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Language: English
Category: TV Series / Comedy
Original Title: Grandfathered
Duration: 22min
Video type: TV Series
What does Jimmy Martino do when his twenty-something year old son, who he never knew he had, shows up toting his beautiful little girl with him? Well, he simply has to accept that he's just been grandfathered. A show about an ultimate bachelor who suddenly discovers that he is not only a father, but a grandfather as well.


Series cast summary:
John Stamos John Stamos - Jimmy Martino 22 episodes, 2015-2016
Paget Brewster Paget Brewster - Sara / - 22 episodes, 2015-2016
Josh Peck Josh Peck - Gerald 22 episodes, 2015-2016
Christina Milian Christina Milian - Vanessa 22 episodes, 2015-2016
Ravi Patel Ravi Patel - Ravi 22 episodes, 2015-2016
Kelly Jenrette Kelly Jenrette - Annelise 22 episodes, 2015-2016
Layla Golfieri Layla Golfieri - Edie 22 episodes, 2015-2016
Emelia Golfieri Emelia Golfieri - Edie 22 episodes, 2015-2016
A.J. Rivera A.J. Rivera - Victor 16 episodes, 2015-2016

In an interview, Paget Brewster said that during her audition she treated John Stamos "like a child" and that's how she got the part of Sara.

First major television role of Josh Peck outside of Nickelodeon, and is the first time he's had a major television role since Drake & Josh (2004).

In the 3rd episode of season 1, Paget Brewster opens a laptop and does a quiz called "Which 'Friends' character are you?" answer she got was Ross. Paget was actually in 6 episodes of Friends where she got together with both Joey and Chandler.

Full House co-star Bob Saget has a cameo in the pilot episode.

First episode was featured on United Airlines flights, before the regular network television premiere of the series, at no charge to the passengers.

Cancelled after one season

In episode 6 John Stamos' character tells a story about his dog "Little Blackie". Blackie was the name of John Stamo's character on General Hospital.

Fox canceled the show on May 12, 2016, after the first season.

Paget Brewster and Christina Milian previously worked together in Man of the House (2005).

Bob Saget and Dave Coulier both appear in one episode. John, Bob and Dave all appear in full house together and guest star in Fuller house

Was Originally titled Grandpa.

Reviews: [15]

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    OK, John Stamos is back with a new comedy. It is about a self-centered 50+ bachelor who his life turns upside down when his -never met before- 26 y.o. son enters his life. And bares a baby with him, a grandchild for our hero.

    The series is build heavily around Stamos's character who is practically in every scene.

    The script is mildly funny. A couple awkward moments which the hero masters gracefully, some self-sarcasm and....well...pretty much that's it. Not heavy jokes or tense moments.

    So, it is a comedy for really light viewing. No fake laugh track is always a plus. Not the best newcomer of the season but you may want to give it a try.
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    John Stamos excels in "Grandfsthered".Superb character development throughout.I much prefer Stamos as a Grandfater over being Uncle Jesse.Loved seeing Bob Staget cameo.The portrayed situations are very believable.This show is definitely a highlight of the new season.I shall be tuning in every week.The baby is adorable.Stamos plays his role in a charming believable manner.The support characters are well cast,particularly the son.I look forward to watching the progress of Stamos establishing relationships with his Sonn,Granddaughter,Grandmother and his restaurant staff as they adjust to his new persona.It is interesting to witness the background of the restaurant business.
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    If I could use one word to describe or review this show it would be "charming". A lot of it is taken care of if you cast a 1 or 2 year old cute girl as one of your major characters. But the dialogue, pacing and execution is just perfect with this one. Performances are superb; especially from Brewster and Stamos. This TV show ticks all the boxes for a sitcom and then some. There is a genuine chemistry between various pairs and even the sidelined characters (like the chefs and junior working in the kitchen) have enough quirky characteristics of their own. What I like about this show is that there is no scope for nonsense since the actual duration of each episode is around 22 minutes. Every scene is efficiently executed and there really are no boring sub-tracks and side stories. This is an advantage as well as a drawback. Since we are just about 9 episodes in this show, it is good to have a focused track. Let's see how the limited bunch of characters hold our attention once the first season is over and whether they need to introduce more characters to ensure that the jokes/gags don't feel repetitive. Overall, Grandfathered is a fun experience. Go for it!
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    Grandfathered was a nice surprise! The show is about a sworn bachelor that finds out that he has not only a son but a granddaughter too! The pilot was spoiled by the promo I watched before but still I found it enjoyable. You cannot compare this to strong comedy shows like "modern family" but maybe to shows like "baby daddy" where the main idea is the same: (almost)grown-ups trying to come in terms with parenthood. Not an original idea of course but the execution here is a successful one. John Stamos is doing a good job as the grandpa and the chemistry between the cast is nice too. Paget is lovely in comedy as she can really keep up a straight face when saying something hilarious (Parenthood is pretty much an endless string of moments where you think you've killed your kid.<-I liked that quote) I just watched episode 4 and I have to say that I like that show: it's really sweet, the chemistry is right and there lots of ways to evolve it; this is exactly why I really like family comedy. I really hope this show lasts more than one season!
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    I really love this show I really hope they don't cancel it.

