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The Traveling Show  HD online
Language: English
Category: Movie / Short / Drama
Original Title: The Traveling Show
Director: Elena Quaranta
Writers: Elena Quaranta
Video type: Movie
The Traveling Show is set in a desolate future, where the Hematotal outbreak requires everyone to take Chava Capsules daily to maintain their existence. A band of young traveling magicians employed by R.I.D.D., use the cover of carnivals to steal and secretly scan people. They report their findings, either of red scans or green scans, back to R.I.D.D. The boys have only ever scanned reds, but at Wither Wood Carnival, Roaric the second in command, scans Gabrielle, the boy's first green. The boys are instructed to kidnap her and bring her back to R.I.D.D.
Cast overview, first billed only:
Daniel Cooper Ellis Daniel Cooper Ellis - Roaric
Jenae Bartlow Jenae Bartlow - Gabrielle
Eli Perdew Eli Perdew - Chief
Carrington Crossland Carrington Crossland - Swifty
Tyler Burnett Tyler Burnett - Zed Walker
David Dow David Dow - Junior
Steven Smith Steven Smith - Spider
Aden Gerling Aden Gerling - Little Roaric
Ron Herbert Ron Herbert - Clerk
Emily Coleman Emily Coleman - Mother
Elijah Fields Elijah Fields - Surge
Chad Rogers Chad Rogers - Zye
Luke Blevins Luke Blevins - Surge's Crew Member 1
Robel Howard Robel Howard - Surge's Crew Member 2
Kevin Harris Kevin Harris - Surge's Crew Member 3