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Teleios (2017) HD online
Language: English
Category: Movie / Drama / Sci-Fi
Original Title: Teleios
Director: Ian Truitner
Writers: Ian Truitner
Released: 2017
Budget: $1,000,000
Duration: 1h 29min
Video type: Movie
The crew of the ship Teleios, comprised of genetically modified humans, is sent to retrieve the cargo from a mining ship adrift in deep space. It is suspected the crew brutally killed each other, but the reasons unknown. However, when they investigate the crew of Teleios find there are two survivors, one member of the crew and an artificial life form unit. The memory of the AI unit appears to have been erased and Travis O'Neill refuses to talk. The genetically modified humans are breaking down and learn that the only way to reduce the symptoms is to drink the blood of an unmodified human. The crew discuss the possibility of drinking the blood of the man they believe maybe a serial killer, or may be completely innocent.
Cast overview, first billed only:
Sunny Mabrey Sunny Mabrey - Iris Duncan
Lance Broadway Lance Broadway - Commander Linden
T.J. Hoban T.J. Hoban - Chris Zimmer
Christian Pitre Christian Pitre - Emma Anderson
Mykel Shannon Jenkins Mykel Shannon Jenkins - Doctor Orson
Ursula Mills Ursula Mills - Lulu AH-320
Weetus Cren Weetus Cren - Travis O'Neill
Michael Nouri Michael Nouri - Nordham
John Posey John Posey - Atromitos Captain
Leila Birch Leila Birch - Computer (voice)
Andreas Lyon Andreas Lyon - Crewman Vanderveld
Philip Tan Philip Tan - Crewman Dang
Armando DuBon Jr. Armando DuBon Jr. - Crewman Ramirez
Spencer Stone Spencer Stone - Crewman Jones
Brett Robert Culbert Brett Robert Culbert - Kenny AH-360

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    Without a forum, I cannot reply to review such as below...which is a bit harsh. The movie is a mishmash of 2001, Event Horizon, Lost in Space. Its a better movie story-wise than passengers (2016) with the Hollywood sweethearts JLaw and Pratt. Doesn't have the Hollywood budget unfortunately.

    The mystery was gripping and kept the attention BUT the resolution was a bit weak.

    The Genetic Transformed (GT?) Super Humans of the future are sent to fix the mistakes of a previous human mission to the distance planet. They find a lone Human survivor and artificial person.

    Then everyone, it seems, malfunctions, and ethical dilemmas and decisions have to be made....

    Interesting use of literature from Tolstoy to Sun Tzu....

    "This seems to have started out as a thought-provoking script and devolved into a thoughtless movie, mainly due to the ridiculous costumes that looked like they were created by Project Runway rejects - the poorly sewn dart seams on the voluptuous actresses' costumes were distracting, and the shoulder pads were ill-fitted on the hunky guys' costumes, and let's not forget those high heel booties so necessary on space missions. This looked as if someone decided the acting was going to be so bad that they may as well make a porn, and then forgot the porn."
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    This seems to have started out as a thought-provoking script and devolved into a thoughtless movie, mainly due to the ridiculous costumes that looked like they were created by Project Runway rejects - the poorly sewn dart seams on the voluptuous actresses' costumes were distracting, and the shoulder pads were ill-fitted on the hunky guys' costumes, and let's not forget those high heel booties so necessary on space missions. This looked as if someone decided the acting was going to be so bad that they may as well make a porn, and then forgot the porn.
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    The Sphinx of Driz

    I'm going to review this because I so object to the low, around 3 stars, rating it seems to have gotten. It's a science fiction film, but it's not about killer robots, particularly; it's not about planets or star ships blowing up; it's not about aliens invading the earth. It's a quiet, sort of slow film, that seems to be about one thing and then turns out to be about something else. It's low budget but I don't think that is damaging in the least. The acting isn't bad - it's part of the story. In fact, I will watch for the actors in other work just to see how they do. The story, as I said, seems to be one thing, but then starts to twist and turn to an ending that is quite moving.