    It gets a bit cheesy when Jon is too into himself like with his ex tugging on his hair I was like what on earth I can't watch this.

    And man its hard to watch how much of an embarrassment the son is but Im looking forward to the chemistry between Jon and his ex. Stuff finally starting to unfold a bit in this area in episode 3.

    It's got some funny stuff in here man. Loving this!

    I think this show is similar to Baby Daddy which is awesome. Baby Daddy nor this show really incorporate the baby/toddler into the show too much, it's hard, I think the only one show that really pulled off baby/toddler was Full House, they did a good job.

    But this is all about the hilarious Grandfather that's why I think it should keep going. I really hope it goes on.
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    As someone who enjoyed John Stamos in 'Full House,' I wasn't expecting to like him in 'Grandfathered.' After all, how in the world, I thought, could he pull it off? Well, in the first place, I'm someone who resisted the title 'grandfather' until I held that first grandchild in my arms, and, I went through a few marriages before I realized that I really could settle down, so I guess I identified with his reluctant transition. In addition, let's face it, the guy's a great performer. Paget Brewster is great too - and after watching her in 'Criminal Minds,' I would never have thought she could pull off a comedic role. Hilarious situations, great dialogue, and accomplished cast all come together to make this a keeper sitcom for the 2015 season.
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    Well another comedy by Fox along with the grinder and looking to reserve a slot between the Hit Brookline Nine-Nine and the Last man on earth ... it got "as always" a new fresh original plot .. the script seemed fine with more than a couple of laughable moments.

    The chemistry between John Stamos and Josh Peck is noticeably delightful and tempting to keep on watching and crossing the line there's Paget Brewster whom i really love.

    Daniel Chun is a really talented young writer and he thrived on Simpsons and now making a really creative show with a catchy story.

    The show overall is Okay and it is recommended to be watched but still need to know what the situation would be on Fox as not all shows survive on the network as they ordered 3 episodes and with possibility to double it but that is still not a clear picture of the show future.
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    Grandfathered is summed up as pretty much this: A confirmed bachelor who owns a restaurant and enjoying his freedom suddenly discovers that he's a father and a grandfather.

    The show is a lighthearted comedy and is very fun to watch. Stamos really delivers as a sarcastic, witty, and kind of clueless when dealing with family kind of guy. What I like most is this show is finally breaking him away from his Uncle Jesse persona. You can see some similar elements as the show unfolds, but it's a lot more believable than Full House was.

    The entire cast plays their roles well, and there are a few jokes that will make you laugh out loud. My only complaint with this show is Josh Peck. I like Peck, but his character here might as well be the same as Josh Nichols from Drake and Josh. Both of his characters are exactly the same. You can actually consider this one as Josh Nichols all grown up.

