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Bad Mother Trucker (2012) HD online

Bad Mother Trucker (2012) HD online
Language: English
Category: Movie / Short / Action / Fantasy / Western
Original Title: Bad Mother Trucker
Director: Clyde Bessey
Writers: Clyde Bessey,Clyde Bessey
Released: 2012
Duration: 19min
Video type: Movie
Bad Mother Trucker is a contemporary action-western set in the present day about a lone truck driver who must face down the demons from his past in order to rescue his daughter.
Credited cast:
Quami Adams Quami Adams - The Blue
Ari Agbabian Ari Agbabian - Big Ross
Federico Berte Federico Berte - Tran
Jefferson Cox Jefferson Cox - Durham
Aren Farrington Aren Farrington - Marqus
Hidekun Hah Hidekun Hah - Duke Choi
Heidi Herrmann Heidi Herrmann - Red Rose
Haley Honeycutt Haley Honeycutt - Rika
Mary Karcz Mary Karcz - Jen
Jeff Mauler Jeff Mauler - Ginsberg
J. Travis Merendino J. Travis Merendino - Langston (as Travis Merindino)
Mark Miller-Summer Mark Miller-Summer - Cafe Beer Drinker
R.C. Ormond R.C. Ormond - Bad Mother Trucker
Ronma Perry Ronma Perry - Lars (as Ronma Rashid)
Naomi Peters Naomi Peters - Petra