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Miss Holland: Enters Great Britain HD online

Miss Holland: Enters Great Britain  HD online
Language: English
Category: TV Series / Comedy
Original Title: Miss Holland: Enters Great Britain
Duration: 5min
Video type: TV Series
After landing on our shores, the world's most popular beauty queen, Miss Holland (her own words) is determined to find out what makes Britain so Great. Is it our love of etiquette, our hatred of our European neighbours and friends, or our ambivalence towards all things?
Series cast summary:
Eline Van der Velden Eline Van der Velden - Miss Holland 5 episodes, 2018

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    crazy mashine

    Miss Holland is reminiscent of Sacha Baron Cohen's work. Hilariously out there as it plays on social stereotypes and commentary. Miss Holland herself does wonders bouncing off of the interviewees reactions and responses.
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    This is absolutely atrocious. Aside from the painfully contrived and obvious attempts at crude double-entendres, this show only succeeds in offending people in a small, idiotic bigoted way. What a terrible shame for Britain that this show made it past the development stages.