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Language: English
Category: TV Series / Fantasy
Original Title: Bumba
Duration: 5min
Video type: TV Series
Bumba is a Flemish television program for toddlers about a clown who is capable of doing all sorts of antics in the circus with his friends..
Series cast summary:
Jan Maillard Jan Maillard - Bumba 234 episodes, 2004-2014
Jan Van Looveren Jan Van Looveren - Bumbalu 234 episodes, 2004-2014
Marc Peeters Marc Peeters - Verteller 234 episodes, 2004-2014

The show is made with the chroma key technique. Everything is recorded in front of a blue screen. Different backgrounds can be placed over this afterwards.

The show is translated for the German, French (Belgium, Canada) and Spanish market. Originals it was made in Belgium, in the Flemish language.

The figures which are used to record the television show are about 2 meters high. The figures for the Theme parks are smaller so the people can fit in better.

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    My nine=month's old son just loves this. He hardly ever sits still, except for Bumba. He really, really loves it. He even drools a little when it's on television. But I guess that's normal. For a nine=months old.

    The show revolves round a yellow dressed clown and his friends. There's another clown, a bear, a rhino, an elephant, an Asian girl and I think there's a bird somewhere as well. Maybe a monkey. (You can't blame me for not remembering, I hardly watch it)

    They all speak a Dutch=based gibberish language, but sometimes it's proper Dutch, for instance when referring to an apple, a voice will tell the audience of children that it is an apple (appel in Dutch).

    It is all very colourful, and happy. A lot of "funny" sounds and musical instruments are used, and I think that it's a good children's show.