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Language: English
Category: TV Series / Animation / Comedy
Original Title: Zlikavci
Budget: $500,000
Video type: TV Series
A priest/teacher discusses all sort of things with 3 kids in his class.
Credited cast:
Kresimir Koncevski Kresimir Koncevski
Goran Pirs Goran Pirs
Sinisa Svec Sinisa Svec

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    „Zlikavci", roughly translated as „Hoodlooms", is a weird and shameless but deliciously cynical animated TV show. Some have compared it to „South Park" because of it's paper clip animation, but the interesting thing is that the story doesn't have any action. Actually, the whole thing is rather static since every episode plays only inside a classroom. The only „action" lies in the sarcastic dialog.

    The story is simple. A priest called Vjeran Bozic ( =faithful Christmas! ) has been assigned to teach 3 kids, Joza, Fabijan and Kulen, during religious class. In friendly fashion, they debate about recent events in the World, but mostly about their country, Croatia.

    The great thing about this is that the authors are mostly ridiculing their own country which is fine. If you want to make fun out of everyone, start from your own yard first. Croatia's laws have some of the most absurd rules ever, like „dated" crimes which can't be prosecuted after 5 years or a stupid administration called something like „community control" which hindered the economy. And „Zlikavci" made nice jokes about them – they advised Michael Jackson to move to Croatia so that his „dated" pedophile crimes can't be prosecuted and threatened every country to obey them or they will send „community control" which will destroy their economy. Also, they reacted incredibly fast at every scandal. When Cucek, a pedophile priest, was arrested, they said: „Let's name Cucek a martyr of all pedophile priests!" When elections were held in 2004 and some inspectors discovered irregularities ( dead people voted! ) the class was moved to a graveyard (!) and made all sorts of gags, from scenes where hands were rising from graves ( „Look, he wants to vote!") up to crazy dialogs ( „What's a country called where dead people vote?"-„Zimbawe?"-„Not Zimbawe! Zombia!" ).

    Nobody is spared from their sarcastic critics, from the retarded Carla Del Ponte ( a clip showing her in a sado mazo position ) up to the ex minister Zuzul accused for corruption ( „Let's play Zuzul-opoly!" says Bozic, and a scene of Monopoly with Zuzul's face shows up ). Not every joke works and some episodes are fillers.

    Some people from Slowenia, Croatia's neighbor, were offended by some of it's „foreign" jokes, but that's unjustified. Slowenia is a fine country with wonderful people and „Zlikavci" only made fun of their false beliefs and wrong statements ( mostly the ones about Slowenia's plans to steal Croatia's sea ). That explains why Kulen once made fun of Slowenia being a small country: „These Slowens buy fast cars, but why? As soon as their car goes from 0 to 100 in five seconds, their country ends!" Pretty cynical, but again, that's nothing compared to jokes in which they make fun of Croatia. All in all, a wild black comedy with flaws that already looks like an underground cult classic.

    Grade: B