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First Act The Scenes and the Solution (2017– ) HD online

First Act The Scenes and the Solution (2017– ) HD online
Language: English
Category: TV Episode / Drama
Original Title: The Scenes and the Solution
Director: Devin Hollinger,Benjamin Kapit
Writers: Devin Hollinger,Benjamin Kapit
Released: 2017–
Video type: TV Episode
Robert quits the production, leaving a problem for the crew. The class works on more scenes.
Episode cast overview, first billed only:
Benjamin Kapit Benjamin Kapit - Milo Wilson
Asta Jorgensen Asta Jorgensen - Sophie Wilson
William A. Foster William A. Foster - Randy Wafer
Finn Camper Finn Camper - Robert Palmer
Devin Hollinger Devin Hollinger - Cameron Opal
Alan Goldfarb Alan Goldfarb - Alan Goldfarb
James Mahady James Mahady - Jim Mahady
Bridget Dick Bridget Dick - Bridget Dick
Rex Audeh Rex Audeh - Rex Audeh
Shonali Palacios Shonali Palacios - Shonali Palacios
Owen Killy Owen Killy - Owen Killy
Jack Klein Jack Klein - Jack Klein
Ana Gunther Ana Gunther - Ana Gunther
Ilana Zeilinger Ilana Zeilinger - Ilana Zeilinger
Jordyn Lemer Jordyn Lemer - Jordyn Lemer

The montage scene was actually just the crew and lead cast going to get food, but the cam ops were asked to bring the cameras and shoot the montage scene.

The scene that Alan and Shonali are performing is a scene from the second season of One Door Over with the names changed.

William A. Foster and Benjamin Kapit actually did buy fidget spinners during the montage scene.

While the mic is supposedly put onto the cameras in this episode, the boom mic still used in future episodes.

Milo says "Maybe you should just be directing this" to the cam op (played by Devin Hollinger). Devin Hollinger is actually Benjamin Kapit's co-director.