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Danger 5 Hitler's Golden Murder Palace (2011– ) HD online

Danger 5 Hitler's Golden Murder Palace (2011– ) HD online
Language: English
Category: TV Episode / Action / Adventure / Comedy / Sci-Fi
Original Title: Hitleru0027s Golden Murder Palace
Director: Dario Russo
Writers: Dario Russo,David Ashby
Released: 2011–
Duration: 24min
Video type: TV Episode
The team travels to Morocco to investigate the disappearance of an agent in one of Hitler's casinos.
Episode cast overview, first billed only:
David Ashby David Ashby - Jackson
Aldo Mignone Aldo Mignone - Pierre
Sean James Murphy Sean James Murphy - Tucker
Natasa Ristic Natasa Ristic - Ilsa
Amanda Simons Amanda Simons - Claire
Bobak Bahrami Bobak Bahrami - Nazi Sheik #1 / Jinko
John Blaney John Blaney - Gruber
Anna Cashman Anna Cashman - Rosetta Marconi
Ryan Cortazzo Ryan Cortazzo - Croupier
Michael Crisci Michael Crisci - John Product
Simon Crisci Simon Crisci - Italian Submariner #2
Matt Crook Matt Crook - Nazi Sheik #2
Susanna Dekker Susanna Dekker - Gypsy
Massimo Granchi Massimo Granchi - Italian Sub Captain
Louisa Mignone Louisa Mignone - Voice Artist

The perfect Fruit 'n' Khamun: One part gin, one part pomegranate syrup, fill with pineapple juice, serve over crushed ice.

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    Danger 5 travel to Africa to try and kill Hitler, who has taken up residence in a casino where he is using the gold to manufacture the ultimate gun. Also staying at the casino is Rommel, who just so happens to be Ilsa's ex-husband, and who wants to create a battalion of golden tanks. In order to get close to Hitler, Tucker goes undercover as top card-player John Baccarat, and is invited to play a private game against the Führer.

    Another rather disappointing episode, Hitler's Golden Murder Palace once again fails to deliver in the completely crazy stakes. It all starts off promisingly enough with the hilariously OTT death of agent Gruber, whose head is reduced to a flaming skull when Hitler shoots him, but after that, the episode just doesn't display the level of invention and insanity that I know the show is capable of. Well, that is except for the very ending, where the heroes use their fingers as imaginary guns to defeat Hitler—now THAT WAS stupid!

    My favourite moment: Claire (Amanda Simons) puts on a slinky red number and dark wig to disguise herself as sexy lounge singer Rosetta. One word: wowzer!