    All in all, I'm glad to have stumbled across this.
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    In many ways this movie reminded me about the original Star Trek series. The costumes, the props, the effects, the clichés, the play, and even the way it tries to explore social norms and problems.

    It's definitely a low budget film, so don't expect amazing visuals. It's not an action movie that would hold you on the edge of your seat, either. It's a drama and if you could overlook 1 hour of SciFi clichés, you might come to enjoy it. I certainly did.

    Be warned, the plot does involve 3 different themes, one of which comes out as surprise twist out of nowhere, yet it strangely rhymes with the events on the station. It's not hard to imagine that both are result of the same logic, even though they are completely separate events. In retrospect this twist is probably the reason why I liked this movie and why I would recommend you to watch it.
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    This movie examines some big ethical and moral issues. Any film that quotes Tolstoy and Moliere is for thinkers. It may be sci-fi, acuity is not the best, but really quite good. Questions about eugenics, intellectual property rights, the morality behind life and death decisions, and the emotional weaknesses of humankind make it intellectually interesting. Reviewers who have focused on the costumes are missing the point widely.
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    The crew of the Teleios (perfect) are genetically controlled humans. They awaken after a three year trip to Titan on a rescue mission of the cargo of the Atromitos (fearless) which is supposed to be a carbon based substance that will save our planet. The Atromitos was manned by non-generically controlled humans (regular folks like us). Only one human remains, a junior engineer no one noticed, Travis O'Neill (Weetus Cren) and he is not talking. He has a robot "art" (Ursula Mills) that cares for him and the space station.

    I will give them a pass on the artificial gravity. The film is a mystery that gives out clues sparingly, with the bulk explained at about an hour into the film. The perfect humans begin to experience emotions, something they are not supposed to do. Certainly their clothing was unique with light string collars. The acting was stiff by design which may make it tough to sit through. I enjoyed the film, timely with a message.

    Guide: F-word. Implied sex. No nudity.

    Winner of numerous film festival awards.
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    We were given a preview of Teleios via a German port, and at first, it was rather slow, and dull. But as we continued to watch, the concept of the film got interesting and intriguing.

    In 2015, science on earth can modify human embryos..and this film continues that after 2020 they are commercialized. On 2038, the film states that enhanced humans have been conceived. This film starts in 2047 (just like the film "The Event Horizon").. they send a crew of genetically engineered human beings to investigate what happened to a ship that was to bring back a cargo from Titan (Saturn's largest natural satellite)

    The crew of the ship that never returned has evidence that they were killed by their own people. This film makes the viewer believe that it will go by the mass insanity plot - but it does not quite do this

    The genetically modified crew find a survivor that does not talk, and when their investigation begins, the plot takes a sharp curve to the doings on earth, their genetic engineering, the cargo and a 'artificial person' that remained on board. Near past the mid point, the film's plot goes awry, with entire rescue crew left in balance of life or death. We liked it.
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    Very intelligent. Well acted, well directed, amazing music. The Gwar music joke is nicely inserted.

    I don't understand the bad reviews. i guess we can all have enemies int his work. I would put this film stylistically somewhere between modern TV Sci-Fi (Star Trek,etc) and Passengers, though it is definitely ABOVE television standards.

    It own not a big budget film, but it is TRUE proper Sci-Fi. Very intelligent and thought provoking and nicely quirky in places.

    Well worth the 90 or so minutes of viewing time
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    I saw this film at a festival with modest expectations, but it turned out to be a great surprise. Given its low budget don't expect a ton of action and special effects, but the film makes up for it with strong acting, intrigue and a story that keeps you guessing.

    I think some of the criticism saying it's boring must not be fans of classic Sci-Fi, which were more about atmosphere and making a statement about the future (or potential future) of humanity through the imaginary world of science fiction. For that matter 2001 or Blade Runner could be called dull, because there's long stretches without action. Teleios is dialogue heavy for sure, but it has strong pacing and wait for last 30 minutes when what you thought you knew what was going on gets turned upside down.

