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Sineaters (2012) HD online

Sineaters (2012) HD online
Language: English
Category: Movie / Action / Horror
Original Title: Sineaters
Director: Sean-Michael Argo
Writers: Sean-Michael Argo,Bekah Kelso
Released: 2012
Duration: 1h 30min
Video type: Movie
Sineaters is the story of a lone drifter who has come to the end of a violent and bloody journey. He has the power to consume the sins of evil-doers, and the power to heal with his hands, part faith healer and part gun slinger. He loses the spiritual struggle with the Grim, a manifestation of all the evil he has removed from the world, and is turned against his sineater comrades by the cult known as the Vessels of Wrath. Working with a twisted preacher, Brother Aaron, and a darkly alluring woman who seems to guide the preacher's every decision, the sineater hunts down his friends one by one, as the battle for his soul rages on.
Credited cast:
Debbie Rochon Debbie Rochon - Carpenter
Melantha Blackthorne Melantha Blackthorne - The Grim Lady
Tim O'Hearn Tim O'Hearn - Vaughn
Sean-Michael Argo Sean-Michael Argo - Harris
Scott Sumers Scott Sumers - Saul
Bekah Kelso Bekah Kelso - Booth
Timothy Walton Timothy Walton - Cultist
Taran Ware Taran Ware - Cultist
Roger Johnson Roger Johnson - Cultist
C. Jason Bolton C. Jason Bolton - Brother Aaron
Caleb Shaner Caleb Shaner - Miller
Ryan Loyd Ryan Loyd - Cultist