» » Kunguma Poovum Konjum Puravum (2009)

Kunguma Poovum Konjum Puravum (2009) HD online

Kunguma Poovum Konjum Puravum (2009) HD online
Language: English
Category: Movie / Drama
Original Title: Kunguma Poovum Konjum Puravum
Director: Rajamohan
Writers: Meghana Karthik,Rajamohan
Released: 2009
Duration: 2h 19min
Video type: Movie
Thulasi (Thananya) comes to Muttam village along with her grandmother (Nagamma) after her parent's desert her. She joins a government school in the village to pursue her studies. Enters Koochan (Ramakrishnan) who falls for her instantly. Koochan's mother Chandra (Agavamma) helps the poor Thulasi to pursue her studies. However coming to know about their romance, Agavamma insults Thulasi and her grandmother and drives them out of the village when Koochan is out on a school tour. A shocked Koochan returns only to meet with a road mishap. Meanwhile, Thulasi, who seeks refuge in a family at Tuticorin is forced to marry a rowdy Drama (Tharun Chatriya). On the day of their marriage, he gets arrested by police. His wayward lifestyle invites trouble and he eventually gets arrested for murdering a youth. An annoyed Thulasi returns to Muttam only to see Koochan lost himself in liquor after his love failure. Meanwhile, Koochan resolves to set right Thulasi's life. But things take a turn when ...
Credited cast:
Agavamma Agavamma
Tharun Chatriya Tharun Chatriya - Dharman
Sulile Kumar Sulile Kumar - Dharman
Nagamma Nagamma
Ramakrishnan Ramakrishnan - Koochchan
Tarun Shatriya Tarun Shatriya - Dharman
Thananya Thananya - Thulasi