    The film was released under the name Beyond the Trek, which is a somewhat erroneous title as it has nothing to do with the Star Trek franchise. Still, if you like Star Trek, particularly the classic stuff, Teleios (Beyond the Trek) is worth a watch.
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    "Teleios" is a new sci-fi film from Ian Truitner and what makes it worth seeing is its budget. Until recently, independent filmmakers would rarely touch sci-fi as the films were quite expensive to make… mostly due to the special effects. However, recent advances with software have allowed gorgeous cinematic quality CGI at a relatively small cost. This would explain why a film with only a million dollar budget would look this good! For that reason alone, the movie is well worth seeing.

    The film is set in the mid-21st century. Genetically modified humans are proliferating on the planet and they are stronger, smarter and more capable in many ways compares to 'normals'. A space ship, the Teleios, with five of these super humans is about to make contact with a vessel that's been stranded in space for some time…and no one is sure whether anyone is left alive on this stricken ship. The crew's orders are, first and foremost, to recover the cargo from the ship. But there mission is soon complicated by many things. The crew of the stricken vessel has all been killed…with only one remaining as well as a robot and neither seem willing or able to explain what happened. The other problem is that these super men and women are beginning to show signs of weakness…weaknesses they supposedly have overcome. Their emotions are running amok and soon they begin preying on each other. Why and what's to become of their mission?

    The best things about the film are the CGI, costumes and music. All of these look very professional and caught my attention. As for the story, it's only fair and is, at times, a tad confusing. Because of this, it's a movie that might just improve with repeated viewing. Overall, a mixed bag but a lesson on economical and effective filmmaking…and a decent sci-fi flick as well.
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    To be clear this film is not a slam bang action film, but is very thought-provoking and raises important themes. It draws you in with a mystery that unravels in unexpected ways. Apart from Michael Nouri you might not recognize the actors, but the cast is excellent and the visuals, given it's only 1million budget (according to IMDB), are also great.
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    In the beginning two things attracted my attention and caused me to examine this movie: the poster, which is graphically original, and the title which is incomprehensible, unless you are familiar with Greek. After looking it up I learned TELEOIS stands for "perfection". So, my artistic sense was pleased, my linguistic knowledge increased - so far, so good.

    Then the time came to watch the film. Knowing its budget was limited I did not expect fireworks of production values, but it not necessarily makes a good sci-fi picture an impossibility. One spacecraft with a crew of 5 is sent to investigate the demise of the crew of another space vessel. A premise more than satisfactory. A certain parallel with EVENT HORIZON (1997) may by seen here, though the Paul W.S. Anderson's work itself is hardly original, as it borrows heavily from NIGHTLYERS (1987).

    The rest, with very few exceptions, is sorrowfully miscarried. The direction seems to be almost absent, or present at its incompetent worst. Majority of the actors are so lame it seems their acting lessons had the form of a correspondence course. Especially Lance Broadway, T.J. Hoban and Christian Pitre deliver performances of abysmally bad quality.

    However, Ursula Mills makes Lulu AH 320 an interesting robotic character. And then there's is ravishing Sunny Mabrey who can act and can bring some conviction to her lines, her final speech sounds quite poignant and dramatic, but it is not enough to save the misbegotten movie. More than a decade passed since she appeared in SPECIES 3 where she had little to say and served mostly as a nude window dressing. Now she is an accomplished actress and deserves much better roles.

    The costumes represent an utter lack of visual taste. And it would have sufficed to remove those hideous frontal brown areas, otherwise they are nicely female figure hugging.

