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Di ambang misteri (2004) HD online

Di ambang misteri (2004) HD online
Language: English
Category: Movie / Horror / Mystery / Thriller
Original Title: Di ambang misteri
Director: Silver Chung
Released: 2004
Budget: MYR 1,500,000
Duration: 1h 35min
Video type: Movie
Natasha is a TV host assigned to cover the mysterious happenings on Pulau Indah Kayangan. Together with her crew, Adam and Dino, they explore the island, which was solely inhabited by local tribes until a big company decides to develop it as a tourist attraction. Upon arrival at the island, they are met by a handsome but mysterious young man named Cook who has been assigned as their guide on the island. As Cook takes them around the island to start their investigation, they start to experience frightful ghostly visions and witness horrific murders on the island. Difficulties and challenges continue to mount as the aborigines on the island also start to get aggressive and hostile towards their presence. As they struggle with the mysterious findings and hostile environment, they must quickly determine if they are being led further from sanity or closer to the truth.
Cast overview:
Elaine Daly Elaine Daly - Natasha
Zamarul Hisham Zamarul Hisham - Cook
Tony Eusoff Tony Eusoff - Adam
Raja Azery Raja Azery - Dino
Pekin Ibrahim Pekin Ibrahim - Vic