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Reel (2013) HD online

Reel (2013) HD online
Language: English
Category: Movie / Short / Drama
Original Title: Reel
Director: Jens Choong
Writers: Jens Choong
Released: 2013
Duration: 13min
Video type: Movie
It is the last day before Victor has to move to another city with his parents. So he and his best friend Robert do all the things they liked to do together so much: skateboarding, spraying, hanging out. But something is different this time.
Cast overview:
Fanny Ketter Fanny Ketter - Robert
Toft Hervén Toft Hervén - Victor
Norin Lindgren Norin Lindgren - Anton
Madeline Mofjärd Madeline Mofjärd - Anna
Emelie Fahlman Emelie Fahlman - Skater
Hilda Nestander Hilda Nestander - Skater
Inga Tolocka Inga Tolocka - Skater
Cecilia Rännar Cecilia Rännar - Skater
Olivia Kavita Grahn Olivia Kavita Grahn - Skater
Amelie Wedman Amelie Wedman - Skater
Elsa Wahlstrom Elsa Wahlstrom - Skater
Linnea Wallsson Linnea Wallsson - Skater
Nora Karlsson Nora Karlsson - Skater
Bea Lidgren Bea Lidgren - Skater
Barbro Jonsson Barbro Jonsson - Girl with Dog

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    The delicacy represents the basic virtue of this touching portrait of friendship. Ordinary aspects of teenagers. The last day together. A kiss. And the morning after. The cinematography, performances, story are impecable. Pieces of inspired exploration of the universe of unique age.