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The Dick Van Dyke Show One Angry Man (1961–1966) HD online

The Dick Van Dyke Show One Angry Man (1961–1966) HD online
Language: English
Category: TV Episode / Comedy / Family
Original Title: One Angry Man
Director: John Rich
Writers: Leo Solomon,Ben Gershman
Released: 1961–1966
Duration: 30min
Video type: TV Episode
Rob has been called in for jury duty and he somewhat relishes the prospect, if only to get out of writing this week's problematic script. Rob He's called to duty as jury foreman for the case of Marla Hendrix, a beautiful but not-so-bright former exotic dancer accused of diamond smuggling. Rob finds her attractive, which is obvious to everyone in the courtroom--including Laura, of whose presence Rob is unaware. She thinks he should resign from the jury, feeling that he's no longer impartial, but he soldiers on with his civic duty, much to the dismay of 11 other jurors who disagree with his vote of innocence. Will he be able to convince the others of her innocence and that he's not in love with her?
Episode cast overview:
Dick Van Dyke Dick Van Dyke - Rob Petrie
Rose Marie Rose Marie - Sally Rogers
Morey Amsterdam Morey Amsterdam - Buddy Sorrell
Mary Tyler Moore Mary Tyler Moore - Laura Petrie
Larry Mathews Larry Mathews - Ritchie Petrie (credit only)
Patsy Kelly Patsy Kelly - Third Juror
Herbie Faye Herbie Faye - Cabby Man Juror
Lee Bergere Lee Bergere - Mr. Mason
Dabbs Greer Dabbs Greer - Mr. Berger
Herb Vigran Herb Vigran - First Juror
Doodles Weaver Doodles Weaver - Bailiff
Howard Wendell Howard Wendell - Judge George M. Tyler
Sue Ane Langdon Sue Ane Langdon - Marla Hendrix

The judge in the episode, George M. Tyler, was named after Mary Tyler Moore's father.

The opposing attorneys in the case Rob serves as the foreman of the jury for are named Mason and Berger, a reference to the contemporary Perry Mason TV show on which defense attorney Perry Mason was opposed each week by District Attorney Hamilton Burger.

The title is based on the movie Douze hommes en colère (1957).

It's learned that Rob's middle name is Simpson.

Ted Lewis was a singer that helped make the song "Me and My Shadow" famous. He's mentioned by the cabby, along with Lewis' catchphrase, "Is everybody happy?", because Rob insists there is a "shadow of a doubt".

Buddy, when he senses someone is in trouble (like Rob, when Laura gets a call from Marla Hendricks) , sings, "Doodley-doodley dooo-do-doo!". It is a theme from Franz Schubert's "Erlkönig" (The Elf King). The lyrics are taken from a poem by Johann Wolfgang von Goethe about a child taken from his father by the Elf King and later found dead.