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Star Trek: Deep Space Nine For the Cause (1993–1999) HD online

Star Trek: Deep Space Nine For the Cause (1993–1999) HD online
Language: English
Category: TV Episode / Action / Adventure / Drama / Sci-Fi
Original Title: For the Cause
Director: James L. Conway
Writers: Gene Roddenberry,Rick Berman
Released: 1993–1999
Duration: 46min
Video type: TV Episode
As Deep Space Nine awaits the arrival of equipment for the Cardassian government, Sisko fears the Maquis might do something about it and increases security. Eddington and Odo have an unpleasant message for him; they suspect Kasidy Yates is involved in smuggling for the Maquis. Meanwhile, Garak can't keep his eyes of Ziyal, and she returns his looks every time. Garak is still wary, though, as she's the daughter of his archenemy, Dukat, and under the protection of Kira, who isn't too fond of the tailor either.
Episode cast overview:
Avery Brooks Avery Brooks - Captain Sisko
Rene Auberjonois Rene Auberjonois - Odo
Michael Dorn Michael Dorn - Lt. Commander Worf
Terry Farrell Terry Farrell - Lt. Commander Dax
Cirroc Lofton Cirroc Lofton - Jake Sisko
Colm Meaney Colm Meaney - Chief O'Brien
Armin Shimerman Armin Shimerman - Quark
Alexander Siddig Alexander Siddig - Doctor Bashir
Nana Visitor Nana Visitor - Major Kira
Penny Johnson Jerald Penny Johnson Jerald - Kasidy Yates (as Penny Johnson)
Ken Marshall Ken Marshall - Michael Eddington (as Kenneth Marshall)
Tracy Middendorf Tracy Middendorf - Ziyal
John Prosky John Prosky - Brathaw
Steven Vincent Leigh Steven Vincent Leigh - Lt. Reese
Andrew Robinson Andrew Robinson - Garak

This is Tracy Middendorf's only appearance as Tora Ziyal in the series. The role was first played by Cyia Batten in Star Trek: Deep Space Nine: Indiscretion (1995) and Star Trek: Deep Space Nine: Return to Grace (1996). In Star Trek: Deep Space Nine: In Purgatory's Shadow (1997), Melanie Smith assumed the role and appeared five more times.

It is revealed the origins of Garak and Gul Dukats hatred for each other: Garak tortured and killed Dukats father.

First on-screen appearance of the Bajoran game of Springball.

In the opening scene, part of Sisko's "pillow talk" with Yates includes his description of himself as a Starfleet captain as a "paragon of virtue". This same phrase, also used to describe a Starfleet captain, was used in the original series, in "Mudd's Women".

Ziyal mentions her grandfather, Dukat's father, who was previously mentioned in the season three episode "Civil Defense", where it is implied that he and Garak knew one another.

Among the clothes seen in Garak's tailor shop is the costume worn by Martus Mazur in "Rivals".

This takes place in 2372.

This is the first time in which Michael Eddington shows his true colors.

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    When the show begins, you learn that some replicators are being secretly sent to the Cardassians by the Federation. Commander Eddington and Odo also approach Captain Sisko with a problem. They think that there's a good chance that Sisko's girlfriend, Kasidy Yates, is working with the Maquis*. But Sisko isn't about to just accuse her and he and his folks keep tabs on her and her space voyages. However, it turns out that this is all a ruse--and Eddington has ulterior motives. But what exactly is he up to?!

    In addition to this plot, Mr. Garak has taken time away from his bromance with Dr. Bashir to may a lot of attention to Dukat's daughter, Ziyal. But this relationship, if there is one, is obviously fraught with problems since Dukat and Garak are sworn enemies.

    Overall, this is a pretty exciting episode--mostly because it isn't stuck on DS9. Unfortunately, Eddington's behaviors were telegraphed in many ways, so none of this came as a huge shock--he obviously was never intended as a regular or one of the 'good guys'--a serious weakness of the show.

    *Oddly, near the beginning of the show when Worf talks about the Maquis, he refers to them as the 'Marquis'.
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    When Odo and Commander Eddington inform Captain Sisko that his girlfriend Kasidy Yates is suspected of smuggling supplies to the Marquis he is disbelieving. However there is enough circumstantial evidence so he agrees to let all departing ships be searched. When Odo goes to search her ship Kasidy tells the Captain that she must be allowed to go as she is transporting medical supplies to a race who insist on punctuality. The captains lets her go but without telling her he dispatches the Defiant to follow her. As feared she deviates from her course and transports her cargo to a Marquis raider in the badlands. Sisko decides to personally follow her on her next run to catch her in the act and establish what she is giving to the Marquis. While doing this he leaves Commander Eddington in charge of the station so he can supervise the shipment of some industrial transporters to the Cardassians. Once again Kasidy goes into the Badlands but no Marquis come to meet her; after waiting to see what will happen the Captain realises it has all been a distraction to keep him away from the station. When he gets back he discovers that Eddington was working for the Marquis and the transporters have been stolen. In a secondary story Garak is getting closer to Dukat's daughter Ziyal even though he suspects her interest in him might be so she can do him harm and Major Kira has warned him to keep clear of her.

    This was a pretty good episode with a couple of surprises, I didn't expect Kasidy would have been smuggling to the Marquis nor did I expect semi-regular character Eddington to turn out to be a traitor. The secondary story was enjoyable, Andrew Robinson's Garak is always fun, especially when he is being paranoid and Tracy Middendorf put in a good performance as Ziyal, making her a likable character.