first. There is also pretty decent directing, too. The scene where Benin turns away from the phone booth reminded me of The Exorcist, the Silence of the lambs and Ronin all in one go. Of course the movie does end in violence and actually ends on a poor high. The final action sequence is a real letdown unfortunately. As the movie goes on, most of the bad guys all end up getting shot dead by Sabrina for some reason. It would have been better to see a fight between Tierney and Graham, but that's that. And besides that would have put this film into B-List Jet Li Territory.

    The characters are quite well developed really. Mike Graham is your typical action type, played by a rather bland Pierce Brosnan in his pre Bond Years. It's good that he got rid of his sasquatch style from the Lawnmower man. Patrick Stewart is good as Philpott, the head of the NATO operation and Alexandra Paul is feisty and very sexy as Sabrina. Unfortunately, Christopher Lee, a film ledged is wasted in a surprisingly small role. A little more development of his character would have been nice and Ted Levine who chilled us as The Evil; Buffalo Bill, is decently cast as Tierney but could have been a little more chilling. At the end of the day he couldn't scare a kid.

    As it is, Death Train is a superior cheap movie. It won't win any Oscars but it was nice while it lasted. C+
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    It might have been made for TV but it's certainly not your standard made for TV fodder.

    Firstly let's talk about the cast. Christopher Lee - Movie Superstar of Hammer Films. Patrick Stewart, star of TV, stage and cinema. Pierce Brosnan, Movie Superstar. Alexandra Paul, of TV's Baywatch.

    Ted Levine I thought was someone else, I mistook him for Martin Mull.

    The basic idea is good enough, someone steals some plutonium, builds 2 bombs, put 1 on hijacked train travelling across Europe and involve a rogue Russian General trying to restart the ghosts of the Cold War.

    Christopher Lee plays the rogue Russian General extremely well, you can tell he's playing by his own rules.

    Patrick Stewart is playing a pretty standard role for him here, it's an authority figure in command. Someone had obviously seen him in Star Trek and thought of him for this role. They maybe also saw him in this which made them think of him for X-men.

    Brosnan plays his basic action man role but also has a streak of lovable impish rogue to Alexandra Paul's very straight laced role. We have a Russian traitor in the unit which smacks of hatred for the old enemy, sadly it seems from the US film industry no matter how friendly The West is with The Russians their never far from detecting Reds Under The Bed.

    There's lots of good action, helicopters chasing trains. Defusing bombs. Slightly rubbish mercenaries.

    Overall the film is really good and exceeds the usual fair of Made For TV. Well worth a look if you haven't seen it and stands up to several viewings as well.
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    "Death Train" is not that bad.You can watch it easily but you can't expect anything from this movie.Big stars are joined in this one,such as Pierce Brosnan,Patrick Stewart and Christopher Lee.This movie isn't good but it isn't bad too.Somewhere stuck in the middle.I know the film locations so it's a bit interesting to watch the movie and realize that movie stars of this class where in your country.It's not that usual to see Brosnan,Stewart and Lee in Croatia and I think that they all did good job.Most of them did this because of money but hey isn't that what all people do?I realize that there are lots of mistakes in this movie and that plot is quite stupid but try to turn off for a 90 min. and just watch the movie.It will work,just don't think about reality of the situation because there aren't any.But we've got excellent male actors in this movie and everybody knows about them.But they have to act sometimes in movies like this.5/10
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    Dead Samurai

    Pretty good thriller action about post-Soviet stuff.

    Plot is kinda weak, especially about the former KGB guy (Chris Lee) on his motivation, other than _____.

    Worth watching, could skip ahead 30 minutes.

    As usual, there are several times wherein the good guys could have stopped the bad guys if they were "smarter."

    For example: it's a train! Stop it!

    Regardless, pretty good, and this is before the main actor as James Bond. Pretty good thriller action about post-Soviet stuff.

    Plot is kinda weak, especially about the former KGB guy (Chris Lee) on his motivation, other than _____.

    As usual, there are several times wherein the good guys could have stopped the bad guys.

    For example: it's a train! Stop it!

    Regardless, pretty good, and this is before the main actor as James Bond.

    I think it plays off his character as Rem Steele, but I didn't watch that.

    (I Liked $6M Man & similar) I mostly stopped watching series in the late 80s. I think it plays off his character as Rem Steele, but I didn't watch that.

    (I Liked $6M Man & similar) I mostly stopped watching series in the late 80s.
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    After the collapse of the Soviet Union General Benin wants to make the country great again; to do this he has had two nuclear bombs built in Germany by a local scientist. One of these bombs is placed on a train that has been hijacked by American mercenary Alex Tierney. He intends to take the train through Europe to Turkey then on to Iraq. Malcolm Philpott, head of the United Nations Anti-Crime Organisation, will be responsible for stopping them. He hastily assembles a team including Mike Graham and Sabrina Carver and they fly to Germany where they are joined by two Russians. While Philpott runs the operation the others work to stop the train reaching its destination with its deadly cargo.

