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Dino Time (2012) HD online

Dino Time (2012) HD online
Language: English
Category: Movie / Animation / Adventure / Comedy / Family
Original Title: Dino Time
Director: Yoon-suk Choi,John Kafka
Writers: Adam Beechen,James Greco
Released: 2012
Duration: 1h 26min
Video type: Movie
Three curious kids accidentally trip an egg-shaped time machine into operation and find themselves back 65 million years in the middle of a nest of dinosaur eggs. The first thing they see is a giant T-Rex staring down at them in happy wonder. They're not food, they're family! Now the kids have just until the real eggs hatch to find their way back to the present, facing other prehistoric monsters and dangers along the way.


Credited cast:
Pamela Adlon Pamela Adlon - Ernie (voice)
Tara Strong Tara Strong - Julia (voice)
Melanie Griffith Melanie Griffith - Tyra (voice)
Kari Wahlgren Kari Wahlgren - Additional Voices (voice)
Grey Griffin Grey Griffin - Baby T-Rex (voice) (as Grey Delisle)
Jane Lynch Jane Lynch - Sue (voice)
Stephen Baldwin Stephen Baldwin - Surly (voice)
Rob Schneider Rob Schneider - Dodger (voice)
William Baldwin William Baldwin - Sarco (voice)
Mary Elizabeth McGlynn Mary Elizabeth McGlynn - Additional Voices (voice)
Tom Kenny Tom Kenny - Borace / Guard #2 / Tour Guide / Burger Attendant (voice)
John DiMaggio John DiMaggio - Horace / Big Guard (voice)
Yuri Lowenthal Yuri Lowenthal - Max (voice)
Nolan North Nolan North - Morris / Guard #3 (voice)
Roger Craig Smith Roger Craig Smith - Additional Voices (voice) (as Roger C. Smith)

This title wasn't released until 2015 under the name "Back to the Jurassic. "

Reviews: [8]

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    Despite being an adult nearing 30, I am still very partial to kids animated films and 90% of the time I thoroughly enjoy them. This film, however, was incredibly poor. The storyline and script but appalling and it felt really dragged out. It was also incredibly predictable. I was surprised by the lack of humour too. Obviously, this is aimed at children, my son, who is 4, watched it quietly. He is a dinosaur fanatic. He only seemed truly captivated towards the end when there was a little more action involving the dinosaurs but it certainly didn't get the rave reviews that other films like How To Train Your Dragon or even Disney's Dinosaur received. A rainy day DVD film at best - and that's if you're desperate.
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    It's cute, silly and slightly low-brow but it's a bit of animated fun. Overall the story is nothing special and feels pretty generic. There are parts that keep you engaged and other times the story seems to be lagging a bit. Not terrible though. I will say that the animation was pretty. All the characters looked like individuals and were uniquely special. It was something I was not expecting from a low-budget animated movie. There were also quite a few action sequences that were very well illustrated.

    My final recommendation would be that if you have a young son who loves Dinosaurs then this is a great choice but you must love the subject matter to love the film. There just isn't enough substance otherwise.
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    It took almost 18 months since the film's premiere in South Korea to reach Germany, but now it has. Being a fan of all kinds of animated films, I thought I'd give it a chance. I watched a German synchronized version, so I didn't get to hear the voices of some well-known American actors including several Emmy nominees and winners: Melanie Griffith, Jane Lynch, Rob Schneider and the Baldwin brothers Stephen and William doing the voices for the two main antagonists. The only one I'd like to emphasize is Tara Strong, not known by many, but with quite an impressive body of voice acting in recent years. Director Yoon-suk Choi was mostly involved with Korean non-animated television so far and the other director John Kafka brought some animation experience to the table from working on Rugrats or Ninja Turtles TV series.

    Unfortunately, despite that (or because of that) the film only succeeded very rarely. It's really only for children who won't think about it in depth and just enjoy the images and funny(?) actions of the characters. There's no real deeper meaning or captivating action in this one. The whole coke OK the time machine subplot was pretty terrible I thought. Or the fact that he needed years to build the machine the first time, but now with the help of the mother from one of the disappeared kids it takes hours. Well.. I guess you shouldn't think about it too much or you could probably even criticize the concept of time travel as a whole.

