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Andrea (2005) HD online

Andrea (2005) HD online
Language: English
Category: Movie / Horror / Thriller
Original Title: Andrea
Director: Rogert Bencosme
Released: 2005
Budget: $225,000
Duration: 1h 50min
Video type: Movie
Based on a true story in the Dominican Republic, Andrea, a young girl unleashes a spirit after removing a cross on a sacred holy ground cemetery. The spirit terrorizes Andrea and her family. The past history of the family is the key to the spirits terror on the family and Andrea. Andrea's family, witch doctors, and spiritual healers battle the spirit in attempts to return to a normal life.
Credited cast:
Frankeli Bencosme Frankeli Bencosme - Detective
Priamo A. Bencosmo Priamo A. Bencosmo - Nombre 2 en la cementerio
Anny Ferreiras Anny Ferreiras - Andrea (as Any Ferreiras)
Anthony Ferreiras Anthony Ferreiras - Virgilio (joven)
Esteban Ferreiras Esteban Ferreiras - Dr. Fermin
Farah E. Ferreiras Farah E. Ferreiras - Crystal
Karlos Ferreiras Karlos Ferreiras - El Nino
Elvira Grullón Elvira Grullón - Flora
Yuri J. Martinez Yuri J. Martinez - El Mudo
Miguel Ángel Martínez Miguel Ángel Martínez - Rene (as Miguel A. Martínez)
Robin Mendez Robin Mendez - Nombre 1 en la cementerio
Laura Amelia Negia Laura Amelia Negia - Asistente de Babu
Hensy Pichardo Hensy Pichardo - Manuel (as Henssy Pichardo)
Belkys Pineda Belkys Pineda - Carmela
Ubaldo Sandoval Ubaldo Sandoval - Babu (as Ubaldo Sandevel)

Reviews: [4]

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    Andrea is an horror film about a girl that stoled a cross in a cemetery for her mom tomb, because it did not have one, but the cross that the little girl stoled it belongs to the tomb of a suicidal, then the spirit raised of the tomb and possessed the girl, so they have to look for a sorcerer to make an exorcism of the spirit that is now trying to kill the entire family, because the spirit belongs to a guy that committed suicidal years ago cause the grandmother of Andrea rejected him to be her boyfriend.

    Another interesting thing about this movie is the fact that it supposed to be an horror movie, but most people used to laugh because the funny acting as the "taxi driver", but i don't know if it going to have the same effect on others countries because it's about the way he used to talk, it's like "slang Spanish".

    This movie started a revolution on film industry in the Dominican Republic, Andrea fulfilled all theaters in the country for two months.

    Andrea won the Audience Awards on 2005 NY New York International Independent Film & Video Festival The movie cast are all newcomers, their acting was mediocre and the ending too that cost two stars of the movie.
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    This movie is shot excellently with good suspense and intensity. The filmmakers throw in a nice amount of comedy and all-around fun, as well. The characters are well cast and play their parts convincingly. In accordance with any acceptable horror film, there is a bit of (over)drama to remind you that you haven't signed up to watch some epic, moving tale. Filmed on location, the viewer is treated to beautiful spans of Dominican country and culture. Considering this whole film is done with one camera, the direction is superb. Especially impressive, is the lighting of scenes shot outside at night. Many Hollywood movie makers don't bother to shoot much at night anymore because it's difficult and can be very costly, instead opting for staged darkness on set. This is an especially fun feature of the independently done film. Highly Recommended. Spanish w/ English subtitles.
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    Fast Lovebird

    Manuel is returning to a small village in the Dominican Republic after some time living out of the country. A skeptic, he is unaware of what is about to happen to his family -- namely his young daughter Andrea. A trip to a cemetery in which she removes the cross from someone's grave unleashes a vengeful spirit bent on torture and mayhem upon her while revealing some hidden family secrets.

    Not a bad concept in more ways than one, but this is a terrible film. It's as if the director and/or the writers had clumped together all of the clichés of other, more successful horror films and decided that this would be the key to its success. Snippets from THE EXORCIST, SERPENT AND THE RAINBOW, EVIL DEAD, ANGEL HEART, and THE RING, peek through for anyone who's seen them. But that's not too bad, really... films borrow from other films, it's just that it's done badly. There isn't a single performance that doesn't look like either it belonged in a sketch comedy or looked as if the actor was reading a teleprompter. Dominican Republic, a country of great beauty, could have set the stage for a great atmospheric film filled with the santeria folklore legend but remains wasted in cheese and overdone shock tactics, many which misfire. Anachronisms (the inclusion of yellow cabs) will only be noticed by a Dominican audience who knows they aren't used there and this will also take away even more authenticity. The revelation of a family secret which takes the story on a left turn, while interesting, remains stiff. The late addition of humor into the mix in order to lighten the mood works against it even more, especially near the end where scenes which are supposedly telling the main characters' final confrontation with the tortured spirit is not only un-scary but unintentionally funny. And then the running time: at 110 minutes the film seemed to stretch and stretch into forever... it took willpower for me to sit through it -- and I had come to it with an extremely open mind. A wasted opportunity, but Dominican cinema has to start somewhere and at least there is an honest intention to create something, even if didn't work.
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    This film is a very low budget account of a rather hackneyed ghost story. The special effects are primitive, the acting is generally amateurish and there are quite a few holes in the plot. The story has elements of soap opera and dialog appropriate to a soap opera is incongruously inserted into some of the action scenes. Frankly, I find it difficult to imagine a viewer effecting a suspension of disbelief thorough enough to take this story seriously. However, although it is clearly not meant to be outright parody, its clumsiness achieves a certain unintended humour at times. For all my dismay at its shortcomings, I have to say it held my interest, although it definitely wouldn't bear a second viewing well.