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Sorceress II: The Temptress (1997) HD online

Sorceress II: The Temptress (1997) HD online
Language: English
Category: Movie / Horror / Thriller
Original Title: Sorceress II: The Temptress
Director: Richard Styles
Writers: Richard Styles
Released: 1997
Duration: 1h 22min
Video type: Movie
Paul is transported to a mysterious world where he is surrounded by strange and beautiful women, led by Tara. She initiates him into their world of bizarre erotic rituals; however, she and her minions are actually practitioners of black magic who are trying to snare his soul through their sexual mischief. Will he realize the evil he has fallen into before it is too late?
Cast overview, first billed only:
Julie Strain Julie Strain - Tara
Greg Wrangler Greg Wrangler - Paul Stevens
Sandahl Bergman Sandahl Bergman - Virginia
Julie K. Smith Julie K. Smith - Katlin
Jenna Bair Jenna Bair - Noella
Lynn Daly Lynn Daly - Rachel
Christian Noble Christian Noble - Deacon
John Henry Richardson John Henry Richardson - Doctor Condon (as Jay Richardson)
Michael Andrews Michael Andrews - Bob
Vinnie Ceceliano Vinnie Ceceliano - Sarah
Beth Richards Beth Richards - Janet Stevens
Marshal Hilton Marshal Hilton - Zoran
Michael Jay Michael Jay - Sean O'Grady
Katherine Ann McGregor Katherine Ann McGregor - Maryanna (as Katherine McGregor)
Paige Trent Paige Trent - Defecting Witch

A third installment had been originally planned for the Sorceress series. At the end of the final credits, it reads: COMING SOON "SORCERESS III: THE SWEET SPELL OF SUCCESS"

The footage of Tara at the beginning and at the end of the film is actually just stock footage from similar scenes with _Julie Strain_ from the previous Колдунья (1995).

Jim Wynorski: who was also the director of the original Колдунья (1995) makes a cameo at the beginning of the film as the agent in the car who is killed by Tara.

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    This flick got me in a bad mood right from the start: the opening scene is identical to that of the first "Sorceress" - to the extent of lifting most of its footage! It's a very lazy way to start your film. Later on, there is one well-done sequence of a car out of control in a highway, crashing into other cars and getting crashed by them; and there are some beautiful women to look at (none of the standards of Kristina Ducati from the original though - only Lynn Daly comes close); apart from these points, "Sorceress II" has little of value to offer. The story is murky, the special effects battles are schlocky (I still wonder why people who are capable of shooting magical rays from their hands would engage in contact fighting), and apparently someone thought it would be a good idea to repeat the first film's APPALLING ending (again, lifting some of its footage), dropping the grade of this film even further, to a * out of 4.
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    I bought this DVD for ten bucks. It has Julie Strain on the cover in front of a raging fire wearing some sort of Spider-woman lingerie. The cover says, "Her powers will keep you up all night." What a temptress. I had seen the first "Sorceress" and enjoyed it. Well, I enjoyed the one scene where Strain has sex with two other women. Looking on the back cover of this DVD, I saw Strain standing in between two hot women. One of the other women was Julie Smith. I had seen Smith in a Penthouse swimsuit video, ("Life is a beach! Life is a party!"), and couldn't wait to see what kind of spell she could put on Strain. Two large breasted Julies...together at last! You thinking what I'm thinking?

    Well, I suffered through this one up to the point where the main hero tells a story of when he fell in love with a young nun who was teaching him at school. This is what we call a "mood killer". After that pointless scene, I fast forwarded through the rest of the movie. So our hero is dragged up to Coventry, CA to run the marketing dept. of a demonic cosmetics company and no one cares. Let's talk about something important. Let's talk about the sex.

    Julie Strain and Julie Smith get naked. Julie Strain is always a pleasure to see naked but Smith really stole the show in this one. She is one hot bouncing breast party. I will have to find some more Julie Smith action. Also, Strain and Smith both have sex with guys under red and blue strobe lights. These are supposed to be nightmare's the main hero is having but I don't see anything nightmarish about them at all. They would be more like "dream come true" scenes.