    The film had its moments though too. Many of these involved the dino-mum: the language barrier for example or the moment she realizes that she is not the main character's real mother was actually quite a bit touching. Surly and Sarco were truly intimidating, not sure if too much for smaller children and the fight sequences involving them weren't all that bad. However, the switches between the T-Rex mom and those two changed so quickly and randomly, it felt a bit strange. As a whole, I can't really recommend this film and it's really only a must see for people who want to see every animated movie there is.
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    Viewed at the Festival de Cannes 2010

    An animated film that doesn't insult kids' intelligence, isn't about shifting as much merchandise as possible and won't have parents hitting the booze in the middle - that's Dino Mom.

    Technically, as in terms of animation, Dino Mom hits above its weight. It's no Pixar of Dreamworks, or Disney, but nor is it churned out shovelware either. There is ability and care on show here, which extends to the characters, both humans and dinosaurs, too. The moral of the story, moms are a good thing, is simple and nicely done. The film might not stand up to repeat viewings but for a one-off treat, something the kids can be left to watch while parents do something else (Get drunk, maybe?), it's perfect.
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    I was sitting in the lounge room with the TV on. I saw Dino Time playing and was curious. With in the first 5 minutes I was laughing at how bad it is. Dino Time has a generic plot, scary character designs and terrible animation. The story line was so dumb and stupid that a baby would understand.the characters are unlikable and the villain has no motive other than 'be bad.' The comic relief had me want to rip my hair out, it was that annoying. Considering they got such good voice actors it's such a Shame how bad this movie got. Don't waste your time with such a terrible movie that insults children's intelligence and will leave you walking out.
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    As a lifelong fan of animation, an admirer of Tara Strong and as someone who is interested in dinosaurs and has been enthralled by many films featuring them, 'Dino Time' had potential. Sadly, the execution was a long way from fantastic, much of it lousy.

    'Dino Time' is not a complete waste of time. Some of the animation is serviceable enough, the colours are pretty and exotic looking and the backgrounds are nicely rendered and quite rich in detail. Some of the voice cast acquit themselves well, Grey De Lisle, Tara Strong and Pamela Adlon always do their best regardless of what's thrown at them while Jane Lynch is engaging.

    Not that either element is completely successful. The character designs are unattractive and stiff and there is a general lack of visual imagination. As for the rest of the voice cast, others do not fare well. Melanie Griffith sounds disinterested, Steven and William Baldwin just don't sound sinister enough for villains and Rob Schneider is unbearably obnoxious.

    Every other element is poorly done. The soundtrack is forgettable at best and doesn't rouse, catch or engage. The writing is often very forced, especially in the humour which is never funny (quite the opposite), and the story is dragged out, predictable and contrived. Not even the action engages and the time machine stuff is muddled.

    Characters are an infuriating mix of bland and annoying, and the obligatory villains' motives are never made clear, let alone expanded upon.

    In conclusion, pretty bad and a long way from dino-tastic. 2/10 Bethany Cox
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    the monster

    When i hear "Dino Time", all Im really hearing is "the best movie ever made." Even just watching only a second of a clip from the movie, you know you're in for a treat, but more like an ice cream sundae. its a movie for the whole family and the whole universe. It's the ideal movie for a first date or a wedding anniversary. Sometimes the voice acting is so good i listen to the same voice clip for 24 minutes straight, especially the dinosaur noises. Why am I writing a review on this movie? Well you see, whenever I mention Dino Time, none of my friends know what I'm talking about. Dino Time needs as much love as you love the free food on airplanes. It makes me cry that the movie didn't earn the trillion that it deserved. By now I must've bought it 45 times, but I can't give the film the praise it deserves by myself. I need you guys. Please, this isn't even a joke. Every character in the movie is fully developed and the animations/graphics are so great, better than you, Disney. Go home Disney, it's Dino Time's time to shine. Dino Time is serious business, you better not criticize Dino Time. The story's pretty great too. Are you just sitting around not watching Dino time? You better stop not watching Dino Time or I'll turn you into a dinosaur.
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    I usually watch animations, and Dino Time is one of my best movies, following Inside Out! Animation always brings me to the childhood, and I enjoy it. I watched this movie with my younger brother. He also loved the movie. The message of the movie is simple but impressive. The characters are adorable, and their adventure is fantastic. I had no idea before, that dinosaurs can be such cute characters! Also the music helped me to be absorbed in the story more. Gorgeous movie, I really love it! I usually watch animations, and Dino Time is one of my best movies, following Inside Out! Animation always brings me to the childhood, and I enjoy it. I watched this movie with my younger brother. He also loved the movie. The message of the movie is simple but impressive. The characters are adorable, and their adventure is fantastic. I had no idea before, that dinosaurs can be such cute characters! Also the music helped me to be absorbed in the story more. Gorgeous movie, I really love it!