    Given that this film was made for television it is surprisingly good and features an impressive cast. Pre-Bond Pierce Brosnan impresses as Mike Graham and Alexandra Paul is solid as Sabrina Carver. Patrick Stewart brings some gravitas as Philpott and Christopher Lee is good as Benin, even if his role isn't as large as it might have been. There is lots of action including shooting, explosions and helicopters tracking the train's movement. There are of course some clichés, most obviously the 'one second to go' defusing of the first bomb. Overall I found this to be a really solid thriller; certainly better than one might expect from something made for TV in the early nineties.
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    This film has a lot going for it: A simple, but nonetheless engaging, plot, cool action sequences and some fantastic casting. Patrick Stewart and Christopher Lee are, it almost goes without saying, superb. Alexandra Paul really should get more lead roles and Ted Levine makes a pretty good bad guy.

    Top marks, though, go to Pierce Brosnan. Despite having to deliver some truly awful dialogue in places he brings the role off to perfection. His "Mike Graham" could be James Bond using a pseudonym (although without the gadgets), and it's no wonder that he went on to become the best Bond so far (and yes I do remember Connery).

    This film rates up there with True Lies and The Rock as one of those films that sort of is a Bond film really, even tho' it isn't.
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    This was a terrible movie. It tried so hard to be good, to be fun at times, dramatic at times, and suspenseful at times. It tried to get bigger actors to help it, but unfortunately, it didn't work. The story is cheesy, and, common to this type of movie, the "bad guy" actor was a terrible pick, which cheapens the movie at all turns. Don't waste your time or money.

    The sequencing of the movie, and some of the sub-plots involved were attempts to make it more interesting, but again, it didn't quite work. It seems like it was a movie from the mid- eighties, when the only action movies worth anything bore the label "007."

    I am currently watching this movie, and, realizing how bad it really is, I could not stand it anymore without telling someone how bad it was.
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    I can't believe how bad this movie was... I feel really sorry for Patrick Stewart and a little less for Bond man Brosnan. For a B movie, I'd say it was decent but I was expecting so much more. Ironically my favourite scene was when Stewart's character asks one of the techs "how's it going?" and the tech forgets his accent. I laughed so hard because it was the only entertainment i must have gotten from the entire movie.
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    This movie is about a train carrying neclear weapons across Europe. The nations of the world try to stop it from delivering it's deadly cargo. It was an OK rental considering it was made for TV. If you like the James Bond of the 1990's(pierce Bronsan), you might like this movie!!Otherwise avoid it unless you are desperate at the video store and cannot find anything to rent!!
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    Late in the evening I was switching chanells on the tube and landed in the middle of a movie which caught my eye. I instantly saw something familiar about the locomotive, the police uniforms and the landscape, so I watched it 'till the end (it was maybe the last half hour of the film if not a bit less). I was very excited to see that renouned actors such as Brosnan, Steward and Lee played along with one of few almost good Slovenian actors (Veselko - the train driver) and that the movie was actually filmed in Slovenia. Doesn't happen very often. I soon realized that the film had quite a low budged (I mean it seemed like they couldn't even wait for Steward to get well, so they had him act with his hand in a cast and he wasn't very good at it), so I could understand the ending being a bit less then spectacular, but I was really wanting to see the whole thing. I was sure that everything leading to that flat ending was much better. I mean with a cast like that... But no! OK, the movie is a B rated action TV flick. I never care much about the visual effects, a good movie doesn't need them, but a movie based on nothing but fast action and with bad acting such as this, it would have nothing but good effects to rely on. There were none. It was a total disappointment. So the only reason I kept watching it was to see how many locations I was able to recognize. Were it not for that local-patriotism I wouldn't have watched it till the end.
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    Oh wow. Movie history is of course not just a treasure chamber.. but sometimes, in the ?1 bargain bin one can find such (unintended) laughing stock like this (and Cassandra Crossing too, which might make a cool double feature - I watched both on consecutive evenings, and had big fun with both).

