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Twee dromen (2004) HD online

Twee dromen (2004) HD online
Language: English
Category: Movie / Drama / Comedy
Original Title: Twee dromen
Director: Arend Steenbergen
Writers: Arend Steenbergen
Released: 2004
Budget: €225,000
Duration: 40min
Video type: Movie
A man finds himself naked in a concerthall full of people. He knows he must be dreaming. He runs and meets a naked woman. She isn't just another person in his dream, she is real, just as much as he is. Somehow they must be sharing the same dream. What do a man and a woman, who are in the same dream, do together? First they try to find clothes...
Credited cast:
Fenna Ebbinge Fenna Ebbinge - God
Bas Keijzer Bas Keijzer - Conducteur
Maria Kraakman Maria Kraakman - Heleen Delveaux
Annet Malherbe Annet Malherbe - Garderobedame
Jeroen Spitzenberger Jeroen Spitzenberger - Jacek Podborski
Sabrina van Halderen Sabrina van Halderen - Garderobedame

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    Lovely. A word defining this short film in profound sense. A woman and a man, prisoners in a dream. Or few dreams, like a sort of matryoshka. The acting, the plot, the end as answer - all are more than beautiful. Maybe, the most inspired detail is the young girl performing God. Crumbs from Kafka and surrealism. And the right geography of dream who does the film not only coherent but profound convincing.