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Wish You Were Here (2016) HD online

Wish You Were Here (2016) HD online
Language: English
Category: Movie / Comedy / Drama
Original Title: Wish You Were Here
Director: Drew Phillips
Writers: Drew Phillips,Dani Williams
Released: 2016
Budget: $60
Duration: 1h 10min
Video type: Movie
Coming out of an accident with amnesia, Sophie Bauer tries to reshape herself in the eyes of those who knew her best.
Credited cast:
Laura Fodera Laura Fodera - Blair
Alexandria Hudson Alexandria Hudson - Gwen
Kate Milazzo Kate Milazzo - Sophie
Adam Smith Adam Smith - Ray

Was shot on five Apple mobile devices (two iPhone 4s, a 5, a 6, and an iPad) over the course of three days with at least two cameras running at all times.

Male lead, Adam Smith, was cast one hour before his first scene was shot. The original actor cast was MIA on the day of shooting and turned out to be two states away on another film shoot. Smith was brought on last minute by Kate Milazzo after a last minute call to any available actors in the Indianapolis area. Smith was the only actor contacted who was free.

Feature directorial debut of Drew Phillips.