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In the Mesh of Her Hair (1914) HD online

In the Mesh of Her Hair (1914) HD online
Language: English
Category: Movie / Short / Drama
Original Title: In the Mesh of Her Hair
Director: Oscar Apfel
Released: 1914
Video type: Movie
Mrs. Forbes, a woman who lives for society and considers every one outside of it "impossible," writes her son, Harry, who dabbles in literary work, that the house party which she is giving on her house-boat is a success and that he will find plenty of local color for his next book among the fisher folk nearby. As a postscript, she tells him that the wealthy and beautiful Evelyn Crane is one of the guests, and hints that she would make a desirable match. Harry, wearied of the hot city, responds to his mother's request in person. After a short time he finds the company on the house-boat wearisome and seeks the fishing village near at hand as a diversion. He is much interested when he finds a beautiful young girl studying her books outside of a fisherman's cottage, and enters into conversation with her. When he finds her intelligent and ambitious as well as beautiful, his interest is greatly increased, and he arouses in the girl a like interest in him. Tom Brooks, the young fisherman who...
Cast overview:
Irving Cummings Irving Cummings - Harry Forbes
Eleanor Woodruff Eleanor Woodruff - Hilda Hedges - the Fisherman's Daughter
Paul Panzer Paul Panzer - Tom Brooks - Hilda's Sweetheart
Samuel Reid Samuel Reid - Old Hedges - Hilda's Father
Florence Dye Florence Dye - Mrs. Forbes - Harry's Mother
Clare Rea Clare Rea - Evelyn Crane

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    The Pathe Company is showing in these new two-part offerings a marked advance over its former work of late. This holds true in many departments as plot making, acting, etc. Pathe staging and photography have been good right along. This number is a romantic drama with Eleanor Woodruff and Irving Cummings in the lead, and they are ably supported by well-drawn characters, one by Paul Panzer and one by Sam Reid being especially noteworthy. Florence Dyer and Claire Rae also do good work. There is a touch that reminds one of Ibsen in the State of mind of the hero as he goes to the scenes where he and the girl, whom he thinks drowned, were once happy in each other's love. - The Moving Picture World, February 14, 1914