    In summarum, this motion picture is worth viewing only for Ms Mabrey, other reasons are extremely difficult to be found. On second thoughts, some might be tempted to see Michael Nouri in his brief video transmissions to notice how he has aged since the time of FLASHDANCE (1983).
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    Occasionally, one comes across a film with actors so bad, that it makes one realise how difficult it is to be good or even great at the craft. The actors' faces look as if they have been injected with collagen and Botox...they just do not look right and it is distracting. The story did not really take off and I was left feeling most underwhelmed, unfulfilled and dissatisfied at the end. I only suffered to watch the whole film as I do like science fiction and I always give the offerings from that genre the benefit of the doubt until the end. I really should learn that if a film does not get me gripped and involved by the time 20 or so minutes have passed I should just do what the song says and just give it a miss and watch some paint dry.
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    I was lured in by the movie poster and the hope that this was actually going to be a good sci-fi movie, and the fact that the synopsis of the movie seemed interesting also caught my attention.

    Then 39 minutes into the movie, I just gave up. This movie was sheer and utter boredom presented in a shiny and glowing sci-fi wrapping. There was just nothing compelling about this mundane and boring storyline that the writers had mustered to put together.

    And it didn't help that everything just screamed low budget presented in a mediocre wrapping. Granted, I have seen worse productions of sci-fi movies, but there just was that spark of low budget to "Teleios" such as in the weapons, the sets, and the so-called human-like robot beings. I mean, the way that they were moving was just so 1950's and laughable.

    I didn't get captured by the storyline, despite the fact that the storyline had potential to make a great movie. It was just the lack of pace and Progress to the movie that killed it off. I could live with the sense of pseudo-low budget, sure, but the inactivity of the storyline and the irrelevant characters was an anchor around the movie.

    "Teleios" didn't bring anything new, memorable or innovating to the sci-fi genre, and it is hardly a movie that will make a lasting impression, even with those in the audience that manages to sit through to the very end. And it is hardly a movie that will stand out as being a milestone in the sci-fi genre.

    The acting in the movie was adequate, although I can't really claim to be familiar with those cast for the various roles. Some did better jobs than others, of course, as it always go. But no one in the movie were really outstanding or memorable.

    Not outstanding and not memorable seems to be keywords to this movie.

    If you enjoy sci-fi, then there are far, far better movies available. And personally I find it hard to see why anyone would actually sit through the entire length of "Teleios", because it was a drag of a movie.
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    Well. Worth watching-yes, not a waste of time. multiple plots running throughout the movie, too many just stop-not end mind you- just stop. This leaves you think "what did I just miss?", nothing-it just vanished. You want to leave the viewer wondering what will happen next- sequel? but not with everything. Did she hit abort? Did he make it back to earth? what was earth like? Why did the early android do what she did? Why did she attach to that one crewman? When did that attachment happen? Some of the rescue crew seemed to "slip" faster than others-why? To end a plot line is not to just stop writing about it-put a bow on it. Some of the plot is very interesting and a quite good concept. If you get bored at the end-take a freaking break and write it well. Take at least a week off and then re-read it. Get excited again. If you are going to leave it open ended, then logically close off what you want and leave open threads to the logical future. Take the lid off for the ending-throw us into space going WTF just happened. WOW!
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    I had never heard of this until actually watching it. I didn't know what to expect but I would suggest if you like television based sci-fi then you will like this. In fact I thought until near the end that it might be one of those movies created as a pilot for a TV show. Some have compared it to Star Trek but I'd suggest it is more in-tune with Gerry Anderson's shows especially UFO. The sets, uniforms, hairstyles were much more marionette than human.

    I will admit I might have missed it but I thought the rescue crew were not just genetically enhanced humans but in part androids themselves. Likely cyborgs - this explained their appearance and their lack of emotion. Initially when I started to watch this crew I was struck by how bad the acting was until I realized that they were all supposed to not have emotions. In which case the blank faces made sense.

    There were plot holes but mainly unanswered questions more than anything. I suspect that was planned but it did come across as a little jumbled. For example there is no rationalization given for a scanning done of a fallen android near the end of the film. I suspect there might have been plans for that to go somewhere but it didn't. Or maybe the writers did it on purpose to make people like me question it.

