» » The Detectives Tobey's Place (1959–1962)

The Detectives Tobey's Place (1959–1962) HD online

The Detectives Tobey's Place (1959–1962) HD online
Language: English
Category: TV Episode / Action / Crime / Drama
Original Title: Tobeyu0027s Place
Director: Paul Wendkos
Writers: Michael Morris
Released: 1959–1962
Duration: 1h
Video type: TV Episode
Episode cast overview:
Robert Taylor Robert Taylor - Capt. Matt Holbrook
Adam West Adam West - Sgt. Steve Nelson
Tige Andrews Tige Andrews - Lt. John Russo
Mark Goddard Mark Goddard - Sgt. Chris Ballard
Anita Sands Anita Sands - Iris
Jay Adler Jay Adler - Benjy
William Windom William Windom - Sutter
Stewart Bradley Stewart Bradley - Connors
Robert Brubaker Robert Brubaker - Wieting
Leonid Kinskey Leonid Kinskey - Kochinsky
Marty Ingels Marty Ingels - Lazarus
Peter Whitney Peter Whitney - Tobey

This was the first episode broadcast on NBC.

This was the first sixty-minute episode.