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Language: English
Category: TV Series / Animation / Comedy
Original Title: Azumanga daiô
Duration: 24min
Video type: TV Series
An animated series based off of the four panel managa of the same name, Azumanga Daioh is a whimsical, hilarious and very cute look at the lives of an ecclectic group of high school girls and their teachers at a Tokyo high school. As the series progresses, small bits of their lives are shown, slowly painting a bigger picture as the cast shares the ups and downs of high school life, revolving around a close-knit friendship and a lot of silliness.


Series cast summary:
Tomoko Kaneda Tomoko Kaneda - Chiyo Mihama 26 episodes, 2002
Yuki Matsuoka Yuki Matsuoka - Ayumu 'Osaka' Kasuga / - 26 episodes, 2002
Chieko Higuchi Chieko Higuchi - Tomo Takino 26 episodes, 2002
Rie Tanaka Rie Tanaka - Koyomi 'Yomi' Mizuhara / - 26 episodes, 2002
Yu Asakawa Yu Asakawa - Sakaki 26 episodes, 2002
Christine M. Auten Christine M. Auten - Sakaki / - 26 episodes, 2002
Jessica Boone Jessica Boone - Chiyo Mihama / - 26 episodes, 2002
Mandy Clark Mandy Clark - Tomo Takino / - 26 episodes, 2002
Nancy Novotny Nancy Novotny - Koyomi Mizuhara / - 26 episodes, 2002
Kira Vincent-Davis Kira Vincent-Davis - Ayumu Kasuga / - 26 episodes, 2002
Luci Christian Luci Christian - Yukari Tanizaki / - 25 episodes, 2002
Allison L. Sumrall Allison L. Sumrall - Kagura / - 25 episodes, 2002
Tiffany Grant Tiffany Grant - Kaorin / - 24 episodes, 2002
Monica Rial Monica Rial - Minamo Kurosawa / - 24 episodes, 2002
Akiko Hiramatsu Akiko Hiramatsu - Yukari Tanizaki 23 episodes, 2002
Sakura Nogawa Sakura Nogawa - Kaorin 22 episodes, 2002
Houko Kuwashima Houko Kuwashima - Kagura 20 episodes, 2002
Aya Hisakawa Aya Hisakawa - Minamo 'Nyamo' Kurosawa 20 episodes, 2002
Hilary Haag Hilary Haag - Chihiro / - 20 episodes, 2002
Akane Omae Akane Omae - Chihiro / - 18 episodes, 2002
Andy McAvin Andy McAvin - Kimura / - 17 episodes, 2002
Naoki Yanagi Naoki Yanagi - Male Student A / - 16 episodes, 2002
Kôji Ishii Kôji Ishii - Kimura-sensei / - 15 episodes, 2002
Ryôko Nagata Ryôko Nagata - Female Student A / - 12 episodes, 2002
Jason Douglas Jason Douglas - Additional Voices / - 12 episodes, 2002
Hiroyuki Yoshino Hiroyuki Yoshino - Male Student B / - 11 episodes, 2002

The title of the show is essentially meaningless. The comic strip on which the show is based was written by Azuma Kiyohiko, and "Azumanga" is an amalgalm of his name and "manga", the Japanese word for comic books. "Daioh" comes from "Dengeki Daioh" ("Great Electric Shock King"), the monthly Japanese comic anthology in which the comics originally ran.

The show was originally broadcast in four-minute segments every weekday on the TV Tokyo satellite channel. Each week's daily segments were reshown as a single 24-minute episode on Saturdays. The Saturday episodes also featured additional footage not screened in the daily segments, including longer opening and closing credits, a preview of the next week's episodes and in some cases a short prologue or epilogue, which accounts for the longer running time than that of the individual segments.

According to interview done for an art book of the series, the director made a request for the opening song to not have any tone changes or climatic phrases, hence leading to the extremely catchy piece "Soramimi Cake"

Episode 19 "One Spring Night" is a "filler" episode made up of jokes and scenes that were not in the original manga.

Tomo's name means "wisdom" in Japanese.

The clock at Yomi's bedside in Episode 18 has the words "Azuman" and "Daioh" printed on its face.

According to Osaka in the manga, she was actually born in Wakayama, then raised in Kobe, though Tomo still insists she is "from" Osaka, finding it too confusing to understand.

Episode #21, there was a name Tomoko Kaneda (the voice of Chiyo-chan), amongst staff list of key animators. What drawing she did was never revealed, though it is suspected that it is the depressed Chiyo-chan scribble at the start of the episode

The family names of Yukari and Nyamo are Tanizaki and Kurosawa respectively. Junichiro Tanizaki was one of the major writers of modern Japanese literature, while Akira Kurosawa was a highly respected and extremely influential motion picture director.

Tiffany Grant first auditioned for Tomo.

Tiffany Grant modeled her voice for Kaorin after Jessica Boone's voice. while Grant was writing ADR Scripts for Kidou tenshi enjerikku reiyâ (2001), (which Jessica Boone also stared in) she would often imitate Boone's voice.

Yuki Matsuoka who plays "Osaka" is herself from Osaka, Japan.

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