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Munki and Trunk Sticky Situation (2016– ) HD online

Munki and Trunk Sticky Situation (2016– ) HD online
Language: English
Category: TV Episode / Animation
Original Title: Sticky Situation
Director: Sam Wilson
Writers: Emma de Wet
Released: 2016–
Duration: 7min
Video type: TV Episode
While trying to get at a delicious bunch of berries Munki accidentally breaks a branch, and super-sticky sap starts dripping down into the jungle. Munki and Trunk end up getting get glued to themselves, each other, the ground, the vines and everything else. How are they going to stop the sticky sap?
Episode credited cast:
Daniel Barnett Daniel Barnett - Rocky
Brent Dawes Brent Dawes - Munki
Matthew Gair Matthew Gair - Hue
Alison Lambole Alison Lambole - Trunk
Adam Neill Adam Neill - Ribbert
Gavin Peter Gavin Peter - Tallbert