    Other than that, the show is funny, entertaining, and will keep you coming back for more. Fans of Stamos will really enjoy his performance in Grandfathered. Check it out!
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    i enjoyed this show quite a bit. The absence of a laugh track got me hooked immediately. I love that the writers and producers trust the audience to know what is funny, without having to use fake laughter to prompt them as to what they deem funny. Whenever I start watching a new comedy series, as soon as I realize there is a laugh track, I stop watching, except in the case of Mom. This series has the same kind of snappy, clever writing as Midern Family and Mom. The ensemble work really well together and everybody seems well cast. I feel they have used a very good guideline in introducing the premise, the characters and the setting. Time will tell if they can keep up the pace and whether the audience will support it.. Not having, particularly, been a fan of John Stamos, I found him a good fit to be the lead character. Fox seems to have the upper hand when it comes to comedy.
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    While the Runyonesque plot of responsibilities of parenthood reforming a rascal go back least as far as "Little Miss Marker" (1934), thanks to a brilliant cast and solid dialog, "Grandfathered" still manages to mine gold from an old mine. Great one-liners and a little sex in the form of luscious Christina Milian, this is the funniest mix of sharp humor and sex since the premiere of "The Big Bang Theory". The satire is comparable to last year's underrated "Selfie"; however, both the casting and even-ness of it is closer to "Big Bang". While Josh Peck's character is written as a bit too annoyingly backward and Milian's as eye-candy for adolescent boys, Stamos has never been more appealing and Paget Brewster seems capable of carrying the show alone. I can hardly wait for the next episode; and I have not said that since "Selfie" departed.
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    I was surprised too watch this show. John Stamos does a great job of rebooting the 80s nostalgia by poking fun at the cheesy it actual was. It also bring backs the corny romanticism of that era with a laugh. For those of us looking for a show to disconnect with and be happy, this does it. The casting for this show is excellent, the main characters have shown the ability to grow and the actors have progressively developed there characters to change throughout the first season. Hopefully, this gets renewed for another season of laughs and growth.

    Give credit for John Stamos to subtly putting his 80s personality on the line and be laughed at. It starts with a jaw-dropping moment and ends with a cliffhanger. Also, it be nice to get some closure.
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    lets go baby

    I watched this new Fox series together with the premiere of "The Grinder" last night, and actually enjoyed this one maybe a little more. John Stamos stars as a 50-year old restaurateur who finds out not only he has a long-lost son, but at the same time, he has a granddaughter. Watching Stamos babysit his granddaughter sorta reminded me of his 7- year stint on that hit 80s/90s sitcom, "Full House"-?? This might just be what "Uncle Jesse" is up to 20 years later-??- well, if he hadn't gotten married and had twins! LOL But overall, I liked this show, and am wondering if it will be a weekly thing having celebrities as themselves dining at the restaurant he manages-?? The premiere had Deon Sanders, L'il Wayne and Don Rickles! What a trio??!
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    Gold as Heart

    When John Stamos and Rob Lowe both return to TV at the same time, it's hard to tell one pretty boy from the other. That aside, "Grandfather" (Stamos) appears to have a harder sell ahead than that of "The Grinder". Creator/writer Daniel Chun can write good TV, but as it stands, a TV sitcom (Grandfather) is different than writing a successful TV series (Hello, Ladies). Chun will need to find some/more funny in his writing (without going over the top), stop depending on Stamos (himself) to carry the shows storyline, give the ensemble more to do and say, and especially not depend on "cameos" (Don Rickles, Bob Saget, Lil' Wayne and Deion Sanders) to sell the series. From the pilot, things don't look good. However, Stamos is a TV favorite and for that reason alone I'm willing to stick with the show a bit longer. Drop in and check-up on your "Grandfather".
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    Jimmy Martino (John Stamos) is a fifty-something self-obsessed womanizing bachelor and hot restaurant owner. He is surprised by Gerald Kingsley (Josh Peck) who tells him that he's his son. Sara Kingsley (Paget Brewster) was Jimmy's girlfriend over twenty years ago. Gerald has a new daughter Edie. The mother is Gerald's platonic friend Vanessa (Christina Milian). Gerald is in love with her but she sees him only as a friend.

    John Stamos has charms to spare. The cast is perfectly fine. However, the material is strictly standard network sitcom material. There is nothing terrible other than the constant stream of traditional sitcom writing. It is functional entertainment but nothing original.
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    I have been watching Grandfather for the last three weeks. I do not think The main character John Stamos can carry a television show by himself. The best shows on television have a strong ensemble cast, like Modern Family and the Big Bang Theory. When John Stamos was on the Full House show he was one of the most popular characters, but he definitely was not the main draw to the show. They needed all of the likable talented cast members to make it work. I am not finding the potential relationship between him and Paget Brewster believable even though she is a great actress. John Stamos is well known in real life to prefer MUCH younger women and I am not buying the attraction between the two. John Stamos has not done anything noteworthy since the full house show. It is interesting that FOX would bank on him to be the main draw to a new show?