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Not Guilty (2017) HD online

Not Guilty (2017) HD online
Language: English
Category: Movie / Short / Thriller
Original Title: Not Guilty
Director: Irina Octavia Andronic
Writers: Irina Octavia Andronic,Jamil Hendi
Released: 2017
Budget: £10,000
Duration: 35min
Video type: Movie
A crude revenge story of a woman with a troubling past, willing to go to extreme lengths to cause the same pain she was put through on those who inflicted it. After they made her lose her unborn child, she decided to stop letting people like them escape. She starts a new chapter in her life with a partner just as dangerous as her. The gruesome crimes they commit manage to keep them hidden for years, with every move calculated in order to create the illusion of the perfect crime - every time. That is, until it is time to get revenge on the most important target. Will they get away?
Credited cast:
Marius Bodochi Marius Bodochi - Popescu
Nicholas Catianis Nicholas Catianis - Sebastian
Stefan Mihai Stefan Mihai - Stefan
Dan Tomescu Dan Tomescu - Inspector
Ioana Vivisenco Ioana Vivisenco - Carmen