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Ne joci, Peter (1964) HD online

Ne joci, Peter (1964) HD online
Language: English
Category: Movie / Adventure / War
Original Title: Ne joci, Peter
Director: France Stiglic
Writers: Andrej Hieng,Vladimir Koch
Released: 1964
Duration: 1h 32min
Video type: Movie
Two partisan coalminers need to take three orphan children away from dangerous area to the liberated land.
Cast overview, first billed only:
Lojze Rozman Lojze Rozman - Dane
Bert Sotlar Bert Sotlar - Lovro
Majda Potokar Majda Potokar - Magda
Zlatko Sugman Zlatko Sugman - Dolfe
Bogdan Lubej Bogdan Lubej - Peter
Maks Bajc Maks Bajc - German soldier
Polde Bibic Polde Bibic - Matija
Danilo Bezlaj Danilo Bezlaj - German soldier
Metka Bucar Metka Bucar - Farmeress
Andrej Kurent Andrej Kurent - Commander
Branko Miklavc Branko Miklavc - Partisan
Kristijan Muck Kristijan Muck
Vinko Podgorsek Vinko Podgorsek - German soldier
Karel Pogorelec Karel Pogorelec - Innkeeper
Franci Prus Franci Prus - German soldier

Reviews: [3]

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    A B&W movie on the WWII in Slovenia. The story concentrates on three partisans with a task of bringing two children to the safe territory. On their way there, they have difficulties with the Germans and thanks to the little menace, Peter, they blow up the main German explosive storage, all the rest are searching for in vain. I like Bert Sotlar here as a partisan, who at first doesn't like the task but then slowly becomes fond of Peter.
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    I most certainly have! This movie is definitely one of 10 most beneficial films for Slovenian cinematography. And it along with the series of films about the young errand-boy/shepherd Kekec are also the only film pieces of Slovene origin that in fact have a story.

    Set during WWII, it depicts a tale of two experienced soldiers (miners in fact) that are sent on a very important mission (which they definitely do not perceive as such) - they have to take three children (including a very young Peter) to liberated grounds. The mission they (in want of bigger, more sounding action) first face with frustration and contempt gradually evolves and so does their relationship with their young wards.

    A truly remarkable film (in Slovene terms) with interesting and well-crafted characters (I must mention the outstanding and hilarious performance of otherwise esteemed actor Zlatko Šugman here), a good plot, very nice fluency and most importantly none of those long lasting silent frames lacking significance that otherwise spoil yet sadly determine Slovenian films.
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    I like this movie because its Slovenian and today Slovenian movies aren't so good (too bad). It is a movie 4 everybody and everyone. Enjoy in black and white movie. The Slovenian partisans are invaded by German soldiers. The main character in movie is little Peter (cute). You can learn about almost everything about very hard and black war times.