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Childhood (2001) HD online

Childhood (2001) HD online
Language: English
Category: Movie / Drama
Original Title: Childhood
Director: Sergei Davidoff
Writers: Sergei Davidoff
Released: 2001
Budget: $500,000
Duration: 1h 25min
Video type: Movie
Through all the years, someone was watching over him but he never knew.
Credited cast:
Tara Fitzgerald Tara Fitzgerald - Angel
Alex Burchu Alex Burchu - Boy
Lenore Andriel Lenore Andriel - Mother
Sergei Davidoff Sergei Davidoff - John Reader
Richard Neil Richard Neil - Stepfather
Vasile Balan Vasile Balan - Father
Vera Cheban Vera Cheban - Mother
Cornel Balan Cornel Balan - Stepfather as a Boy
Olga Davydova Olga Davydova - Stapfater's syster
Viacheslav Prokopie Viacheslav Prokopie - Santa Claus
Helene Ababy-Davidoff Helene Ababy-Davidoff - Shopper
Svetlana Tarachila Svetlana Tarachila - Snow White
Rest of cast listed alphabetically:
Ion Arakelov Ion Arakelov - Dwarf
George Pyrlia George Pyrlia - Doctor
Tatyana Sayenko Tatyana Sayenko - Nurse

Reviews: [6]

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    I've seen this film at the Cannes film market. There were a ton of trivial films presented at the market with the same story in almost every other picture, but this independent film stood out. It's been shot, I'd say, as a classic, slowly, carefully, beautifully. Tara Fitzgerald is great in this film, powerful performance. The lead actor has no dialog whatsoever, however he delivers a powerful and convincing performance. Cinematography is breathtaking. I was mesmerized by this film and wasn't able to watch anymore films in that day. This little picture is a classic, unfortunately I couldn't find it in the video stores and too bad it didn't get a wide release in the US. I'll give it 9 out of 10. Thanks.
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    Beautifully shot, exceptional cinematography and acting. The kid is the best child actor I've seen in a really long time. Hope to see a lot more of him. The cake eating scene was a most vivid description of all temptation and sin. For me it was the most painful sequence. This is a definite must see movie. Tragic case of child abuse, loss of joy and hope. Haunting, dramatic, a great piece of film. The director effectively captured one of the worst tragedies of human kind. I was left speechless for at least 5 minutes after the film. BRAVO! Simply put - AMAZING! haven't seen so much emotion in film. Fully intense, happy scenes followed by tragic sorrow. Definitely recommended with a strong message. A great quality film. Intence, moody, beautifully shot. Definitely a "10"! Do not miss it!
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    I think the aim of the movie "Childhood" lies in adults understanding children have right to happy childhood. A child needs to be treated as a person deserving respect, love and attention. The idea of the movie is unwarrantable cruelty of parents towards their child which leads to the tragic consequences. The director creates freely his own cinematographic world in his movie. The movie "Childhood" is watched at one breath and insignificant dramaturgical errors do not lessen the merits of the movie in the whole. The director, Sergei Davidoff succeeded in the most important - keeping the audience in strain, making it ponder and feel together with the heroes of his movie…
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    I was enthralled with the entire movie. A Movie beautiful to watch with the amazing special effects, great costumes. OK, so the acting was a bit messed up in some parts, but I find the filmmaker's style rather extraordinary. This film isn't for everyone, it's deep, moody, amazing cinematography, cool set visuals. Plus, the ending, is quite emotional. So yes, I would recommend Childhood as a good movie, despite a few flaws, and overall I would say Childhood is spectacular. A fairy tale filled with magic. Alex Burchu is a marvelous young actor with talent and charisma - very fitting for this part. I wish we had more clean wholesome movies for the whole family to watch. Bravo!
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    Amazing Film. An amazing but slow film that though personally I loved I would not recommend to most. Especially since the ending would frustrate anyone and everyone.

    Thought this might be a mystery where you guessed until the end to who the Mother was. But it ended without any answer to that point, not even a decent clue. Stories have a beginning, middle and end. Without the last point, this was not a movie, just air time. But in the same time, I have never seen a movie more beautiful and sweetly calm.....truly and simply breathtaking. Acting is so intense and slow in he same time, camera work is fascinating and the child actor is the best I ever seen. Go see this movie.
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    All of the other reviewers here on IMDb are so in favour of this film. Film? I'm sorry, did I compare this pile of Horsedung to an actual FÍLM?! Must be because it's Sunday. Makes me say stupid things. Very stupid things indeed.

    So the film stars this whiny kid that can't speak English because the only times we hear him talk are through voice-over. Good! The less said by him, the better. Having the boy not talk makes him the more sympathetic, but no; we hear this tearful squeaker constantly! Makes it all the more simple for me to enjoy all the horrors he's going through and malicious pleasure has never been more pleasurable.

    Why? Because this story is told in the most annoying way! Bad acting, terrible cinematography, excruciatingly torturous music and sound recording/editing and all of this makes me care so little about the characters. Seriously, making this film with aforementioned components, it's like constructing the Eiffel Tower using nothing more than steel bars and paper glue! Watching this film was really atrocious. It runs, what? 85 minutes? Could've been DAYS for all I knew!

    Poorly constructed, badly acted, uninteresting characterizations, appalling sound, abominable slow pace, this film has it all. All of the things I just mentioned, that is; to me, it has NOTHING appealing whatsoever!