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On Probation (1912) HD online

On Probation (1912) HD online
Language: English
Category: Movie / Drama / Short
Original Title: On Probation
Released: 1912
Video type: Movie
An old widower has a little granddaughter, and he earnestly desires that she should grow up to be a wealthy woman. His only other near relatives were his sister and his son. His sister was married, and with boy of her own, while his son was not naturally vicious but was lazy and shiftless. It was destined that one of them should be the guardian of the tiny girl, and it seemed an easy matter to settle. The sister lavished affection upon her little niece. So the old man made his will, just before starting on his yacht to look after some business affairs. The captain of the vessel broke the news to his family that the millionaire had been washed overboard and drowned at sea. His will was opened and read. It made the sister the executrix of his estate, which was to be held in trust for five years. At the end of that time, the son, "if he had committed no dishonest act," was to receive one half, the sister the other. Should the boy misconduct himself, everything went to the sister, who was...
Cast overview:
Marie Eline Marie Eline - The Orphan Granddaughter
Justus D. Barnes Justus D. Barnes - The Rich Old Widower
Leland Benham Leland Benham
James Cruze James Cruze
Joseph Graybill Joseph Graybill - The Younger Brother
Viola Alberti Viola Alberti - The Wife

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    A very satisfying melodrama, a bit overdrawn (that is, it might have been a bit more effective if it had been toned down in the acting) but just as it is, it is sure to please. There was the rich grandfather, his little orphan grandchild (the Thanhouser Kid), a not very energetic brother, and a sister with her husband and little boy. The old man made a will, then went on a journey and it was reported that he was lost at sea. The will provided for the grandchild and then divided the rest of the estate between the brother and sister, leaving the brother on probation. The old man wasn't dead; but was watching and saw the poor kid treated like a step-child by both parents, and the brother made to seem dishonest so that the sister could inherit the whole estate. At the critical moment he reappears and things are straightened out to suit everybody except the evildoers. The photographs are good, the story is kept lively and the picture, which is not quite a safe feature, will serve excellently well in almost any bill. - The Moving Picture World, February 10, 1912