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Lily&Pepper  HD online
Language: English
Category: TV Series / Animation
Original Title: Lilyu0026Pepper
Budget: ILS 150,000
Video type: TV Series
Lily is a 6 year old girl and she explores the world around her with her best friend Pepper which is a huge yellow bird.

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    Stylish Monkey

    I Really LIKE THIS PROGRAMM, AND SHOWED IT TO MY CHILDREN SINCE THEY WERE LITTLE. . LILY AND PEPER are a bird and a little girl discovering the wold. the color Red , Trees, Winter .EXACTLY WHAT YOUNG CHULDREN LIKE TO SEE, BUT THUS ONE IS A REAL PLEASURE TO PARENTS TOO. A charming colorful opportunity for children to learn and enjoy innocent look about things. THe ANIMASION HAS Beautiful DESIENS AND MUSIC. in one chapter they discover music. in another they learn about creation. Its reminds me of good old programs like ksim ksam but up too date. good too see people still do quality things for children. Recommended!I Don't KNOW WHAT TO WRITE MORE...HOPE YOU WILL ALL ENJOY IT.
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    great for toddlers ages 1-5 ! my kids love it and i like to watch it with them. the animation is really complex and the design is different form all the usual shows for kids. we want more like this!!! I get to watch a lot of toddlers shows with my son , and most of them look the same . The same design , the same story , and the same animation methods. This show is completely different. The surfaces of every thing you see on the screen is complex and beautiful to look at. And it is really relaxing and enjoyable. the heroes of the show are a 5 years old girl and her best friend a big yellow bird. they explore different themes every chapter . it is very educational for toddlers and I bet they work with psychologists to make this show. the phase of the show is very slow. it is good for bed time for the little kids. it is also very appropriate for religious viewers, because the characters always wear modest cloths . i like it because it doesn't look like all the other shows you get to watch with your kids , and you get a refersing feeling because of that .