    This all leads to the supposed highlight of the movie. The three Witchy Women, (Strain, Smith and another blond), all get naked in a gazebo. They're squirming around naked but there is no sex. *Sniff* *Sniff* Tears are falling! Smith does make a play for Strain's breasts but other than that the scene was a huge letdown. This misfire of a three-way kills any merit "Sorceress II" may have had. I can handle bad acting, bad editing and everything else that's bad but to screw up a Julie Strain three-way is unforgivable. 3/10.
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    This is probably one of the worst movies ever made. Eliminate the scenes with the girls and it is far and away the WORST movie ever to crawl out of a camera.

    Now this is a MUST see for film students on how NOT to make a movie.

    1) Watch the dialogue. This movie has enough dialogue for four movies and it is thoroughly unnecessary. Movies are about MOVEment, action, pretty pics and scenes - dialogue is only necessary to set up the action. Take this movie's script and cut out 75% of the dialogue.

    2) You paid for hot chicks... USE THEM! Find a way to advance the plot while the girls are putting suntan lotion on each other or helping get each other ready. Having characters just stand around jaw-jacking is inexcusably stupid.

    3) PAY for an actor! I don't know where they got this guy but he was NO actor! Even a dumb, campy movie can be sunk with poor acting and seeing as the majority of the action seems to come from this dweeb - why would you hire a non-actor?

    4) Realism is important. In one scene, Julie Smith does an incredible strip tease in front of El Dorko ending up on his bed with her legs up. He rolls his eyes and says "Maybe some other time." My wife and I couldn't stop laughing - it was probably one of the dumbest things we'd ever heard!

    5) Now this is important: Make the box FIRST then look at it and think. Hmmmm... people want to watch a movie like we have on the box - let's do THAT one!

    Seriously - I have no clue how the producer managed to pay for Julie Smith, Julie Strain and yet had no money for a script or male actor.
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    Warning: Spoilers Ahead

    It is often stated that no one actually plans to make a terrible movie. But with that statement in mind, whoever backed this should be shot. The producers probably thought,"Heck, we have Julie Strain. She's NAKED. She's a former Penthouse Pet, which means she'll be NAKED. People will pay just to see her NAKED. Did we mention that she'll be NAKED?"

    Try, as I may, to be objective, this movie stinks. From a non-existent plot to poor portrayal of roles, its no wonder that most people will not have heard about the participants in this movie, except for Julie Strain of course. Oh, and don't forget Sandahl Bergman. Some of the conversations between the actors/actresses are simply laughable.

    Our protagonist (Greg Wrangler) has problems with his erotic dreams every night, and seeks to find the root of his "problem". The key to his answers lies with the witchcraft practicing Julie, who conducts bizarre rituals to haunt our hero.

    With help from good witch (Bergman), he attempts to rid himself of the evil in a climatic battle between the forces of good and bad, located conveniently in a cemetery. All of this is done with a miniscule budget, explaining the quality of the "special effects" used.

    Overall, a very forgettable movie. If you are looking for a horror movie to scare the wits out of you, do stay clear of this. However, if the sight of NAKED women turns you on like there's no tomorrow, you'll be pretty satisfied with this effort. 10/10 for nudity. 3/10 for plot and acting ability.
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    Paul (Greg Wrangler) is recruited by a coven of witches to market their beauty products with a pentagram logo. The witches believe in black magic, enhancements, and lack of clothes. The film opens with Julie Strain nude and ends with all three witches nude rubbing their bodies together. Plot is explained at 67 minutes if you care. This is not connected to Sorceress other than the fact Julie Strain was in it as a different character.

    Ample sex and nudity (Julie Strain, Julie K. Smith, Jenna Bair, Trasy Broussard) 7 stars for the nudity. Acting and plot was bad.