    A funny unreality is created by mocking up a diesel switcher locomotive and two four-wheeler baggage cars as a "death train" cruising from Bremen to Stuttgart, Zurich, Bolzano, Trieste, Gorizia, Belgrade, and supposedly going all the way to Iraq. Suspend disbelief, geographical and others.. the idea alone that a EuroRail control room in Munich supervises train operations over all that area (with high-res light dots indicating where any train is at the given time) ... the really weird map of the area between Stuttgart and Zurich (where I happen to live, but the map shows Tuttlingen as close to the Rhine, and Swiss border).. the convenient passage between locomotive and train.. or the tunnel scene (replacing removed rail segments on the fly), which struck me as a possible sequel to Buster Keaton's General.. or more. Yes, and there is renowned actors, shooting and dying too. But if you are familiar with railroad geography, they wouldn't even be needed, the factual goofs alone make this a weird, but ultimately pleasing comedy.

    Of course it's low budget, so you don't get finales like the bridge in Cassandra Crossing (or Under Siege 2), the union station breakthrough in Silver Streak, or helicopters in the Chunnel like in Mission Impossible. Still, big fun as ignorant railroad drama, and worth an euro, or even a little more :) And in context of "Night Watch", a different way to watch is to see how the UNACO agents (Brosnan and Paul, who is lovely and strong here) have changed between these two films.
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    "Death Train" is a medium-scale film that works better than many large-scale films in the same genre, because it has some thrilling action sequences, keeps a steady unflagging pace, and doesn't overreach beyond its grasp. A pre-James Bond Pierce Brosnan is a bit bland in the lead, but also has pleasing moments of sarcastic wit. Alexandra Paul is drop-dead gorgeous and surprisingly credible in an action role; the script handles her character in a very progressive manner and she is a vital part of the mission. Patrick Stewart and Christopher Lee are mostly there to add name value and their professionalism (Lee speaks a lot of Russian). The film is executed with a similar professionalism, stays within its limits, and generally delivers the goods. (***)
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    I first watched this movie when I was 15. I saw it at the video store and I thought: Hey! Captain Pickard is in it, so it must be good. Although this is not an Oscar-winning film, it is an interesting film for those that are into movies that have Cold War elements to it. The collection of actors is excellent.

    Some may find the plot of a nuclear bomb on a hijacked train to be an absurd plot since everyone wants to know why the bad guys didn't fly it. If you pay attention to the movie, you are told why. In my opinion, the only thing that this movie lacked was realism, especially with the gunfights. Hey, I have seen worse movies though.

    Overall, I would suggest you buy this movie if you find it. It is not in production anymore, and it is easy to watch with a bag of buttered popcorn. Enjoy:)
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    Well, it's not quite Fantasy Island, but after watching it I can't help but think that the addition of Ricardo Montalban and Herve Villechaize would have made the movie much more enjoyable.

    The movie tries hard, but it's let down by a number of things that just make you tut in annoyance.

    For a start, transporting a nuclear bomb by train? Don't the writers actually do any homework about these things? Let's see, there's a bomb on a train....a nuclear bomb, no less. Hmmm. What should we (the authorities) do about it? I know! Let's allow it to trundle around Europe willy-nilly and not interfere with it, because, after all, it does have a nuclear bomb on board, and we all know that those will go off at the slightest provocation. Bah! In reality a fleet of gunships would blow the living s**t out of the train and they'd worry about the clean-up later. There would be no nuclear explosion. But wait, weren't there hostages? Yeah, right, you think the authorities would give a monkey's ass about a few civilians when they were being threatened with a nuclear inferno?

    It's this kind of stupidity in writing that really irritates me. Let's write a story and not have the characters/authorities do anything remotely resembling what they'd do in real life. Bah!

    Another example...when they track down the second bomb and its being trundled down the runway in an airplane, what do they do? Not shoot out the plane's tires (I'm no expert, but I think it might be hard for a prop aircraft to reach take-off speed with all its tires flat, assuming the undercarriage didn't collapse anyway) Oh no! They attempt to board the plane and tackle the bad guys mano-a-mano. Luckily for them, the bad guys, in addition to having a nuclear bomb on board, have also thoughtfully provided sandbags piled up in neat little mounds that make kind of mini-foxhole-like positions. Perfect for an onboard shoot-out! Bah!

    And, of course, earlier we are treated to one of my pet hates among portrayals of military hardware - the empty rocket pods on the helicopters. Before they even fire one rocket we get a great shot of the helicopter flying towards the camera.....and an equally obvious shot of daylight through the rocket tubes. Would it be so hard to block up the holes? Geez!

    Of course, the "rockets" turn out to be fireworks that, when fired, shoot off in any direction but towards the target. Oh the hilarity!

    There's not much to recommend this movie. It's unrealistic and just silly and nobody has any imagination or common sense worth a damn. Just don't get me started on the ludicrous "let's trap them in a tunnel" scene. That just blew chunks.

    Avoid it if you want to see anything remotely realistic. On the other hand, if you like really lame movies, it's worth a shot.