    Overall I found it entertaining for an hour and a half. Like finding some rarely scene old sci-fi movie on late night TV.
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    The space effects here are good. I rather think they could have included them more often to build atmosphere, and as a breather from the understandably (only) slightly claustrophobic effect of the limited set. I think the makers realised that too and thus put thought into screen backgrounds, a nice touch. If you watch the movie, and you definitely should if you love intelligent sci-fi, then you'll see what I mean. The computer graphics effects were also really good and a plausible technological look forward. I just read the synopsis/blurb for this movie and, if you haven't read it, don't. You'll enjoy the movie much more if you go in blind. At first you may feel the acting is a bit stiff, even for corporate/military astronauts, but bear with it. I loved the story/plot. I would have given it more stars if the direction had heightened the tension of the big reveals. In my humble opinion that required a bit more effort. We want dazzling wow moments, not just how-about-that moments. More than that is the sets, which needed to be way more spacious and a tad grungy, as in Alien movies (it is a mining ship). There's some odd bits of editing too, too many shots of people's boots (very minor criticism). The image on the dvd cover is separate artwork from the movie, though consistent with the style of the cgi. There were some nice effects with luminous pieces of uniforms and light displays on weapons, especially during power outages. I would have loved to have seen more of that. Really cool robot as well. To be honest its hard to review this movie without spoilers. Intelligence over aesthetics, so it's a solid 8 stars from me.
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    The acting is about what you'd expect from a low budget film, the two main issues that really drag it down are the pacing and directing: you could easily remove 30 minutes of the film where the characters are just aimlessly existing on the space station. The time wasn't used to develop the characters - there are none - they just keep restating their mission, I almost turned it off during that time because it didn't seem to be going anywhere.

    The directing is something else entirely, 90% of the movie the camera just keeps swining side to side, like you're tilting your head left and right constantly, it started making me nauseous and it didn't seem to have a purpose to it either - they had artificial gravity the whole time - it was purely a stylistic choice and it sucked.
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    Most of what seem to be the strange decisions of the writer/director turn out to have a reason, eventually. This movie is worth giving a chance -- the key story point is revealed, pretty quickly, about two thirds of the way through.
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    I started off engaged and interested in this movie, initially there was some good pacing and dissemination of information, but as it went along I lost a lot of interest. Part of the movie involves getting vital information from the survivor but I found I got as frustrated at the crew at how slow the plot progressed past the initial phase and tried to resist skipping forward to find out what information they try to beat out of the survivor.

    The costumes immediately reminded me of ST TNG like others have stated in reviews and the dart seams (thanks smoke0, didn't know what to call those) on the women were distracting, gave the appearance of women having fake 'pokies'. The costumes otherwise were very flattering to the actor's figures and Sunny Mabrey has never looked better than in one of these jumpsuits. She probably was the highlight of the movie for me. The movie also did a decent job with special effects and making the surroundings look good.

    Plot holes were the unraveling of the movie for me. From the very start you see the spaceship had a rotating outer part but the crew is in the middle but somehow they have gravity. Also, the space station had 2 rotating rings but they do not dock there and the movie takes place in the main body that is not rotating and again they have gravity somehow. I was like OK, whatever and moved on but then more things like that kept pecking away.

    I was really put off about how they deal with the survivor and the companion bot. Why would you leave them on the compromised station instead of taking them back to the ship???

    The biggest "hole" is allowing the modified bot to just roam around the station...that is just too great of a liability and never would happen , it would have to be deactivated or contained. They were attacked by some small bots from the very beginning, why wouldn't they fear the same or worse from the survivor's modified robot companion? very big hole that destroyed any coherence.

    I really wanted to like this movie more and wished there were some more hooks or breadcrumbs or even plot misdirects along the way to keep me engaged but it takes the whole movie to get any information at all about what happened and by then I just wasn't interested. I found I wanted to beat it out of whoever wrote the screenplay as much as the crew wanted to get it out of the survivor.
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    I have to judge a movie partly by the budget. This was a one million dollar movie in 2017 dollars. That's tiny! Sharknado 4 was three million dollars. Don't expect stellar special effects, great sets or even decent costumes. This looks more like something a bunch of Star Trek fan fiction alumni would end up with if they pooled their Doritos money and produced a full movie and I wish them

    A crew of emotion-less "super humans" wake up in a space ship near Titan. Their orders are to recover the lost cargo on a mining ship. They find a seemingly insane crew member and a robot tending the gardens.

    Any time the trope of "emotionless humans" comes up you know exactly what is going to happen next - and it does. Sorry - this is no master gem of a script either. Expect the expectable and you won't be disappointed.
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    usually you understand if you like a film after first 10 minutes..... after 40 minutes of the film its still boring...... very bad language representation, as they took people who do not speak it. Could ask native speakers to read. I would not watch it again... i would agree with most people who left a review here.... like actors.. there could be anyone instead of them, there is no much dynamics. also a lot of foreign language what was not translated... it is a super boring detective...
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    Had this been a 50 million dollar project from a big studio with budget all over the place you'd have stars and perfect lighting, fresh dialogue, a lot of ka-boom, and whatnot, but probably also some really stupid plot holes.

    Then I would rant on about some of the camera, some lighting here and there, and some of the acting, but most of all about the plot holes. I have a problem with films that tell me one concept in the beginning, and then trash that ten minutes later, as if I didn't remember.

    But in this case, I just have to root for the makers. They only had a million, and came up with characters, and a pretty good story, that does not have the plot holes. So, at no point in the film I felt as if the makers thought I was stupid. On the contrary. The story even came up with a few twists, that I did not see coming.

    Is it as intricate and mind-beding as "Primer"? No.

    Is the acting as staggering as Sam Rockwell in "Moon"? No.

    But if you saw Primer or Moon, and you liked those, I think you'll have a good time with this one.

    Or if you like Star Trek.

    I would put it in the same league. It stays true to what science fiction is.

    Thanks, Ian Truitner! I also hope to see more from him.

    Last point: Yes, the acting. They need to work on that a bit, but since I can't act at all, and they really had a limited budget, maybe they just couldn't shoot that take the ten times it takes to get it perfect.
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    I had never heard of this movie, the producer, director or actors but I figured why not give it a try, so I started watching it. The special effects are great so I was inspired to keep watching. However, I could not get past the first ten minutes due to the bad quality of acting and I had to turn it off. That's just my two cents.
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    It is obvious that this is a low budget film and for many that almost automatically means not what they are looking for. Still despite some bad acting from some of the cast in roles where they are playing emotionless Vulcan-like characters it's still pretty good.

    It's a slow burning story that reminds me of Event Horizon, Gattaca, Sphere and Sunshine with a 1980's B-Sci-Fi kind of feel updated for today. At first I found myself thinking they were Blade Runner androids nearing their expiration dates. The Beyond The Trek title seems as appropriate as Teleios/Perfection here as they may as well be some of Kahn's genetically enhanced people along with emotion controlling Vulcan training. It's hard enough for an actor to take on a Vulcan role let alone then experiencing emotions or insanity for the first time ever. Sunny Mabrey pulls it off, no one else does.

    Beyond the acting of the other GT's nearly everything else here was acceptable or even quite good. For me this is a little gem of a low budget film, but it's not for anyone who expects action or can't handle some poor acting. If you like Star Trek fan films, 1980's Sci-Fi B-movies, a lot of those original films on the Syfy network or those knock offs that The Asylum cranks out this may be for you, but if you are looking for anything approaching the polished fare of Star Wars or Star Trek blockbusters forget about it. It's more like the slow moving thinking Indy movies I mentioned above without the budget they had and the plot is not even as sophisticated as those and even predictable at times. It's an uneven film where they tried some things that sometimes hit and sometimes missed.